Beyond My Heart Episode 20


kendra stop pretending all is well,you have been acting strangely since I return from the hospital,what is the problem?he asked as he pursed looking at me.I m okay dear,just that your father came here to warn me to stay away from you.,,. Well less I forgot ,do u know my parent framed my mum sickness so we can come home,he ended.I knew it,i smelled something fishy immediately his father called him,this was all plans to desperate us.
Mmmmmmm ken do u think our love can sustain all these opposition? I finally spoke out.I assure u my princess ,we will get through this.Now I was torn between my revenge for my parents lost and my love for Kendrick.My love for ken always vanish when ever I think of my revenge.I had two revenge for that family,one is to ken brother who raped and stole my millions of money with his froends some years ago and the ultimate one is for his father who murdered my family in cold blood.I cnt break the promise I made to my dying father to avenge their dead all becos of a love with many opposes.
I decided to avenge without making them suspect who I was not even ken.I will be very close to them but at the same time hide behind the mask.I don’t care even if it cost destroying ken love for me,I was thirst for revenge.To start my revenge I have to involve all the family expect ken.His sister,brother ,father and mother.Just as his father wiped out all my family expect me so as I will wipe them all expect ken.His sister has to pay for Gordon and his friends rape on me ,while Gordon pays for part of his Father’s since cos his father can’t pay for all the 4people he had murdered, afterwards his father will pay for the rest of the sins. Well for their mother ,I won’t touch her bug will leave her to die out of stress,worry and sadness.With this plan by the time I m done executing it ,their only survival will be ken just as my family only survival is me.So now the time for action will begin.
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