I’m A Hitman Episode 21


Jayden’s pov

“You’re mom collapsed.” She blurted. What?! What did she just say?

“Mom did what?” I asked in shock. Oh no! Mom can’t collapse. For what?

It’s not like she’s sick or something. I don’t remember mom being sick.

“Did you take her to the hospital now? How’s she?” I panicked.

F*ck! I hope she’s doing good now.

“Yeah. We took her to the hospital not long ago. I’m waiting for the doctor to come out.” She replied while I buried my face in my palm.

“Okay, whatever the doctor says, let me hear about it.” I answered.

“Okay, I will.”

“Thank you” I blurted. Seriously, I was surprised I said ‘thank you’

“You’re welcome. I gotta go now.” She ended the call.

I sighed and threw the phone on the bed.
“Mom, I hope you’re alright” I lowered my voice.

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Minutes later, my phone rang again and I hurriedly picked it.

“Yes? What did the doctor say? How’s my mother?” I asked, curiously.

“Jayden, calm down…..”

“Well, don’t tell me to calm down. Go straight to the point.”

“Hey! Just calm down okay? I will tell you that when you calm down okay?” He muttered.

“Okay, what’s wrong with my mom?” I cooed.

“Good. She’s doing fine now. You don’t have to worry. The doctor said she’s depressed. She has been thinking a lot.” Was all she said and I sighed.

“Why’s she thinking? Who’s she thinking about?” I mumbled.

“You don’t have to think much too about that. The doctor said she needs rest.”
Kim said.

“Okay, just make sure she’s healthy again.” I told her and I could picture her head nodding.

“I will.” She responded.

“Kim,” I called and let out a breath I realized have been holding for too long.

“Yes? Do you still want to say anything? I’m all ears”

“Take care of my mother.” I finally spoke.

Somehow, I’m trusting Kim.

‘She’s your victim, you know that.’ My subconscious reminded me.

‘I know. But I just want her to be beside my mom.’ I replied him.

“Jayden, you don’t have to worry about anythiy, okay? Your mom will be hale and hearty again. Trust me? I’d take care of your mom” She answered.

“Thanks, once more.” And I ended the call before she could say something.