I’m A Hitman Episode 15


Jayden’s pov

With all what she told me, I can be able to find out some details about her father and uncle.
Last four months, that was exactly when my father and jessica died.

Who knows if they could have a hand in this.

I got up from my bed and took another bath cause I was seriously sweating.

I went down to eat breakfast. I could feel Kimberly’s eyes on me. Whenever i look up to see her, she will face her meal back or face somewhere else.

Why the hell is she looking at me?

I quickly ate my meal. Just then, I received a message from Gideon.

“How’s she doing with you?” He asked.

“When are you going to take her?” I ignored the question.

“Her father and I talked today. Still has that stubborn mind of his. Anyways, just let her stay for a while.” He sent then another one came again.

“Are you tired of her or her cherry?”

I scoffed at the message and replied, “I’m not like you. I don’t just f*ck girls anyhow. I know my limits.”

“Good boy. See you again.”

I turned to the others and saw them staring at me like I said something.

“What?” I asked.

“Son, your mood isn’t quite good today.” My mom said, taking the last bite of her chicken into her mouth then drank some juice.

“Mom, you don’t have to be worried about my moods. Am perfectly okay.

“Okay, just wanna tell you to take care. I don’t wanna lose you the way i lost my husband. And Jessica.” My mother sniffed.

“You won’t lose me. Am safe. I will be alive for you.” I assured.

Kim is still here and obviously, she heard what my mom said. Now, she knows a little about me.

“Hmm…….I need to go upstairs now.” She rushed her words and left the dining.

I looked at the food on the table, she didn’t eat much. Just three to four spoons I guess.

“Mom, I need to go back to Russian. I have something else to do. Sarah will help you in some things.” I said.

“Let Kimberly help too, Jayden”My mom rolled her eyes.

I don’t know what’s up with her and kim.