Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 124


We both had our eye fixed on her until she was done with her explanations.
Mirabel: she chuckled, come on guys don’t give me those looks.
Me: uhmm you mean if Keith shows up right now you…………..
Mirabel: i might have a rethink you know she said smiling.
Sophia: ooh come on mum stop getting our hopes up, you said it already, its been a very long time. Am sure he’s already married with lots of kids!!
Mirabel: exactly what am saying she said with a smile.
Sophia: oooh!! Mum!! This time i give up, you’ve made it clear you ain’t interested in the idea of getting married and i give up.
Mirabel: hahah that’s my girl, i’d be right back i have to go check on a few things, she said before leaving the office.
Right now i gave up the idea of engaging in a stock market as i had a quick look through the files on the tables. Finally i was done, i got back to the system, grabbed the mouse and clicked on the browser. The idea was using the Facebook search engine to find out something useful about Keith.
Sophia: and what is he doing she asked dryly.
Me: well let’s just say you gave up and i didn’t, i said smiling. As over 50 people with name Keith Harrells popped up.
Sophia: she moved her head close to see whats on the screen. Hahaha great now you gonna send him a friend request.
Me: uhmmm not really, you wait and see i said smiling a bit, as i ran a careful check on their profiles. And then after a while, i found an individual, A graduate of Harvard,
current city Los Angeles. Yes!! This should be it i thought.
Me: and right now i feel like i need a strawberry flavored yogurt, i said with a big grin.
Sophia: found something??
Me: you might wanna see for yourself. She moved closer to take a good look at the screen.
Sophia: hahah you have to stop this now Lucas, how on earth do you think you can ever find someone you do not know. This isn’t some science experiment!
Me: am willing to try!
Sophia: well good luck with that.
Me: just then i saw mum’s bag on her seat perhaps he could be on her friend list!! And who says i cant find someone i do not know i said with a smile. I quickly grabbed her bag hoping she left her phone behind.
Sophia: now what are you doing with mum’s bag?
Me: ok here’s the thing, since they were friends he’d definitely be her friend on Facebook, if i can find her phone and do a search on her list i could probably find him you know.
Sophia: lovers actually, that’s a brilliant idea she said smiling, you have to hurry she might walk in anytime.
I searched for a while, finding no trace of her cell phone, just then a document caught my attention, i took it out to take a close look at it and it was a business deal with Milano’s name!
Sophia: what are you doing Lucas, you are not suppose to be looking at that!
Me: if this is what i think it is, then it should be kept by Milano and not mum. Since its with her, it can only mean one thing, something serious is about to happen!
Sophia: Lucas!! She called out a bit worried.
Me: i returned the document to its original position, as lots of thoughts ran through my head.
Sophia: why do you have those looks on.
Me: i think something serious is about to happen.
Sophia: ok i don’t understand a bit of what you are saying!
Me: the thing is am having a difficult time figuring exactly what!
Sophia: ok! She said urging me to continue.
Me: you have nothing to worry Sophia, just stick with mum and try not to leave her on her own, you guys would have to meet me at home.
Sophia: and??
Me: i’ll explain everything later i have to leave now before mum gets back. I said giving her a peck as i rushed out taking the stairs, avoiding the elevator in other not to go crashing into mum. Soon i was out of Fadden Corp, boarded a cab down to MJ for more details.
Schwartz secret house was a perfect hide out, the front view was like that of an old building, which had an underground tunnel which led to a very beautiful glass house, so beautiful, you’d never know it existed in such a place. It was spacious and of course had a standard training kits. She laid on the floor breathless after hours of hard training when Schwartz walked in.
Schwartz: you look pretty exhausted he said with a smile.
Dera: ooh! you back.
Schwartz: have got a bit of good news.
Dera: ok lets hear it she said smiling.
Schwartz: this year annual re-union, isn’t just gonna be done the usual way, its gonna be more like a party and most of all Mr Cornel’s heir will be present.
Dera: smiling he will be completely destroyed. What about the others?
Schwartz: you mean the rest of the official, except for Mr Micheal i think they have heirs and they’re gonna be present.
To be continued…..