I’m A Hitman Episode 13


Jayden’s pov

I shouldn’t have done that. She’s just my victim. But am beginning to act strange now.

I groaned and got from the bed. I raked my hair with my fingers and sighed.

I walked to the bathroom and did my buisness there before wearing my clothes and went downstairs.

I saw my mom and Sarah downstairs.
Those two are the early bird of the house.

I greeted my mom and then Sarah.
“Where’s Kim? I haven’t seen this morning. Sarah told me she’s not in her room” Mom questioned.

“Hmm…she slept in my room last night.” I quickly said.

Now, am gonna receive questions.

“Huh? She slept in your room? Wow! What made her slept in your room?” My mom beamed with a smirk.

“I had a night mare again.” I answered.

“Oh my! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to comfort you. But I guess pretty kim did.” My mother pouted.
Just like a baby.

“Mom! It’s just last night.”

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, what are your plans for today?” She asked as sarah stepped out of the kitchen.

“Hmm……nothing really. I need to take a walk. Perhaps, jog my sorrow out.” I cleared my throat amd went upstairs to take my phone then came back.

I got out of the house but not without taking a gun with me.
I’m quite popular among the mafias and some might sent another hitman to ki*ll me.

I’m always ready to attack.

The outside was very cold. Thank God and wearing a sweater. I heaved a sigh and started jogging.

The ladies on the street began gawking but I didn’t care about that.
‘Jayden!’ I suddenly stopped and turned around to see who’s calling me.

But I couldn’t. I guess hallucinating again.

I continued the jog and soon, I tirelessly sat on a bench.
I rubbed my forehead and began thinking of what am gonna do to the person, the mafia that had my fiancee and father killed.

I can’t wait to see his face. Torture him, let him suffer a little then end his life. I won’t show him a glint of pity.
I surely won’t.

I stood up from the bench after having a long rest. I decided to return home.
I need to see Kimberly and ask some questions. .