I’m A Hitman Episode 23


Kimberly’s pov

I will make sure I do that.

“Thank you, my daughter. You just made me feel like I have a daughter, Don’t leave me! Kim” The woman said.

Those words threw me off guard.

‘Don’t leave me! Kim’ Those words replayed in my ears again.

“I won’t, Ma. I won’t leave you until Jayden comes back” I released a smile.

“Thank you.” She suddenly coughed and I ran to take the bottle water on the table, opened it and made her sit on the bed before giving her the water.

“You’d be okay soon.” I patted her shoulder.

Later, the doctor came in and checked on her again.

“She will be discharged this night! She’s getting better.”

I just nodded to the doctor’s words.

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That evening, I took Jayden’s mom home and decided to call Jayden about it.

I couldn’t believe he would say thank you or ask me to take care of his mother instead of Sarah.

I breathed in and out as I dialed his number. Gulping, I placed the phone in my ear.

Luckily, he picked it.

“Yes? Kimberly?” His voice came out.

“Ye…yes. It’s Kimberly. Hmm….your mom is home now. She has been discharged from the hospital.” I said, sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Thank God! I will be home soon. But it gonna take long a little.” I could hear him sigh.

“Okay…..just come back quick. She might need you. Your presence” I replied.

“Yeah, I will be home soon. Just take care of her Kimberly”

I smiled and nodded even if he didn’t see it.

“I will, Jayden.” I responded.

We ended the call and I got up from the couch to meet Jayden’s mother in her room.

“Ma?” I entered the room, moving closer to her bed and sat down beside her.

“Kim! You’re here to check on me right?” Her weak voice asked.

I nodded in affirmation.

“Yes ma” I stretched my hand to check her temperature. Normal.

“What’s your dad doing?” She blurted.

“He’s a mafia.” I answered.

“Mafia?” She repeated, like it’s her first time hearing it.

“Yes, mafia.”

“Why do I feel something good is on its way. Why do I feel like you aren’t going to die soon.

I’m not saying this cause you’re a mafia’s daughter. Why do I feel…..that my son will keep you forever” She spoke with cool voice.