Aldonza and Cristobal have a chart and they come to agreement that, there are more secret to their parent’s relationship than what candela told him but Cristobal asks her if even with that it can still lead them to separate and Aldonza responds that nothing can separate them.
Aldonza angry with Adelina about why she failed to tell her the whole truth about her mother’s relationship with Severiano and Adelina tells her that if Roberta was not willing to tell her then she had no right to do so. She then inquire if her father Raymundo knew about it before he died and Adelina gives a positive answer then Aldonza now thinks that that is the reason why Adelina never wanted her to bury her mother’s ashes beside her father.
After Cristobal left to the house he asks his mum to tell him every truth about the relationship between his father and Roberta since Aldonza and her have discussed that there’s more secret she never told him about and candela tells her son not to allow Aldonza to fill his heart with ideas because it is never going to help and also the whole truth is what she mentioned to him and there is nothing left. Cristobal then tells his mum if he is to believe her sayings because sometimes there are people like her who remain quiet on some things to avoid inconveniences by saying part of the story to save themselves.
Severiano pays Jeronimo a visit to check if he indeed came out his incidence as people have being saying and Father Jeronimo tells him that his plan to kill him was a failure and though he can’t be able to prove to authorities that he had a hand in his accident but he actually know that he caused it and Severiano warn him not say such a thing against him because he would be incapable of doing something like that against a man of God since it will be a sacrilege. Father Jeronimo then tells him that even the accident couldn’t scare him and he promises him that he will definitely bring out his wickedness into light. Luckily for Jeronimo, Adelina and Aldonza arrives to ask him out of the ward. After Severiano left Aldonza blows the news to the both of them about her and Cristobal’s plan of begetting married.
Joaquin arrives home only to discover that his wife Flabia has run away with his son and asking him not to look for them since he’s not going to find them anywhere and he got to know this information with a letter she left behind.
Detective Acosta calls Renato to inform him that they have discovered a fingerprint on the burnt apartment and it may be that that fingerprint might have caused that fire and immediately Renato tells the detective that he certainly and very much 100% sure and can tell them that those fingerprints belongs to Abelardo Largos because he burnt the apartment following Severiano’s orders.
Candela goes to visit father Jeronimo at the hospital and whiles she enters Aldonza decides to go pay the hospital bills since father Jeronimo is being discharged and upon reaching there the nurse discloses to her that Severiano has already settled the bill and Aldonza gets so furious. She goes back to take father Jeronimo to the house and candela requests that Jeronimo allows her to take him home but Aldonza refuses and rather pleaded with Humberto to take them home since she can’t drive his uncle home in that his condition.
Valeria thinking that Aldonza has told Cristobal about her affair between Abelardo, she goes to see Cristobal to beg for his forgiveness for dating Abelardo since she only was desperate and did that to make him jealous and Cristobal and Cristobal becomes confused and asked Valeria to explain because he knows nothing about that. Valeria then inquire from him if Aldonza hasn’t said anything to him and Cristobal says to her that Aldonza is not the type who finds pleasure to gossip or talk about people.
Candela blows the news to Valeria that Cristobal and Aldonza are now lovers and this time nothing can separate them since Cristobal’s mind is made up but they still have another plan to execute. In that same vein, Aldonza also arrives at Las Animas ranch and on seeing Severiano, she goes straight to him in the presence of his workers to throw back a cheque to his face for trying to pay the hospital bills and she tells him straight that no amount of money to pay for his filthy conscience. He gets so furious and in an attempt to hit her Emmanuel defends her and warns him not to touch her because that is not the way to treat a woman so Severiano becomes offended and right there fires Emmanuel. Melesio then picks the cheque for him but he folds it and threw it away.
Whiles Aldonza and Emmanuel walks out of the ranch, Cristobal has also been asked by his mother intentionally to at least say something to calm Valeria down as she may try to do something again to hurt herself so whiles Cristobal tries talking to valeria, she sees Aldonza and Emmanuel coming right towards them and quickly she execute the plan she and candela thought about by stealing a fast kiss from Cristobal and Aldonza misinterpreted it and felt hurt.
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