Heart Of A Woman season 2episode 12


“holy Mary!” where did you get that?” she asked, while I smiled. “have you forgotten I’m a government official?” I asked. She shrugged. “I know how to use a gun very well. I learnt a lot in USA” I added convincingly. “but still you do need me my dear. That area is a very dangerous, plus the bad terrain, remember how difficult it was when we were checking out the place two days ago” she insisted strongly.
I slowly drew close to Kelvin who was firmly tied to a tree and gently removed the piece of cloth used to cover his eyes. He stared at me with shock and surprise. He couldn’t believe his eyes.
“yes Kelvin. It’s me, why are you so surprised huh?” I asked with an unforgiving smile. His lips quivered, his face colored more deeply. Tears instantly melted his eyes. Unfortunately none of it moved me. My heart was already made up and cold.
“Dear me!, Stella I beg of you. What’s in your mind?, what are you planning to do to me?” he managed to ask with trembling lips. I stared at his youthful body. He was so handsome, young and charming, but deep inside, he was nothing but a crook. A cunning bastard. A gold digger. I pointed the 9mm gun I held to his face, cocked it and smiled,
“nobody pulls a fast one at me. My face will be the last thing you will ever see in your miserable life” I threatened with a laugh while he screamed with all his might. My finger went to the trigger, Chika screamed from a distance away.
“Please Stella don’t!” she screamed, running towards me with a very swift pace. Somehow it looked as if she suddenly figured out I was actually going to pull the trigger. Finally Kelvin was just a breath away, a second away from a well thought out death…….
“Please don’t do it. I beg of you” Chika begged again and again, saving Kelvin with her pleas. I breathed deeply and hesitated, my finger still on the trigger. “c’mon look at him. He is already dead with fright. Give me the gun” she ordered, while Kelvin shook and sobbed like a child.
“please don’t take my life. I got a family at home. My parents and siblings all depend on me. Please have mercy and spare my life” he begged passionately. I drew back and bit my lips.
“you want me to let you go huh?. You think I don’t know the next place you will be heading to is the police station. I’m not dumb” I said searchingly. “noooooo I swear on my parents life. If you let me go, I won’t say a thing. I swear” he pleaded. Chika drew close slapped and kicked him roughly.
“now it’s enough. Let’s go. He has suffered enough” she said with a heavy breathe, reached forward and dragged me out of the scene, leaving Gutso to find a way in setting him free.
We returned to my house at exactly 10am, very tired and hungry. Chika wasted no time in picking on me.
“seriously you would have shot that guy. You are so mean girl” she attacked me,
“don’t you know love and hate are siblings. They work side by side” I laughed while my ringing phone instantly interrupted us. It was Gutso calling.
“madam I still have Mr Kelvin here ooo. Now listen and listen good. You have three days to fetch ten million Naira for me or I’ll call his friends, colleagues and family, collect the money from them and then reveal the person behind the whole thing” he threatened and hung up coldly, leaving me extremely frightened and devastated.
“shit!” I screamed nervously,,
“what’s wrong?” Chika asked curiously, rushing to my side. I needed no telling that I was in a one big pot of soup. I just was confused on how to play with a backstabber like Gutso. Lydia walked into my apartment by 4pm looking very serious and agitated.
“This is bullshit. Gutso must be out of his mind” she breathed fiercely.
“seriously this wouldn’t have happened supposing Chika allowed me to finish off Kelvin when I had the chance” I complained with regret.
“baby girl think very well. I just saved you from a lot of troubles. Imagine what would have happened supposing you killed that imbecile. Gutso would have demanded 50million” Chika defended.
“seriously I never planned on going through all these troubles just to have a little chit-chat with Kelvin. Now I’m also to pay for his freedom and mine” I murmured with regret.
“relax dear, we have two days to plan. We aren’t giving Gutso no dime. He is a big fool who is trying to bite the finger that fed him. I have a cousin who is a federal agent. I trust him with my life. I’ll get him track and locate Gutso. He’s a good agent” Lydia said with a reassuring smile while Chika and I gasped speechlessly.
“you mean an Agent as in Secret service?. What the hell are you thinking, trying to involve a white collar cop?” I asked with shock.
“don’t worry yourself, just give me the money you planned giving Gutso as the balance for his job. The money will be enough to make him do the work” she answered with certainty, leaving me shaking my head with worry.
to be continue