I’m A Hitman Episode 38


Jayden’s pov
Before I knew it, she hugged me, tightly to herself. I could hear her muffle cries and I decided to hug her back.

We stood there like that for some seconds before we disengaged. It been long I hugged a girl.

“Thank you.” She uttered in a low voice and I nodded.

Something is really pushing me to her but I don’t get it. I pulled her to myself and played with her hair.

“Why are you so special?” I mumbled.

“What are you saying?”

Instead of talking, I kissed her. Move my hand from her hair to her shoulder and held it firmly.

Why did I keep her alive?

She reciprocated and got hold of my hair. Caressing them softly and I felt sparks in my body.

Why her? Why am I doing this with her? A question I can’t even answer now.

I made her back touch the wall and raised her legs up to her torso. She made a groan as we deepened the kiss.

Her hands moved down to my chest and clutched my shirt tight. Our tongue danced in each other’s mouth.

I could feel fire igniting inside me. My hands trailed up her chest and got hold of her breasts.

She moaned when I squeezed them. Her bo*bs were full and firm. I took my lips to her neck and kissed her there.

I slipped my hand into her cloth and removed her bra before raising the top up to see her lush breasts.

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“Jayden!” She called but Ignored her and suck her b**bs. She moaned, calling out my name again.

What’s she doing to me? What of Jessica? At the mention of that, I stopped what I was doing and brought Kimberly down.

She put down her top and looked away.

“I’m sorry about that.” I apologized.

“It’s okay. You’re not at fault.” She answered.

“Yeah. I need to go now.” I didn’t let her say a word before leaving her room.

That drives me nuts whenever I remember what happened. That scene didnt fade away from my eyes till I slept off in the night.

Kimberly’s pov

Next morning, I woke up from the bed and saw Jayden sitting beside me.

“I wanna give you something.” He said and brought out a phone.

“For what?” My eyes dilated in surprise.

“To call your father”