I’m A Hitman Episode 22


Jayden’s pov

“Thanks, once more.” And I ended the call before she could say something.

Aissh! That’s a relief, I think.

I just hope my mom is okay. I will hold unto Kimberly’s words.

“Jayden, you don’t have to worry about anythiy, okay? Your mom will be hale and hearty again. Trust me? I’d take care of your mom” Her words echoed in my ears.

“I just have to trust you a little.”

Kimberly’s pov

“Doctor, are you sure she’s going to be okay?” I asked the doctor the fourth time again.

“Miss, she’s going to be okay. Who’s she to you anyway?” She blurted and I blinked.

“Hmm…..she’s my mother-in-law” I let out a nervous smile.

Jayden’s mother looked at me, shook her head and smiled.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Just maybe.

“Ohh! No wonder you care about her so much. Anyway, come to my office so I can prescribe her drugs which she will be using before and after meal.” The doctor smiled too.

“Ohh! Okay then. Ma’am, I’m coming. Let me follow the doctor to his office.” I quickly spoke to Jayden’s mother and followed the doctor to his office.

We got to his office and wrote down some drugs I’d buy in the pharmacy.

“With those drugs and enough rest. She’d get better so fast. And, she mustn’t too much.” He patted my shoulder but I brushed his hand off my shoulder.

“Oh! I’m sorry. You can leave now.” I nodded and left the office.

I got to the ward and sat down beside Jayden’s mom on the bed.

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“You’re feeling okay now right?”

“Yes, dear. Thanks so much for being there for me.” She breathed in and out.

“It’s nothing, Ma. I’m just concerned about your health. Why are you thinking too much? Is there something bothering you?”

“Oh no! My child, there’s nothing bothering me. At least, I’m okay now.” She said simply.

“Okay, the doctor said you will be discharged tomorrow. I will take care of you just as I promised Jayden.” I told her.

“You already called jayden?” She questioned in surprise.

“Yes, I did. But I told him not to worry cause I will take care of you. In fact, he’s the one who told me to take care of you.” I replied, sweetly “And I promise to take good care of you” I added. “I want to let Jayden come back and see you hale and hearty again. I want him to see you robust already.” I giggled.

I will make sure I do that.