Heart Of A Woman season 2 episode 9


Lydia and Chika walked into my room looking very gloomy and serious. I instantly knew they came with bad news.
“Kelvin was really mean and rude to us. He has moved on my dear and he is very serious about it” Lydia softly said, sitting beside me with concern. I faked a smile and shrugged.
“what can I say?. That’s life, I have no choice than to endure” I murmured,
“yea just get better as fast as you can. Kelvin is nothing. You are better off without him” Chika added playfully.
“you still have a lot to accomplish my dear. That’s all I can say for now” Lydia said, stood up and left with Chika. I was left all alone to cry out my heart. So I cried until I was totally exhausted. kelvin had every chance to change or mold me like he wanted. Yea I knew I had a very strong character and appeared incapable of submitting to any man but at least he could have tried. He could have tried making me submit to him. I was very ready to do anything for him to be happy. I loved him with everything in me. Instead of conquering my spirit, he took the easy way out. He absconded from my life. He left me weak, empty and devastated. He never loved me. Of course he never did. I was so blinded by love to notice that he came into my life to survive. “you will pay for this” I cried, “you and Lillian will pay” I swore with my last strength….
Lydia returned to my room by 8pm to see me in a very bad shape. “don’t tell me you have been crying?” she asked with concern.
“he will pay. Kelvin must pay for doing this to me” I spoke out loud.
“yea but calm down” Lydia begged,
“I will visit Gen. Johnson on Tuesday. I want him to help incriminate Kelvin and his little colleague. I want them to end up in jail. Jailed for life” I said to Lydia who gasped with shock.
“I beg of you Stella. Isn’t it too much a revenge??. C’mon” she screamed.
“Kelvin denied my love. A prison is where he deserves to spend the rest of his life with his Lillian” I answered I spent the next day which was Monday regaining my strength and fighting back my pains. I tried pushing aside Kelvin’s memory and regaining full control of my body.
Tuesday morning brought Kelvin once again to Lydia’s house. I was very surprised to see him that for a moment I thought he came back to apologize which sort of lifted my spirit.
“I hope you are getting better?” he asked with concern.
“yea” I nodded coldly, my heart throbbing furiously. He gave me a long look before standing nervously.
“I came to return the car you bought for me last December. Here are the keys” he said slowly, came forward and dropped the keys on my laps, shocking me with his action.
“Believe me, I’m sorry for the pain you are passing through for my sake. But I have to do the right thing. Please don’t punish me or hurt yourself for this. Before the end of the year, I’ll pay in five million Naira into your account. I believe it will cover all you spent on me” he said nervously while I stared at him murderously. I was so shocked and bitter that if I had a gun with me that moment, I would have shot him without thinking twice. He quickly noticed the rage in me and knelt down much to my surprise.
“I beg of you, please forgive me” he begged, while I almost suffocated in anger.
“all you are doing is not necessary. You took advantage of me to climb up the social ladder. I’m going to pull that ladder from below and piss on what remains of you afterwards. The car and money you are returning are not Important to me because they can’t heal my wounded heart. Just go please” I barked, drawing great fear from him. His eyes melted and it looked as if he was about to cry.
“please” he begged again.
“get out” I screamed, sending him running out with my rage. The agony of losing him was so terrible and unbearable. I was hopeless and heartbroken. But one thing was certain. My Revenge. With a deep breath, I pulled out my phone and called Gen. Johnson.
Did he really meant what he said? I only blinked sheepishly and asked the lawyer to go over his statement to confirm if i wasn’t hallucinating or having one of those night mares again.
The lawyer readily went through and it sounded just like i heard it before. I got up slowly and walked to Duncan. I bent, held his two hands and guided him to his feet. I hugged him tightly not letting go even though he moaned of his pains.
I withdrew and looked into his eyes.
“Do you really intend making me MRS Dunan? I asked with so much passion that  drove tears from my eyes. He whispered into my ears,
” I have no option girlfriend”  and hit my ass. I hugged him more forgetting the presence of his lawyer. Realizing his intrusion, the lawyer patted our backs, nodded and made for the door.
” see you guys in 48 hours”, he said and left.
Today is thursday, the day things will change. The house was well decorated with our favourite colours- White and lemon green. Wine,flowers were all well positioned.  It was our day to be called Mr and Mrs. I wore a white and green gown sown by a neighbour. My eye lashes were fixed, nails and make-up well made. Maria wore a tight green dress that made her look like she was about to fly into the sky and look for Pluto. Mike wore a cute tuxedo with a green boe tie. We invited a few neighbors, the  lawyer and a few workers from Duncan’s company.
The atmosphere was serene powered by Lionel Richards “Write your name across my heart”. The wedding was coming off in some few minutes. It was been held outside the house on the asphalt. The make-up artist kept fussing over me, lifting and putting my gown here and there even though i looked okay. As i looked at the new me in the mirror, i heaved a big sigh and straightened up, i hope that bitch will not come and spoil my day
To be continued….