I’m A Hitman Episode 14


Kimberly’s pov

I helped Sarah and Jayden’s mother in the kitchen. I set the table and placed the meals on it.

I wheeled Jayden’s mother to the dining while Sarah held four glass cups in her hands then went back to the kitchen again.

“Thanks dear.” The woman said.

“You’re welcome ma’am.” I replied with a smile.

“Can I ask something?” She turned to me and I nodded.

“Do you still have a mother?” She questioned.

“No ma. She died a long time ago.” I responded.

“Oh! It must be unbearable for you.” She cooed.

I smiled. “Yeah. But it’s in the past now.”

The door immediately got opened and I saw Jayden walking in. His eyes were fixed on me at first then to his mother.

“We need to talk Kim.” He said curtly and walked out of the sitting room.

I squeezed my face wondering why he wants us to talk.

“I wonder why his face expression is different today.” His mother frowned and I think she’s right.

He looks either angry or sad. Or maybe the both.

“Am coming ma.” I quickly rushed upstairs to catch up with him.

He entered his room and sat on a couch. He crossed his legs with his jaw resting on his palm.

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“Do you know any mafia apart from your father?” He asked.

“Yeah. My uncle. A mafia in his own world.” I rolled my eyes as I remembered my uncle.

That uncle that nearly killed my father cause he wants his mafia position.

Jayden chuckled and faced me. “When last did you hear that your father and uncle killed someone last?” He asked again.

Why’s he asking me all these questions? Is there something I need to know?

I gulped and answered. “Both of them killed some people last four months. But I don’t know if they still killed any one again.

My dad made me stay away from him. For some reasons.” I responded.

His face expression changed again. Mood swings or what?

He sighed and stared at me with dark eyes.
“Go. I will talk to you later.” He finally said.

I glanced at him before going out of his room.
Why’s he asking me all those questions? Did my father do something bad to him or someone close?

Perhaps, my uncle did. Cause he kills to get what he wants. But am still grateful he haven’t killed my dad yet. I will surely end him. Myself.