I’m A Hitman Episode 18


Jayden’s pov

“I don’t reveal myself to people. But i must say, I have hands in your father’s death and Jessica’s.” He laughed.

“What!?” I flinched, getting up from the bed with a scowl on my face. I clenched my fist in anger “You killed my father and Jessica!?” I yelled.

“Well, if you don’t bring Hayley to me, I will find your mother and ki*ll her too.”

“Oh! You should know you’re making an empty threat. You won’t dare touch my mother. It’s a good thing you’re telling me. I will find you, torture you, make you suffer what you did to my father and Jessica. I will ki*ll you, burn your dead body and give your ashes to your family. Bet it with me.” I growled.

“We shall see. And don’t think of calling this number again or tracing it. You can never find me” With that, he hung up.

I breathed out and slumped to the floor.
I just spoke to the devil that killed my father and Jessica. I just did.

I will make sure he pay. I looked at the number. I need to trace it. Even if he warned me about it. I will still trace it.

A tear dropped down from my eyes, I cleaned it and my eyes darted to the pictures in the room.

Mom’s picture, dad’s picture then I and Jessica’s picture.

I so much love them. I want to be strong for them.

My eyes became heavy and I slept off.

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Kimberly’s pov

“Ma, do you need anything?” I asked Jayden’s mother but she shook her head.

She was staring at the picture of a man. Hmm….probably in his fifties.

I sighed and asked, “Who’s that ma?”

“My husband. He died a long time ago. With Jessica.” The woman sniffed.

“Oh! Hmm….sorry to ask again, but who’s Jessica? Is she your daughter? I mean Jayden’s sister?”

“No. She was Jayden’s girlfriend. But she’s dead now.” She answered.

“Oh my! Okay.”

No wonder he was furious about me wearing Jessica’s cloth. Jayden once had a girlfriend.

“His heart is dark. He wants revenge Kimberly. And he will never stop until he complete his mission.”

“He’s looking for the murderer?”

“Yes. That’s why he became a hitman. Kimberly, I want you to help him. Help him fulfill his mission, I want you to make his dark heart light again.” She cupped my cheeks into her palms since I crouched down to her size.

“Ma, I’m just his victim. He’d ki*ll me soon.”

“I don’t see you as his victim. I see something different about you. And I know you will be off help.” The woman smiled.

Seriously? His heart is dark? He needs help.