I’m A Hitman Episode 28


Jayden’s pov

I kissed her before she could say anything again.

“Don’t think too much about it” I did a lopsided smile before uncaging her. I stuck some strands of hair behind her ear.

Why is this suddenly happening? Why am I feeling so attracted to her?
What happened?

“Have a nice day.” I whispered and kissed her smooth neck before going.

Jayden, i think you’re going crazy. Really really crazy, Jayden.

Later on, I helped mom to leave the balcony and she had told me she wanted to sleep upstairs.

“It been long I slept here last. Have missed this room, so much.” She said with a smile as I wheeled her Into the room.

This room was actually for both mom and dad but it’s empty now cause we packed some things downstairs for mom.

So, mom hardly go upstairs.

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“Jayden, I can’t believe your father is gone.” She began sobbing again and I held her shoulder.

“Mom, you don’t have to cry again. I’m going to get whoever did this to us.” I clenched my fist. “I already found him but I’m yet to see him.” I added. She raised her head up and furrowed her brows.

“You said what?” She huffed and touched my clenched fist. “You mean……how did you know?”

“The man called me asking for Kimberly but I refused to give her to him. He threatened to ki*ll you and take Kim away. Later on, he spilled it out.” I sighed and continued.

“He said he’s going to ki*ll you just like he did to fatherand Jessica.” I seethed as i speak to mom.

“That bas***d! I wish I could see him!”Mom raged.

“I already started some things to make sure I catch him. Evans called to help too.”

“Evans? You mean, your friend in the army camp?” I nodded in affirmation.


“That’s so good of him! Where’s Kim anyway?”
My mom inquired.

“She’s in her room. Maybe having a nap, I guess” I shrugged.

My head swollen when I remembered the kiss we had not long ago. Why can’t I just forget the kiss? What took over me?

“You’re lost in thought. Or are you suddenly interested in her cause you’re smiling.”

“Huh? I’m smiling? Don’t try to go there mom” I shook my head and folded my arms.