Good Sin Season 2 Episode 1 – No Fire without a smoke

Just when she said that, there came in footsteps from the hall way, Dzifa had returned.
Dzifa came in, and upon seeing Eva with her husband even made her more furious. She thought that Eva had already succeeded in taking her home and she wasn’t ready to go down easily like that.
“What the hell is she doing here, Patrick” Dzifa furiously asked. Eva didn’t even bother what Dzifa might even been insinuating. She was more concerned about the picture frame she was holding on to.
“And what are you doing with that” Dzifa continued then she suddenly snatched the portrait from her. “so you even have the guts to come into my matrimonial home and just touch my stuff” Dzifa uttered.
Eva just stood there, even though she had a lot of questions to ask Dzifa, she felt the timing was not right, just then, she all of a sudden went down to her knees right in front of Dzifa and Patrick. They all never saw it coming and even with Eva, that wasn’t her plan anyway.
“Dzifa, I don’t want to justify what I did, I know it’s totally wrong and I am here to ask for forgiveness” Eva began pleading.
Dzifa was amazed by her friend’s act, she didn’t even know how to react to it, that was not what she was expecting. She knew Eva very well that she wouldn’t go down that easily without trying to prove herself right. Maybe she was up to something, Dzifa thought. Patrick on the other hand was even amazed of Eva’s attitude especially after she had told him everything.
Dzifa didn’t want to encounter any unforeseen moments, where she may not be able to handle, so she had no option than making things easier for Eva.
She then held Eva up looked straight into her eyes and just gave her a hug. Patrick just kept on watching, completely confused about what was going on. To him, perhaps they were trying to reconcile as old friends but he knew there was more to that.
Just when they were done, Eva left them without saying anything. She didn’t say a word to either Patrick or Dzifa. That signal was enough to threaten Dzifa. She knew there was something wrong somewhere and for that matter Eva was up to something and she has to be prepared for it.
Just when Eva left, Dzifa rushed towards Patrick and attempted to hug him as if everything was back to normal. Surprisingly, he pushed her aside and started verbally attacking her, something he had never done to her before.
“Don’t you dare come close to me” Patrick shouted out.
Dzifa got surprised with her husband’s reaction. She had never seen Patrick acting that way, there was no way he would shout at her for any reason. Now, she began seeing her husband in a different way.
“Really, so I can’t come close to my own husband anymore” Dzifa asked.
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“Hey, who are you? do I even know you? how could you be heartless to your friend like that, when you were the very one that convinced her to go to church with you” He said.
“Oh I see, she told you everything” Dzifa said. “And I guess she didn’t tell you why I am a barren woman” She revealed. Patrick didn’t belief his ears, he never knew his wife, Dzifa was barren until she spoke it out today. There was definitely more to what was going on than it seems.
All this while, Eva had charted a cab and was already on her way to the village which was about 2 hours’ drive from the city. She was going to see her mother, she was the only person she could get answers from. That was her plan, until she hears from her mother; she was not going to reveal it to Dzifa that she may be her sister. She just needed to be sure.
That was the main reason; she resulted in apologizing to Dzifa, just to use that as a yardstick, so she can leave without raising any eye brows.
In no time, Eva was at her mother’s place at a very late hour. Her mother was very healthy and was very glad to see her daughter once again. She embraced Eva, and you could tell from her reaction that she had really missed her. Her embrace was tight that Eva even found it difficult to let go.
Eva never neglected her mother when she moved to the city even though she hardly spoke openly about her. She was constantly sending her money and taking care of her welfare.
They finally settled and Eva couldn’t wait till morning to find out the truth about Dzifa being her sister. She was extremely desperate.
“Mummy, tell me the truth, do I have a sister” Eva asked.
Her mother’s facial expression just changed all of sudden yet she kept denying.
“Oh what kind of question is that, you are my only daughter. Is that why you came all the way from the city” Her mother asked.
“Mum, please don’t lie to me, you know I can tell when you are lying, Do I have a sister, tell me the truth mum” Eva desperately asked.
Her mother suddenly stood up and walked slowly towards her daughter, Eva.
“Why this time, I knew this moment will come, but not this time. Now that I have succeeded in moving on, the ball has just bounced back to me.” She said
Eva was surprised with the answer her mother gave. She wanted to know more. “Mum, what are you talking about, what are you saying mother” Eva asked.
Just then her mother began trembling and all of a sudden she just fell down heavily on the floor and within a short while, her body laid on the floor completely motionless.
To Be Continued.
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