The Mistake of My Life Final Episode 12-Final Episode


I was infuriated on seeing the wicked woman.So she’s the one troubling my family.This is the time to take my total revenge on her for all she did to me and still doing to my family. She was stunned and speechless on seeing me and my daughter.I saw confusion written all over her.
She came to remind my parents that the next hearing in court is the next day.She drove out.We got into the house as i narrated my ordeal with Mady to my
mother.She cried bitterly and thanked God for saving my life. My father came in and i
stood up.I thought he would yell at me,telling me that i am not his daughter and that i should get out but to my greatest surprised, he embraced me and started pleading for forgiveness amidst sobs.
He said he has realized he was foolish for forsaking me.When my two sisters died,they became childless.I had to forgive him.He’s still my father anyway.Since God had mercy on me and made a way for me where there seemed to be no way,i had no reason not to forgive him but the only person i doubted if i would ever forgive was Nnamdi and his stupid request for my daughter.
I would never give him my daughter. In court the next day,Mady didn’t believe her eyes.She didn’t know i had become a lawyer.I defended my parents as i overpowered Mady’s lawyer.I spoke English upon English with questions to silence my opponent lawyer.I told the entire court that Mady forged the documents.
I brought up her child trafficking case in addiction to the one at hand.The chief judge asked me how i got to know.I told him that i knew for long but had no evidence to bring her to book.I told them what i went through with her but i made sure i didn’t include prince and Ona into the story.
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She was handcuffed and held in custody while her house was searched.The number of girls in her house has reduced.I sought for Ona but i didn’t see her.Some rooms were broken into and after everything. Four human heads and two girls in different rooms were
found.The girls were at the point of death as they were starved of food and water.This is enough evidence i said.
We returned to the court.The human heads and the two hostages were shown to
everybody. There was a great commotion in the court.Order was called for. Mady’s
lawyer was too stunned to say anything and so,i fired on condemning the wicked
act and reminding the chief judge that such calamity attracts death penalty(as if
he wasn’t aware) .
At the end of everything, the land case was dismissed. Victory belonged to us.My
parents shed tears of joy as they both embraced me together.My father called me
a great daughter for the very first time. I was so happy. Mady was sentenced to death by firing squad.I waved her goodbye with a smile telling her that everybody must reap what he or she sows.
The black maria took her away.The court will have to go and lock her house. Just then,i saw a man being led into the court for another case hearing.He looked like someone i know.I stared at him again.Yes,its Prince.That’s surely Prince.My parents asked if i knew him.I told them he’s the one that saved me from Mady,together with another lady called Ona.
I decided to defend him.He had killed somebody.The case was a tough one. I went close to him and whispered into his ears to say that he is not guilty that it was two man fighting,i
knew he was guilty but i just had to help him. The case seemed tough but on the next hearing,i won the case for him.He expressed gratitude.
He knew the court would have sentenced him to life imprisonment or death as he had no one to defend him.He told me that Ona had died the previous year.I wept and prayed
for her wherever she may be.I advised prince to start up a good business.
** On getting home one day,i saw Nnamdi waiting for me.He was begging for my forgiveness.My parents begged me to forgive him.My daughter heard everything and demanded an explanation.I hid nothing from her. Nnamdi embraced her.I
quickly drew back my daughter.But at last, I forgave Nnamdi and allowed him give me
a tight,long and warm embrace.I was crying.I allowed him access to his daughter but not to take away completely from me.
I later got married to prince.I was a happy woman.I recalled my trials and thanked God for everything.My mistake of getting pregnant before marriage almost ruined my life but i was successful in the end.
Thanks be to God! **