I’m A Hitman Episode 25


Kimberly’s pov


I blinked and stared at his face. He had a smile on.

“So, are you going to keep staring to what?” He jolted me out of reverie.

“Ah…yes…no, sorry.” I bit my lip and stood properly.

“Welcome.” I added.

He arched his brow and scoffed. “Thank you” He mumbled and sat beside his mom while I sat beside him.

Sarah served the food, I helped her too and we all settled down to eat. Hours later, we packed the plates to the kitchen and got them washed.

I went back to the living room and seeing Jayden having a nice time with his mother, I turned to go.

“Argh! When’s all this going to end?” I palmed my face and jumped on the bed.

Have been away from home for days now. I’m not even sure if I’m going back home dead or alive.

My dad must have missed me. How I wish I can go back to meet him. He’s alone.

I shut my eyes and the door got opened. Jayden came in gingerly into the room.

I sat up and tied my hair in a pony tail.

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“Kim,” He called.

“Yes? You wanna tell me something?”

“Not really. I just came to say thank you again. For being there for my mother.” He smiled.

“Oh that? You don’t have to worry, Jayden. I’m just doing my job as a daughter to her” I waited for him to say something about that but he didn’t so I continued.

“I feel like I have a mother again.” I added.

“You don’t have a mother?” He questioned and I replied with a nod.

“Yeah, she died a long time ago.”

“You only have your father?”

“Yes, only him.” I replied.

He walked closer to my bed and sat down.
“I need your help, Kimberly.” He cooed.

What’s he going to say?

“Help? How?”

“When the time comes, I will tell you.” He smirked.

He stretched his hand to my face then my hair and removed the band holding it.

“What are you doing?” I tried collecting the band from him.

But he kept it in his pocket. “You’re more beautiful with your hair untie.” He whispered.

He must be joking with me. Seriously joking.