Emiliano becomes so angry at Virginia for making up all sorts of awful things against veronica but he quickly detected that she only did that to just destroy her image to him so he warn her to promise him that she is going to get along well with veronica if not she should count their friendship over and Virginia accepts in pretense.
The party keeps ongoing and Emiliano and veronica open the dance floor and every one and their partner set on the dance floor too. Virginia sees veronica dancing with Emiliano and as usual becomes jealous and in that same vain martin also arrives at the table to ask that Virginia goes to dance with him and she tries to say again all sorts things to pity herself before martin that she has a heart problem which why she isn’t active like veronica who always wants to be the Centre of attraction everywhere. While they set on the floor to dance Virginia quickly switch partners with veronica and to give her to martin whiles she takes on Emiliano.
Emiliano’s father Jorge dances with his wife Salma and after seeing that partners has been switched by Virginia and veronica is now with martin, he becomes so insecure that veronica might fall in love with martin because veronica is rather the woman he wishes that his son Emiliano ends up marrying and not Virginia as his wife suggests.
Father Juan goes to see Crescencio (owner of the mining company) to question on why his worker Manuel leaves the miners with nothing like compensation even after they have worked over time since he left the mining business into Manuel’s hands because he was generous to the workers before Manuel took over to run the business and Crescencio thinks that it is only the lazy workers who are fond of complaining. He then asked him to Crescencio not to allow Manuel to maltreat his granddaughter like that but he tells father that that is how he wishes so that Ana Perla will not end up like a nonentity.
Mariana’s mother looks so happy seeing that her daughter is very much in love with a man of her (Mariana) choice and she introduces them (Pablo and Mariana) to Mrs. Salma and she suggests a date for her daughter and boyfriend to get married by the end of the year since Pablo will be going back to school and Mariana becomes so happy and Salma wished them a success. Mariano then asks pablo if he is very happy with their marriage date and pablo tells her there is not going to be any marriage because he is not ready yet because he has a long way to have his schooling and can’t promise her anything.
Manuel enters the house right after father Juan left and his grandfather Crescencio sits him down to warn him not to treat the workers badly and give them what they deserve not in a harsh way. Also he is not to maltreat Ana Perla but just protect him and also shouldn’t disrespect Magdalene and Manuel agrees but he explained to Crescencio that he only did all that to please him but if he is not interested then he is going to do what he wants.
As long as crescensio tries to be strict on his granddaughter and won’t even let her out of the house to mingle with her friends to find love least to think of letting her read love books, Ana Perla’s friend Blanca cuts the inside of a bible and hid a love book into it and she visits Crescencio to check on Ana Perla to give the bible to her and Crescencio thinking that Blanca has good intention for bringing the bible, he takes it and straight away enters Ana Perla’s room to give to her and in opening it Ana discovers that Blanca tricked her grandfather to bring her a love book to keep her company and not Bible the bible per se and she looks so happy.
Martin engage in a chart with veronica and he chips in the matter of Demetrio and after veronica expressed her concern for Demetrio and had asked martin to tell him something about Demetrio’s where about since he was working with them in their fencing business, martin concludes and becomes very certain this time around that veronica is the V woman he is looking for but the unfortunate thing is that she is also the one he’s fallen in love with. He then looks at her and says to himself that he is going to make her suffer and make her life miserable to make her pay for being the cause of Demetrio’s death.
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