In today’s episode,

Martin tells Veronica that he can’t continue to be humiliated if not she will think that he is a weak person and a loser and though he’s lost her love which is definitely true and he’s going to regret that all his life but that is not the end of the road because he also needs to carry on in life. Veronica then begins to cry her eyes out but Martin left without turning back.

Aaron calls Magdalene while she sits with Dr. Victor to discuss about the exhuming of her daughter and commands her to send Victor out of the room within 5 minutes so they can talk but she refuses to do that. After the call, Victor asks Magdalene who that person was and she lied to him that the call came from the hotel’s front desk.

Virginia thinking that Claudia might be smart enough to win Emiliano, she tells her that Emiliano never came to work and quickly she asks her out for dinner and they left.

Martin seeing how Veronica looks unhappy, calls Matilde to come over to take care of her and after she arrives at Mina Escondida to spend her holidays with Veronica and upon seeing her, they both shared passionate hugs and Veronica becomes so happy and while she tells her about all the trauma she’s been through, Martin was eavesdropping and he overhears her telling Matilde that if it was Martin who sent for her, then she thinks that he did that just to get rid of some of his guilt. Martin then entered quickly to correct Veronica that he never sent for Matilde due to guilt but to make her happy but he can see that her resentment towards him will make always make her not to see anything positive in him.


Martin again calls for a different doctor from the city to get a second opinion about Veronica’s situation so she can feel more at ease and he also introduces him to Daniel. Veronica then complains to the new doctor that she does not want to be sedated always to be able to sleep and he turns to look at Daniel asking him why he can do that, and feeling so anxious Daniel suddenly defends himself that he thought that was the best to get her to sleep and the Doctor accepts it.

Martin explained the incidence which led to their fight to the extent of not realizing their house has even caught fire and Matilde becomes shock to hear that Martin’s brother was Demetrio and she tells him that she now understands Veronica’s anger because that is a total deception. She then enquires from him his reasons behind his deception and Martin becomes nervous.


Aaron goes to see Magdalene at the hotel and she warns him that if he continues playing that game with her by sneaking in and out, Botel might see him and that can even end him up in prison and she doesn’t want that but Aaron refuses to listen to her sayings. They begin to talk but Magdalene insists on not listening to anything that comes from him and quickly Aaron asks her, what if he tells her that their daughter is still alive and kicking and it comes as surprise to her but she challenges him that she doesn’t believe him one bit since she saw the grave of their daughter. Aaron then asks her to shut up and reason because he also had his grave there but it turns up that he’s alive but if she needs more information, then she would have to do anything he commands her and all he wants is for her to come live with him again and together with their daughter they can live happily. He then leaves the information hanging half way and assures her that he is going to complete it on his next visit but in case Botel finds out, he will have him killed.
Magdalene feeling so scared about this decides that she is never going to allow Aaron to hurt Botel since she truly loves him, and to be sure about what Aaron said, they have to open her daughter’s grave once and for all.

Pablo takes Ana Perla to the forests to paint her but their painting then leads them into love making and she sheds tears of joy to tell Pablo that she never thought she could have been very happy in that manner.


Manuel goes about stealing food to eat and Crescencio bunps into him and tries to advise him to work and gain the respect of the people again but he snubs him and leaves.

Virginia after taking Claudia to have lunch, asks her about why she left Mina Escondida and after she tells her, Virginia advices her not to plead for Martin’s love again if not he will think of her as a cheap person. Claudia then tells her that, her main reason for coming to Mexico is to start something with Emiliano so she can be happy again. Virginia asks her to stop dreaming because she and Emiliano are now together now and therefore she doesn’t want her to come between them and therefore she expects her to be happy for her as her friend. Claudia then realizes once again that all hope is lost again.

Martin arrives to check on Veronica but it turns out that, Veronica was able to convince the new doctor to move her to Dussage’s hotel without even leaving Martin a note and Daniel tells Martin about it. Suddenly, Alfredo also arrives and Martin complains to him looking so devastated and goes after to catch up with her at the hotel before she leaves to the city.

Jorge tries to send a fax message to Veronica to find out how she is doing but Salma convinces him to allow them eat then he can do that later and within a second Virginia arrives and asks him to allow her send it so he can go and have supper and after they left, she tears the letter into pieces looking at how much she hates Veronica.

Nanciyaga makes a spiritual incantation for Julio and after, she reads it to him that, she sees in future that, he will be confronted with so many problems but at the end he will be a rich person and also will get married to the woman he loves and though she doesn’t know how it will happen but surely it will come to pass. Julio then doubts the incantation checking from his present background but all the same, he tells Nanciyaga that if that refuses to happen that will even worsen his heartbreak.

Crescencio apologizes to Ana Perla for being so rude towards her and favoring Manuel more than her and that he loves her and is very proud of her. 

Martin pleads with Veronica to allow him be near her so he can offer any help she may need while she rests at the hotel. Therefore, she should let Dussage give him a room closer to hers so he can attend to her anytime to settle their differences and Veronica becomes speechless.

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