I’m A Hitman Episode 17


I got to the airport and it took hours before I entered the plane, and it took off.

It landed safely and i stepped down with my bag. I looked around and later boarded a cab home.


I got to my home in Russia and dropped my bag. I took my bath again, and lay down on the bed.

“You’re in Russia right now?” My phone beeped and I read the message.

“Yea. And how the f**k did you know about that?” I sent to the unknown.

“Haha! I have my eyes on you.”

“Who are you?” I arched my brows trying to figure out who the person is.

“You can never know me, Jayden. Just bring Hayley to me and I will leave you forever with your mother.” Another message popped in.

“Why do you want to have Hayley? Are you her father?” I replied.

“Father? Nope. I’m not her father. You know what? Just give her to me. I’ll surely settle you.”

“No. I’m not giving her to you. Don’t text me again.” I answered and dropped my phone.

Just then, my phone rang. It was that same number. I took the phone and answered the call.

“What the f*ck do you want from her?” I yelled.

“Calm down J.D, am not here to fight you. Just to talk things out.” The voice cooed.

“Who the f**k are you?”

“I’m not telling you my name. Now, it’s either you give me Hayley or you f*cking die like your father and Jessica!” He snarled.

My heart stopped beating immediately he said that. What? How did he know about that?

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“You know about them? Why do I have a feeling that your hands aren’t clean?” I responded.

“Oh! You’re correct. My hands aren’t clean and have killed so many people with my hands. Now, it’s either you give me Hayley or I go to Italy and find her.” He threatened.

“You’re really stupid you know. I will ki*ll you if you touch that girl. I swear.” I gritted my teeth.

“Why are you so overprotective? Isn’t she your victim? You wanna ki*ll her too right? Same here too. But I wanna ki*ll her with my own hands.” The man answered.

“Who are you?” I asked again.

“I don’t reveal myself to people. But i must say, I have hands in your father’s death and Jessica’s.” I laughed.