I’m A Hitman Episode 29


Jayden’s pov

“Huh? I’m smiling? Don’t try to go there mom” I shook my head and folded my arms.

“Okay, okay. Your wish.” She snorted.

I had to help mom climbed the stairs a little, just to exercise her legs before carrying her to the sitting room then came back to take the wheelchair.

Very soon, my mom is going to walk again.

I went back to my room and lay down to rest my aching back.

Kimberly’s pov

I kept touching my lips over and over again. Jayden really kissed me. Oh! He did.

His lips were so lush. I grinned.

‘You’re gradually falling gor him. Don’t you?’ My subconscious told me.

“No, I Can’t fall for him. He’s a hitman! I can’t love him.” I shrugged.

“That’d be soon.” My subconscious mocked again.

Aissh! Just fuvk off.

Later in the evening , I was called downstairs in my.room to come and eat. Avoiding him was best but also not good.

I got to the table and sat beside him. He glanced at me but I quickly looked away.

Why’s this kissing scene always replaying in my head.

The dinner was fun though, with Jayden telling us some jokes. Even his mother had warned him not to talk while he’s eating.

But somehow, he still had to crack a joke. He’s really funny. His heart can be dark but yet, I could see a light shinning in there.

While I was helping Sarah in washing the plates, Jayden came into the kitchen.
My heatt beat faster than normal.

His hand brushed me and I stiffened.

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“Should I help the ladies?” He said, in his audible voice.

“No, don’t worry.” Sarah answered.

I grabbed a cup, rinsed it and I was about to fix it In its place but slipped from my hand and broke.

“Sh*t!” I bit my lip and bent down to pick the tiny pieces of glass.

Sarah ran to take a broom and dustpan to clear up the mess.

“I’m sorry” I raised my head to Jayden who had crouched down to help me.

“Its okay. Leave the rest. You might have a cut if you keep picking those glasses with your hand.” He smiled.

I nodded and got up. “Ouch!” I winced immediately I stepped on a glass.