Heart Of A Woman season 2 episode 13


“relax dear, we have two days to plan. We aren’t giving Gutso no dime. He is a big fool who is trying to bite the finger that fed him. I have a cousin who is a federal agent. I trust him with my life. I’ll get him track and locate Gutso. He’s a good agent” Lydia said with a reassuring smile while Chika and I gasped speechlessly.
“you mean an Agent as in Secret service?. What the hell are you thinking, trying to involve a white collar cop?” I asked with shock.
“don’t worry yourself, just give me the money you planned giving Gutso as the balance for his job. The money will be enough to make him do the work” she answered with certainty, leaving me shaking my head with worry.
“I hope the whole thing won’t blow out of proportion?” I asked fearfully.
“relax dear, I already told you he is my cousin. I trust him with my life” she assured me again, shaking her head with concern.
“my dear revenge is always a bitter game. It always ends badly, but I can assure you, that my cousin will hunt Gutso down within a day. All he needs to do is just track the fool’s phone number. Relax okay” she said seriously but I was far from relaxing.
“do you really believe your cousin will risk his career working for us. He is a federal agent for Christ sake” I asked again.
“We are in Nigeria, where favours are done every now and then. Don’t fear yet let me talk to him first” she replied, while my phone rang that same moment, drawing our attention.
“hello good evening, am I speaking with Stella?” a familiar female voice asked.
“yea” I answered curiously.
“it’s me Lillian, Kelvin’s colleague” she introduced herself. I kept quiet.
“Kelvin was taken from his house by unknown gunmen early this morning. I don’t know who else to call, I saw your number in one of his books. The police are already aware. Do you know any of his close family member here in this city?” she asked, leaving me gasping for breath with her words. It was very obvious. I was in a big shit.
“jeez! How did it happen?” I shouted as if I was unaware of the development.
“seriously I can’t say” Lillian answered calmly.
“don’t worry, I’ll see what I can do and get back to you” I promised halfheartedly, ending the call abruptly.
“it’s Lillian” I informed my friends coldly.
“I have to get going dear. I’ll return with my cousin later in the evening. Don’t panic, I got things under control” Lydia promised and hurried out, leaving Chika and I all alone. I ran to my room and locked myself inside. My heart was filled with pain and regret. Lydia kept her word by showing up with her cousin at exactly 10:15pm. I was extremely delighted and anxious.
“This is a very delicate matter, but unlike in most kidnap cases we are dealing with a familiar person, which truly can yield very positive results. All we need do is convince him to give up his location which I know he will easily do because he doesn’t consider you a threat. He knows you will never involve the police due to your involvement in the whole scheme” Lydia’s cousin {the sss operative} wasted no time in addressing us. His words showed how intelligent and good he was. My hopes rose with great speed.
“we don’t have much time to start tracking him. The only way is to get him reveal his location. My friends and I will then storm the place and rescue Kelvin” he added seriously.
“how do we get Gutso to reveal his location?” I asked curiously.
“type out his number and hand me your phone” he answered intelligently. I quickly did as he asked and watched him curiously. “he dialed the number and switched the phone to speak out mode” Gutso answered seconds later. His gruff voice very harsh and rough.
“don’t tell me the money is ready madam?” he asked,
“good evening Mr. man. My name is Francis, madam Stella’s brother. I’m here on her behalf and from now onwards we deal together” the agent said swiftly, sending Gutso speechless for some seconds.
“I’m dealing with Madam Stella and nobody else” he barked.
“why do you care who you deal with as long as your money gets to you. This is something for men and we are doing this together, unless you want to back out which I really don’t care about, after all you are doing this for money and I can promise you the guy you are holding has no friends nor family who can raise half a million Naira for you. So if you really want to get any money from us you have to deal on my terms” the agent said ruthlessly.
“what are your terms?” Gutso asked,
“first I need to see that your captive is hale and hearty. I don’t need pictures nor to hear his voice. I just want to see him with my own eyes and secondly, ten million is too much, we will negotiate a better price when I come to see your captive” he answered effortlessly.
“you must be crazy. You are playing with me” Gutso barked and hung up, sending fear across my heart. “don’t fear. The man has nothing, he is going to play ball. Relax the night is still young” the agent assured me with a calm nod. Fifteen minutes later my phone rang. It was Gutso calling back. I heaved a sigh of relief.
“I hope this isn’t going to be a set up?, because it will end up badly. I have forty strong men, battle ready and vicious. I hope you aren’t trying to play games?” he asked the agent.
“of course not. You are aware we are equally deep in this shit to involve the police or play games. All I want is a peaceful understanding and settlement between us. I don’t want my sister to go to jail” the agent answered convincingly.
“fine, I’ll send the location. Don’t play games with me” Gutso threatened and hung up, while our guy smiled at me.
“you see the fool got nothing up his sleeve. Making a kidnapper lose control of a negotiation is a very cheap way of scoring an easy win. He’s good as busted, all we need do is now plan how to strike and cover the shit up because it’s going to get bloody” the agent said softly….
To be continued…n