Hang-Outs In Accra


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Rhapsody’s is a restaurant where you will have a very unique experience. It is located in one of the busiest shopping malls in the country, yet the Rhapsody’s will always have a seat to comfort you when you need it the most. Their menu comes with a wide range of food varieties and drinks. At the Rhapsody’s you get an environment to discuss your business with partners, you can also choose the rhapsody’s to create a lasting impression on the person’s mind. The décor and attractive layout in the restaurant will definitely take the breath of a first timer away. There usually is a collection of people from different social classes (mostly from the middle to the high class) with whom you can network or socialize. Rhapsody’s is for serious people who wanna have fun. Location: At the Accra Shopping Mall E-mail: rhapsodys@live.co.za

Alliance Francaise

For those who enjoy original African and foreign music and art, the Alliance Francaise is the place to look out for. They often organize events with everlasting stunning effects. To admire the best of paintings or art exhibitions in the country, always watch out for their occasional presentations. On Wednesdays be sure to catch an interesting group of local and expat mix at the Alliance enjoying free performances at 6pm. Whiles you do that, you can order food and drinks from the bar, and do so as early as possible because it is in high demand! Location: Off the liberation road close, behind Opeibea House.

Champs Sports Bar

The Champs Sports bar is one of the popular hangout places in Accra. It usually attracts a considerable number of expats who go there often to enjoy the Karaoke on Fridays. Get to sing along with other people who just want to have fun. There are pool tables for others who would want to get away from the music. Karaoke night tickets cost GH¢ 5 which also entitles you to a GH¢ 5 worth of drinks. Wow!! On Saturdays, there is an all-you-can-drink party at the Champs. For GH¢ 12 you get to order for as many drinks as you can. Sundays nights are for the cinema lovers. Location: In the Paloma Hotel, in Ring Road Central, about 400 meters before Busy Internet


This location has become the preferred hang-out for many young Ghanaians and foreigners. Smoothy’s serves a variety of dairy products and other tasty foods. It has become the favorite meeting place for the only blogging group in Ghana. You can connect to the world via their free open wi-fi service whiles you enjoy every bit of the Smoothy’s moment. There are very comfortable furniture to accommodate individuals and groups. Location: Opposite the Shell filling station on the Oxford Street in Osu, in the same building as the ADB bank


On the cool and quiet Teshie beaches, you will find an extra-ordinary bowling alley that welcomes all those who love bowling and even those who are willing to learn too. A typical game would cost GH¢ 5. Groups and individuals go there to have fun and socialize with different people. Location: Adjacent the Next Door Club on the Teshie-Nungua road.

Chester’s Place

Chester’s place is definitely a spot for you to quench your thirst for jazz and classical music. The place plays live jazz music every Wednesday night from 9pm. As you tap your feet to the penetrating sounds of jazz, you get to order drinks from the bar. Location: Osu

Nubuke Foundation

The Nubuke Foundation is a respected place for art lovers. The Nubuke Foundation has a gallery where you can frequently find scarce pictures and paintings on display. The foundation seeks to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Ghana. A literary program is organized every other Sunday from 6pm. The Talk Party is meant to discuss very important issues as well as listen to poetry from seasoned poets. Location: Behind the Mensvic Grand Hotel in East Legon

Next Door

The next door is a beach and a hangout as well. It presents visitors with a restaurant and bar. On weekends especially, people throng there to enjoy the live music show their dancing skills on the dancing floor. On other nights during the weekends, there is highlife disco. Location: On the Teshie-Nungua road close to the Kofi Anna Center of Excellence.


At Frankie’s you can sit outside enjoying the delicacies served from the Frankie’s bar. From the Frankie’s joint, clients can really have a very interesting view of what Oxford looks like in the night. Other products served there include ice cream, pastries and cakes. Recently Frankie’s has a first floor restaurant which overlooks the oxford street. Be sure to have very tasty burgers and grill that cannot be compared to any. Location: On the Osu Oxford Street.

Ryan’s Irish Pub

This is a small bar where most expats hang-out in the evenings. It is a yellow and green and adds more color to the night life in Accra. The bar seeks to keep an Irish country bar atmosphere and they do a very good job at that. Such that visitors often forget for a moment that they are in Ghana. There is a popular BBQ (barbecue) in the weekends. The bar also serves various kinds of grills to its exciting patrons. Location: Osu

Citizen Kofi, 6 floors of ecstasy

On the sixth street off Osu’s Oxford Street is the newest kid on the block. Citizen Kofi, will surely provide you with all that you need to define entertainment and even more. The ground floor welcomes all workers who would want to have a relaxation after a stressful day at work. A well stocked bar yawns at its guests with exotic and local drinks. The 2nd floor and 3rd floors is the VVIP and night club within the Citizen Kofi building. On the 4th floor, there is a performance theatre and sport bar with a seating capacity of up to 100. The 5th Floor is the Zango Restaurant to help you deal with stomach needs. And trust me, the cooks there really know what your stomach needs. The 5th floor is definitely a must-see for all visitors; it comes with a sky bar that gives you a bird’s eye view of Osu and the Atlantic Ocean.