Hiding behind the mask wasnt going to be easy at all,I needed some trusted people to help me,Leticia came into my mind,Leticia is a friend I got in the prostitution business,she was smart and beautiful which made her the best candidate for my revenge.I will still be with ken and act like helping him fight for our love so he and his family will suspect nothing.
             PLAN 1 is on ken sister,I m sorry she is going to be my first prey.My plan for her is to pay for a group of drug users to hit her to bed,rape her miserably so she pays for the crime of his beloved brother (Godwin) and  his friends.Cos Godwin will help his father pay for his sins since his dad alone can’t bear my punishment for murdering my family.
Godwin will pay for my nanny and brother death while his father pays for my parents. For those guys who will rape his sister , one of them must  be HIV positive so she will have no option than to commit suicide after knowing her condition.
After days of completing the tactics for avengance then I started .Just as I had planned ,I paid some wee smokers huge amount of money to carry that mission for me .At about 3 hours later Kendrick entered with a worried face as I sit sipping my a bottle of Smirnoff. Kendra when did u start drinking alcoholic beverages,he asked taking the bottle from me.
Well my love ,I m celebrating ,and what is it with you,?why that worried face, I asked trying to change the topic.Is my sister,she has been missing for some hours now.I started laughing in my head but showed a much concern on my face.Ohhh sweetheart don’t worry,your sister is a big girl now,I know she will be able to take care of herself by the way give me my bottle let me continue my celebration.
kendra and what are u celebrating about?he asked with suprise. Well I m celebrating my late father 50 years if he was alive ,I lied.I was actually celebrating my succesfull plan 1.If this boy knew what his dearest sister is going through at this moment I bet he would have begged the earth to open and swallow him up.
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