Helloo great and wondeful people, we are continuing with our new series today and today’s episode of LO IMPERDONABLE (THE UNFORGIVABLE),
Martin sees veronica at a point of struggling with her horse to get it on track but her effort was to no avail so he quickly goes to rescue her from the wrath of the horse and after martin requires from her if she feels alright since she bled in one of her palm and their eyes caught each other in the love web though both looked very speechless. Martin tries to convince veronica so he can receive treatment at the clinic but she refuses and thanked him and both departed. The overseer of the club brings the papers to martin to sign since he is now going to be their new caregiver, after signing he saw that martin continuously stirs at veronica from a distance and he tells him that he can see martin is really in love with veronica and martin answers him of course he is but not now since his main motive is to get closer to the Prado Castelo to know which of them murdered his brother so he can avenge his death on that woman.
Emiliano’s mother find it so weird that their son and also her husband Jorge always adhere to veronica’s opinion because she found out that her husband got convinced to allow Emiliano to stay back to learn the ranch management than to continue his studies in Spain after veronica asked him to. She therefore pleaded with her husband not to allow veronica to interfere in their affairs since she is not part of the family but only an adopted child and therefore thinks that it is about time veronica leaves their house to fend for herself because she is a full grown woman but Jorge tells her that veronica is part of the family and will stay to manage their business.
Emiliano takes a walk with veronica and he tells her that his father wants him to stay back to learn how to manage the ranch but he finds no interest in it. Veronica then advised him to think things over and stay to learn how things are done in the ranch because it is going to his inheritance no matter what and after a while he can continue with his education.
Moriano introduces his boyfriend Pablo who is an artist/painter to Virginia but she becomes so shocked that a rich person like Moriano will fall in love with such a poor person but she tells Virginia that money doesn’t define love. Virginia discloses to her that, for her the person she wishes to marry is Emiliano so she will always prove to support him in everything and won’t allow veronica to steal him away from her a bit.
Martin after visiting the defense club owned by thePrado Castelo family, he finds interest in and decides to work there and after meeting with Emiliano at the club, he practice with him and won over Emiliano. This game ended them up to becoming good friends and after introduction, martin discovers that he is now closer to the Prado Castelo’s family that he seeks for since Emilia bears that name.Just when they are about to depart, Virginia arrives Emiliano introduces her to martin as Virginia Prado Castelo and Martin concludes that she may be the one he wants to take revenge on and anger filled his heart.
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