I’m A Hitman Episode 16


Jayden’s pov

“Okay mom. I just need to go now.” I peeked my mom on both cheeks.

I went upstairs to pack my things. I turned to see Kimberly at the door.

“What do you want?” I grunted as I put my green shirt into the bag.

“Am I going with you again?” She said with a cool voice.

“No.” I turned to her completely, then walked towards her. “Don’t think of escaping Kimberly” I said, sternly.

“If you do, I will find you, torture you then end your life right there. So, you don’t think I won’t catch you. Like I said, my eyes are on you.” I was close to her and I could feel her breath on me.

I feel something else hit me. Something different. But, that’s by the way.

“I..I won’t escape. she stuttered.

“Now, your stuttering words doesn’t wanna make me believe you. You’re still gonna escape.” I looked at her eyes and saw a glint of sadness in there.

“You’re coming with me.” I breathed out.

“What? No..no, I can stay. I won’t harm your mother. I swear. I won’t escape.” She begged.

“You don’t wanna go back to Russia?”

“Huh? Do you wanna release me?” She asked.

“Idiot! Stay. If I hear anything awful from my mother about you. You’re a dead meat.” I warned.

“Thank you” Those words took me off guard.
Why’s she saying thank you?

“Why the ‘thank you’?”

“Nothing. I just love this place. That’s all.” She released a smile.

I scoffed and moved my head to her. I stared at her eyes and saw something different in it.
I can’t explain.

She blinked those eyes that made me came back to my Normal self.

“Get out.” I ordered.

“Okay.” She muttered under her breath and left.

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I went back to my packing again amd finally got ready. I had booked down my flight already. I got down from the stairs.

“Mom, am going now. f Kimberly do anything awful, call me.” I.whispered into her ear.

She laughed.

“Jayden, don’t worry. I know she’s a good child you kidnapped. Jayden, I wish you could stop this hitman of a thing.”

“You know am doing that for a purpose. I will be safe. I will keep you safe.” I assured my mom before biding Sarah goodbye.