Delicious Akwasi writes…

If you think leadership is about money and wealth creation, then Mr. Leader think about where you got your power as a leader from. Do you remember going round pleading with people for the mandate to serve them? Do you? Think twice and start to affect lives positively as a leader ought to do.

Politics to me is the only tool for development. Believe me or not, the only way lives can be changed and progress can go on in a society is never about the kind of decisions made to transform that area but it is about good leadership. Have it ever occurred to you, Mr. Leader, as to why among all people you were the only one elected to lead? It is not about how smart you are neither is it about your personality or where you come from but it is about the kind of believe the people has entrust in you to affect and change their lives and to impact greatly on your generation, so if you think leadership is about money then you need to think twice.

I got shock to the bone and I was sad when I read in the daily’s’ that Ghana’s office of the government is the second most corrupt institution in the country. I started wondering if these people were voted or appointed into the office to corrupt the system for us and to enrich and create some sought of good living themselves or they were voted or appointed to office to serve and make the lives of their fellows a good one? It is quite unfortunate but I wish to inform leaders and aspiring leaders for the office of the seat of governance to think twice and make a good name for their selves. They should bear it in mind that prosperity will never allow them go free.

Now to our various academic institutions, from the administration down to the various student leaders, I want to ask that has our schools now turn from its core duty of producing educated beings for our society to nurturing corrupt leaders for our society? When some students are elected to office, they see it as a way of amassing wealth instead of the work they should do for students.

Administration have also turned from putting up developmental projects which will make the school a better place for students to amassing wealth to enriched themselves. All I will want to say is that if student leaders think that leadership is all about money, then they should check the indent it will cast on their integrity and think twice. Administrators who chooses amassing wealth over serving innocent students should also think deep and twice about their final decision.

My advice to colleagues aspiring leaders is that they should note that their acts as leaders will surely speak volumes about them. Do well to think about how to make a difference in people’s life as leaders. For me, success is not how much money you make, but it is about the difference you make in people’s life and that it is what I call LEADERSHIP.

If you think leadership is about money, then think twice.

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  1. Wow!!!! Wat a nice piece ,very educative and inspiring indeed , but the question is ,how do you intent to make it readily available to those who needs it most. In my candid opinion if these aspiring students leaders get to read this article it will go along way to help .