Heart Of A Woman season 2 Episode 8


By 9am in the morning, Chika and her twin joined Lydia and I for breakfast. It was such a wonderful moment, but the pain of losing Kelvin spoilt my mood. The twins soon noticed my terrible mood while Lydia nervously watched me.
“seriously this sickness really weighed you down. You are looking very pale. You have to see a doctor” Chika suggested with concern. I quickly waved it off with a dry laugh.
“you won’t understand. My heart is filled with bitterness right now” I explained slowly.
“yea Ladies I forgot telling you guys that my husband will be coming home in few weeks. I guess his Niger delta tour is finally coming to an end. You can’t believe how I always shake with fear when listening to Network news, afraid that something might be happening to him over there” Lydia announced, expertly putting the room into a lively mood with her news.
The twins cheered while I smiled calmly.
“c’mon tell us what is happening to your life. Why are you so bitter?” Chika’s twin suddenly asked, bringing back the old topic and throwing the room into another pensive mood. Lydia instantly threw the girl a cold look.
“jeez we are family. We are more than friends. You got to tell us” Chika supported her sister. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply.
“A guy she invested her time, energy and love just jilted her. Girls the look in the guy’s face this morning was terrible and strong. He just left her for real” Lydia addressed them quietly.
“what!, that’s terrible!” they screamed with shock.
“I’ll try talking to the dude tomorrow. If I can convince him to eat his decision, I think it will be a good win for us because our proud iron lady is dying silently. He loves the dude with all she’s got. But if he refuses then we have no choice than to nurse her back to life. The new house she’s buying will be available by the end of this week” she concluded.
“c’mon hopes you guys aren’t planning to let the sick dude go free if he refuses to come back and apologize?” Chika asked with concern.
“of course not my dear. He will compensate my pains with his life. He will die for bleeding out my heart” I answered with determination.
“yea I’m in. We got to crucify him. Nobody toys with our Iron lady and gets away with it. C’mon girls what do you all say?” Chika asked with a raised tone.
“we will crucify him” they all shouted in unison. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was never expecting such strong support from them.
Kelvin ; By 3pm same day, I got a very surprising phone call from Lydia.
“I’m coming to see you, hope you are available?” she asked. “yea” I answered quietly. “alright I will be there in a jiffy” she said and hung up while my heart began throbbing furiously. I knew my actions earlier in the day were very dangerous but I couldn’t just continue living like a house boy to someone who claimed to love me. I remembered Lillian’s hug and how she comforted me as I dashed into her house after the terrible ordeal with Stella. Tears of joy appeared in my eyes.
“you got to be strong my dear, because I see a storm coming. You just disturbed a bee hive” she said as she hugged me softly.
“I have to face whatever comes my way. I got to be strong” I assured myself and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Lydia showed up by 5pm with another matured lady who accompanied her. I welcomed them nervously while she calmly introduced her friend to me.
“her name is Chika. She’s a very good friend and Chika meet Kelvin, the guy we came to see” she introduced before heading straight to the topic that brought them to my place.
“I understand you have every reason to be mad at Stella but you shouldn’t over react. She loves you with all her soul. You should come back to her my dear” she preached softly, while the Chika watched me intensely.
“I’m sorry but I already made the decision. I don’t eat my words. I’m not coming back to Stella. The best I can do is return her gifts which I plan doing very soon” I said with strong determination, leaving the two ladies exchanging glances.
“very well, till then” Lydia murmured, standing up with her companion. They had a very murderous look as they left my house as swiftly as they came without even attempting to press on with the issue. I rubbed my face with my palms. I knew what was coming next was WAR….
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To be continue…