I’m A Hitman Episode 35


Kimberly’s pov

“I think I like you.” He blurted. I blinked and gave him a smile.

“Thanks.” I cooed a reply.

“Just thanks?” He scoffed and I arched my brows.

“Yeah, thanks for liking me.” There’s nothing I want to say again.

I’m short of words. He stretched his hands to my hair and ruffled it. I let out a scowl and jerked his hands off. What’s he doing now?

“I’m getting bored. Should we do something fun?” Jayden inquired, playing with my hair and I was feeling comfortable with it.

“What kind of fun?” I replied.

“Truth or dare” He responded.

“I seriously hate that game. But since it just the two of us. It’s good.” I nodded and we began.

“Don’t regret playing the game with me.” He smirked.

“Then, I’m not playing. The game is dirty anyway.” With a huff, I said.

“No going back. Let’s start the game. I’ll go first. Truth or dare?” He inquired.

“Truth.” I answered.

“Okay, who’s your present crush?”

I bit my lower lip and stared at him. “I don’t have a present crush.” I answered.

Oh my heart! It’s beating fast.

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“Your turn.” He said.

“How much do you love Jessica?” That question might be silly, but I decided to ask anyway.

“Uncountable percent. I can’t love any one the way I love her. Thats when it comes to two lovers.”

“Oh….yeah.” Kimberly, you can’t be jealous of the dead. Are you? Don’t be crazy.

“Are you okay?” Jayden arched his brows at me.

“Yeah, I’m perfectly okay. Your turn anyway.”

“Have you had sex before?”

“What the hell? Well, I haven’t.” I bashfully replied.

“Oh, I see. Let’s end the game. It’s getting boring.”

“Duh! After asking your own question.” For a while, I watched his eyes carefully. They were so lovely.

Right now, I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore. He was saying something but I really wasn’t paying attention to it.

His plump pink lips were moving so speedily as he talks.

“………you’ve been staring too much at me. Do I have something on my face?” He waved his hand across my face to jolt me out of my stupid thought.

“I think I like you back.” I whispered and dragged him to myself. Then, I landed my lips on his.