Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 2 episode 8


I ignored the call and kept the phone inside my pocket. Picking up the phone won’t be a good idea and besides i wonder the reason why she was calling. Am glad you came, i heard a voice behind me, i turned back and was happy to see Jenny.

Me: nice place you got here, it’s very beautiful.

Jenny: thanks Daniel, can we please go in.

Me: yes we can, i replied. She held my hand and we both walked into her home.

Jenny : i have told my parents so much about you.

Me: really?

Jenny: yeah, and they are looking forward to seeing you.

Me : me too, i can’t wait to see them.

Jenny: she giggled, don’t worry dear, you will see them before the party is over.

Me: okay, so who are the guests arriving to the party.

Jenny: Our relatives, but most of them happen to be our family close friends. My father had it planned this way using the gate pass protocol so that there won’t be unwanted guests. Just sit and relax she said, leading me to the sitting room where I sat on a chair.

So Daniel, what do I offer you?

Me: you don’t need to, am alright.

Jenny: you are my guest remember

Me: Jenny seriously, am okay for now.

Jenny: okay, if you insist. Please wait here for some moments, let me inform my parents that you are here, but in case you change your mind, you can tell one of the maids to get you anything. Just relax and feel at home, i will be back.

Me okay.

After she left, i kept myself busy watching a block buster movie showing on the TV set which hung on the wall. I was served a chilled drink by the maid after ordering for one, i couldn’t help but imagine what i stand to gain if I got engaged with Jenny. My phone began to vibrate which disrupted my thoughts, it was Clara calling again, i kept the phone back in my pocket but this time i switched it off.

Minutes later, Jenny came downstairs along with her parents in a different dressing which looked beautiful on her. As they both approached me, i stood up to greet them and then Jenny did the introduction.

Jenny is the only daughter of Chief Patrick Williams out of three children while the rest are males. Her parents welcome me peacefully which made me more comfortable and to crown it all, she has a wonderful family.

The party commenced with a special birthday song which was sung for the celebrant, everyone ate, danced and drank to their fill, i spent most of my time taking pictures with her.

The party was well organized. It finally came to an end which left disappointments on the face of some of the guests because they have barely begun to enjoy the fun but they had no choice but to leave as dawn slowly approached.

Some minutes after the party ended, me and Jenny later sat down for a talk.

Me: Happy Birthday once again Jenny.

Jenny: wow, it really feels great to be a year older.

Me: you can say that again, am happy for you dear.

Jenny: thanks, hope you enjoyed your stay here?

Me: of course I did, i really had a great time with your family.

Jenny: am also grateful to them, they made my day very special and a memorable one at that.

Me: am glad you are happy, but errrrrrrrm…

Jenny: what’s that?

Me: there is something I want to talk to you about.

Jenny: go on, am listening, what is it about?

Me: it’s about me, no you……i mean us.

Jenny: okay, so what about us?

Me: i think am in love with you Jenny: in love with me? When did you start nurturing this feeling of yours if I may ask?

Me: for some time now, i couldn’t admit it at first but knew I had to tell you.

Jenny: Daniel are you saying this because of who I am or for what I am?

Me: believe me Jenny, my love for you is genuine.

Jenny: well, i had liked you at first sight but as i got to know you more, i became so fond of you. I will be telling a lie if i say I don’t feel the same, i think am also in love with you.

Me: we’ve come a long way and am glad we feel the same for each other. Please give me a space in your heart, Jenny will you be my girlfriend

to be continued