Heart Of A Woman season 2 episode 4


Kelvin’s narration continues. Scene: Lillian’s house >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I walked into Lillian’s spacious living room, holding two files with my right hand. I was very tired and hungry, but kept a smiling face as if all was well. Gently I quietly lowered myself on a couch, breathing deeply.
“are you alright?” Lillian asked with care, drawing close to me.
“yea I’m, though hungry” I answered playfully.
“well breakfast is ready. You are very lucky I’m eating late today. You would have missed it, let’s go to the dining table” she invited sweetly. I stared at her, shook my head and smiled.
“don’t tell me you are ready to share your breakfast with me?” I asked jokingly,
“abeg stand up jare. It’s just bread that I’m having, which you know I can’t finish alone. So get your lazy ass up” she smiled and headed to the dining room. I quickly followed her, many thoughts running through my head. She obviously was the kind of woman I needed to make my wife. She really understood me a lot and we behaved like age mates which made being with her very exciting.
Moreover I felt more like a man with her. As if she knew what I was thinking. She asked me a very surprising question as she prepared tea.
“hope Stella cooks?” she suddenly asked,
“hmmm yea, she cooks whenever it pleases her but that won’t be a problem because I know she will be getting our home filled with house-helps” I answered with a smile.
“hmmm that’s cool” she murmured and said nothing else…
It’s 10:30pm now. The kids had gone to bed and i was still sitting at the dining table hoping fervently that Mr Duncan would pull up..What is really happening to him right now? I took my phone given to me recently by Mr Duncan and dialed “My love”. I was anxious to hear his voice when the call went through..
“HelLoo….. Baby, where are you?.. Are you okay?” i babbled not taking any pause in between the sentences.
“Ow really!! Audrey? You are waiting for your baby right?”, a female voice called back from the phone. It was Miss jane.
“So you have the…….” i cut the line. I was perspiring now. My hand was trembling. My knees were knocking against each other. What the hell just  happened? Has he gone back to her? How could he?!!!!
I said and sank into the dining seat. I get headache whenever i’m stressed out and things don’t go up my way. I hanged my head, closed my eyes and contemplated what just occurred over the phone.
“Duncan… how could you??”,… “Duncan please come back”. I kept questioning and uttering undertone. I kept scratching through my hair and face uncontrollably. I couldn’t decipher what was happening.
“So where was he when picked the call?” i asked myself. He was probably lying naked beside her. He probably hugged her and placed her in his bossom- a place i found comfort.  If they were back together, then there is the chance that i would be expelled out of the house.No doubts about that! I walked off reluctantly into my room to changed off. I covered myself with my towel and slipped into the bath tub. I closed my eys and allowed the flowery smell of the shower gel overtake and empowered me. I meditated on the incident that just happened. I shrilled, fear overcome  my  bones.
After a while, i got off and entered back into the bedroom. As i laid, i reached for some ice cubes and stuffed them inside a cloth. I placed them on my head to reduce the impact of  my headache. The cubes were soothing and the only comfort i had at the moment. I slept off like a baby even though my heart was ladden.
Episode continues…………