Heart Of A Woman season 2 episode 11


An uneasy sensation suddenly ran through me, making me drop the glass of wine I was enjoying. Tears dropped from my eyes with no just cause. It was as if a great force left my body. Two days later, I inspected my new house with the girls. It was something that gave me great joy. The house was just my taste, beautiful, spacious and enchanting. The only ugly side of it was the location. The house was just at the outskirt of the capital city.
I did all the necessary paper work, left Lydia to complete the rest and headed back to Imo state the very next day. I returned to owerri as a changed person. My heart was black, filled with hate and revenge. I had no care for anything and even avoided Amara the only close friend I had in Owerri. She on her own side was surprised by the noticeable change in me but couldn’t just figure out my problem because I hid my breakup with Kelvin from her, using my new political appointment as an excuse to avoid her. Yes I got the expected political appointment, just like my dad wanted. I was made a special adviser, an appointment which weighed more power in book than in responsibility. Seriously I never got the opportunity to perform any credible task, but yeah I was well paid monthly, plus the government car I got for the position.
I headed back to Abuja after two weeks to continue with my revenge. I was a woman whose ego was totally destroyed by a guy she loved. There was nothing else in my mind than revenge. Creepy isn’t it??. Don’t judge yet till it happens to you. I quickly moved into my new house with Chika who insisted in staying with me in order to keep an eye on me. Sure the girls were supportive of my revenge plans on Kelvin, but something they saw in me suddenly made them skeptical about my true feelings, thus the hesitation I got from Lydia when I demanded Gutso’s contact from her.
“we all love you Stella, and we want the best for you. We have supported you in everything, but we need assurance that you aren’t planning on killing Kelvin” Lydia seriously said to me, while Chika and her twin sister nodded in agreement. I gasped with shock.
“jeez. I’m speechless. You girls are turning on me or what?” I asked.
“no dear, we just want to be assured that you aren’t going to kill that bastard. C’mon it makes no sense that you want him kidnapped and kept in a forest only for you to go kick his legs. We believe you have something else in mind, and that’s the main reason you insist on beating him yourself. Please tell us, we need the truth”
she begged, while I breathed deeply. Of course they were right. I had something else in mind, but no, I wasn’t going to play into their conscience nor admit anything to them. I was smarter than that.
“I have paid Gutso the hundred and fifty thousand {N150,000} he demanded. Surveillance, vehicle, house and everything is ready, all we just need is the truth” Lydia begged anxiously.
“I just want to see the fear in Kelvin’s eyes, when he sees me holding a gun to his face. I want him to plead for his life. To scream and beg for it, that’s all I want” I said slowly as if I meant every word, and it just was a very satisfactory and convincing answer to them. They believed me without knowing I Lied.
One week later, Kelvin was abducted from his apartment on a good Saturday morning by Gutso and his gang. He was taken to a small camp at the outskirt of Suleja town. A very hilly dangerous forest, good for my plan. Just like Lydia assured me, Gutso did a good clean job. I truly was astonished at how swift and capable he was.
“madam we have arranged the cargo. We are on point waiting for your next order” he informed me at exactly 5am that fateful day.
“just relax. I’m coming over” I said with excitement, hung up the call and quickly headed to Chika’s room. “Kelvin is now with Gutso. I have to go finish my plans” I informed her with a smile. She quickly sprang up and held me. “c’mon, what are you doing?, trying to delay me or what?. You know I have been up all night waiting for Gutso to deliver” I said with an excited voice.
“of course I know, but you have to give me time to dress up. I can’t allow you to go out all alone to that dangerous place by this time of the day. We are going together” she said strongly.
“I’m not scared, I have a gun” I informed her, pulling out a gun from my handbag. She froze with shock.
“holy Mary!” where did you get that?” she asked, while I smiled. “have you forgotten I’m a government official?” I asked. She shrugged.
“I know how to use a gun very well. I learnt a lot in USA” I added convincingly.
“but still you do need me my dear. That area is a very dangerous, plus the bad terrain, remember how difficult it was when we were checking out the place two days ago” she insisted strongly.
As i looked at the new me in the mirror, i heaved a big sigh and straightened up, i hope that bitch will not come and spoil my day, The artist leaned forward and whispered
” take in deep breaths, we will be summoned very soon”. I did as i was told and got up. When we were finally called to the venue, i grabbed my cute bouquet and walked majestically towards the groom. Despite  his bruises which was somehow covered by make up, he looked stunning. His curly hair was finely combed backed. He wore a splendid black suit and  smiled as i made way towards him.
I heard cheers and claps from the people beside. I took no notice of them. My eyes were only on one person — that is him.
As i reached him, he took my hands and led me back to where we would exchange the vows. The lawyer was around to  take charge and see to it that we exchange the vows and sign the marriage certificate legally.
A short prayer was said, and we were asked to exchange rings and vow. Guided by the lawyer, i solemnly vowed and slipped the ring gradually on his fingers. It was the groom’s turn now.Immediately he took the ring to begin his vows, some form of tension and murmur arose from the crowd
We both turned in the direction of the noise. Not again Miss Jane!!! There she stood at the back of the crowd
To be continue