I’m A Hitman Episode 20


Jayden’s pov

Just as I was about to open the car door, someone shot me.

“Argh!” I groaned and looked around. I saw a man with a gun on top of the roof.

I frowned. Someone must have sent him to me. What the hell?

I entered my car and stared at the wound. I need to get my self treated first.

I started the car and it moved. More bullets hit my car as it move


I got down from the car immediately I got to my house. I ran inside, my hand was covering my wound.

In my room, I took the first aid box and sat down on the bed. I opened the box, took some cotton wool and began dressing my wound.

I removed the bullet and looked closely at it.
Who’s after me? I asked myself.

I wrapped the arm with a bandage and threw the bullet away.

I returned the box back and sat down on the couch. I seriously need to get the person after me.

Who knows if it might be that bas***d.

I removed my phone from my trouser pocket and dialed the number.

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“This number you’re trying to call is switched off” A voice spoke and I sighed.

He surely knows that I’m gonna trace him. And I will do that. I’d make sure I ki*ll him with my bare hands. Or rather, sh00t him in his skull and see him spout out blood.

I threw the phone on the couch, resting my head gently. What should I do now?

I’m feeling so lonely right now. Perhaps, I need someone to talk to. But who?

“My life is such a mess” I mumbled under my breath.

I grabbed the remote on the table and watched some movies. Still boring.
Before I knew it again, I slept off while watching.


My phone rang waking me up from my sleep, I quickly took it and picked the call. It was from mom.

“Mom? Good evening.” I said

“This isn’t your mom, Jayden.” I recognized the voice to be Kim’s.

She has a cool voice.

“Yes? What’s wrong and why are you using my mom’s phone to call me?” I arched my brow.

“Hmm…..there’s a problem.” She lowered her voice.

“What? Which problem?” I replied, keenly.

“You’re mom collapsed.” She blurted.

What?! What did she just say?