False Pretense Episode 54


“But I had fun anyway, thanks.” Kite told her

“No problem, I like hanging out with you, you’re cool with everyone.”

“Thanks.” Kite said unstrapping her seat belt and opening her door

“ So, you and Ise are stayng in this evening?”

“Actually,” Kite smiled “We have dinner reservations at some Italian restaurant in town.” She replied as she got down.

“Wow,” Jeje drawled “That sounds romantic.” Kite rolled her eyes

“Oh, please, it’s just dinner, nothing to it.” Closing the door.

“Really? If you say so sha, who am I to say otherwise.” She said with a mischievious smile.

Kite shook her head giving up on her, smiling too as she walked toward the house she shared with Ise. The Williams estate was quite large, aside from the main house and Ise’s smaller building, there was a building containing apartments for the staff toward the back , a swimming pool and pool house and then a full basketball court which had been converted from a tennis court. The grounds were huge and well maintained, the flowers and grass cut to perfection, you could mistake the place for a hotel. In all her life she would never have believed people had this much money. She sighed, sometimes when she really thought about it, she always wondered what she was doing with a guy like Ise. She was so out of place in all this and doubted she could ever get used to it.

They were so comfortable, ever since she’d moved in everything had been done for her. She’d never had to cook, her laundry and cleaning of the house was taken care of. She did enjoy it, who wouldn’t but didn’t think she should get too comfortable incase something happened and it was all taken away.

She sighed, why was she thinking like this again? Why did she feel it would be taken away when Ise had made it clear to her the way he felt about her? She felt the same for him too but that didn’t mean something couldn’t come up and disrupt what they had going.

Just like what had happened with Izu, she would have sworn he was the one for her but…look how that had ended. She shook herself off these negative thoughts, she didn’t need them. Ise loved her and she loved him that was all that mattered for now. She’d gotten to the front door of the house but just as she was about to open the door she heard raised voices from inside. Ise was with someone and it wasn’t going well, quickly she went in and walked down to the living room.

“Kehinde….what are you saying here? Are you denying that you’ve been embezzling funds from the company? Yes or no, Kenny, that’s all I wanna know!” That was Ise’s raised voice.

“And I’m simply asking to know who gave you that bullshit idea?”

“ Give me an answer, Dammit!” Kite walked in, the two were barely inches apart and it was obvious they would soon come to blows if no one intervened.

She’d not known he’d call Kenny over to accuse him like this, he could have used a subtler approach but knowing Ise and his anger, she wasn’t too surprised.

“Ise, What’s going on?” She asked going to stand beside him. Both men turned to acknowledge her presence, Ise’s eyes still blazing with anger while Kenny’s held disdain.

“it’s her isn’t it? She’s the one who came up with this shi’t, isn’t it? Don’t you see what she’s trying to do, she’s not even worked for me for a week and she’s already coming between our friendship. We’ve been buddies for years, but you’re going to let one slu’t from…..” Kenny never finished his words as Ise’s fist came up to land a punch on the side of Kenny’s face. Kenny staggered from the hit, his face showing surprise before he broke into a laugh “you know what Williams, you want the truth? Fine, yes I embezzled funds from your damn company, not that it made a dent in our profit’s, I was just helping myself to something that was already bountiful and no one noticed because we were focused on how much the company was bringing in. So I didn’t exactly do much damage, did I?”

“You’re fired, Kenny…you and all your accomplices, I’ll fish all of them out . This is the end of our friendship, you can let yourself out now.”

“Oh please,” Kenny sneered “You think I give a hoot about our friendship or with any of the other guys? You all know I’m not in your league, I came from nothing and attached on to you all because you had everything. Money, connections, everything I would need to advance in my career and life. I’ve always been envious of the easybreezy good life you lot had, and it felt so good taking what was yours, your money, Izy…..” Ise’s eyes widened as instant realization dawned on him going on to hold

“You bastard!” He lunged at him again but this time Kite was ready.

“Ise, no!” She called, holding him back while Kenny backed away from his reach, laughing as he did so

“Yes, I’m the bastard that seduced your former fiancée and still ratted her out.” He said laughing. Kite knew Ise was barely holding on here, she could feel the anger emanating from him, he was so angry, she had to speak up

“Kenny, get out, leave this place now!” She told him. Kenny spared her a glance

“Shut up, bitch, you don’t speak here, you are in this for the money as well and soon, this fool here will realise it. Use your Sophia Vergara body to it’s full potential and you’ll make a lot off him, that’s all he’s good for, his wealth.”

“I suggest you get out now before I give in to this urge to beat you senseless.” Ise said coolly, Kite knew he was barely holding himself back from going for Kenny’s throat.

“I’ll leave now, don’t worry. I’ve never been able to stand your presence anyway.” He turned, leaving. Kite held on tight to Ise’s arm, watching as Kenny left and silently praying that Ise wouldn’t give in to what his mind was yearning to do.

Kehinde was indeed a piece of work, who would have thought such hate had existed from him to his friend all because he’d been fortunate to have been born privileged. As soon as the door closed, she turned on Ise.

“Are you Okay, Ise?” She asked tugging on his arm and looking up at him, she didn’t like what she saw. Kenny had definitely gotten to him, he had an unreadable expression on but she felt the tension and anger brimming underneath. He pulled his arm off her grip and made his way to the mini bar. ‘uh oh’ she didn’t like this, Ise turned to his beloved single malt scotch whenever things were really bad.

She followed behind him, she couldn’t imagine what he must be going through, betrayed by someone he’d had so much trust in. She knew Kenny was an irritating ass but who would have thought that he’d held such strong, hateful emotions for Ise, who’d been good friends with him for years. Some people were fools.

“Ise, please talk to me.” She said watching him pour himself a shot of the drink.

“Talk to you about what, Kite? You saw it all for yourself…” The tone of his voice stung her but she wasn’t going to be deterred, she had to help him feel better, she had to reassure him

“Ise….you did nothing wrong but help an undeserving person, he’s the one with issues, not you.”

“Are you sure about that?” Her eyed her with a stare that got her cold to the bones as he took a sip of his scotch “You sure I don’t have issues? If I don’t have issues then why do I keep letting people take advantage of me? He said all I was good for was my money, maybe he is right afterall.” Kite narrowed her eyes starting to get a bit pissed herself

“You’re taking the words of that envious fool seriously? Besides are you referring to me as one of the ‘people’ taking advantage of you?” He shrugged

“You did take advantage of my feelings for you, didn’t you? You lied, connived and goodness knows whatever else you did with that ex boyfriend of yours. You claim you have feelings for me, how do I know you don’t have feelings for me because of my money.” Kite’s eyes widened in shock as her heart wrenched painfully but she managed in a whisper, her voice failing her “Seriously, Ise? Are you even listening to yourself?”

“I got news from the police today, they got the car and arrested some lady whose story doesn’t quite correlate with yours. She’s saying you and your fiancée had plans to get the sum of thirty million naira from me before leaving the country to get married. She says she was only watching over the car which she’d been told was yours.” He wasn’t looking at her as he said it, choosing to stare at his glass of scotch instead. Did he have doubts about her feelings for him and was this really him or the scotch speaking? Last night he’d said all had been forgiven but now, with all he was saying, she doubted he believed she had genuine feelings for him

“What do you think? Of course she’s going to tell lies, she’ll say anything to save her hide right now.” She told him.

“Maybe, but it got me wondering if you were really done with your fiancé as you claimed last night, you also could have said anything to save yourself! How do I know what’s the truth and what’s not? It seems everyone around me is out to make a buck off me. All this gets me wondering if this is the real reason you were hesitant about my request this morning? Maybe the real reason you won’t accept proposal to get engaged is because you are actually engaged to your ….” Kite was really annoyed now, pushing away from the bar, she found herself raising her voice at him.

“You know what, Ise? I’ve heard enough! I’ve heard enough and I’m so done here, I will not stay here and listen to you make up stories about me which are so far from the truth. it’s obvious your wealth will always get between us, does she love me for my money or not? I’m done, take your stinking money and shove it!” She said now angry as hell, turning she went to pick her handbag from where she’d dropped it. She loved him but she couldn’t take these insults, it was just too much for her, he could never trust her and what relationship could be built without trust?

“And where are you going?” he called after her, She paused in the doorway, so enraged she wanted to give him more of her mind but managed not to say anything she might regret later.

“Anywhere away from you! You can wallow in your self pity all you like, I’m rich so the whole world wants a piece of my stupid money, I hate myself! As for me, I’m done, done and done! I’ll be back sometime to take my things.” She told him turning and leaving

“Kite, come back here.” He ordered

“We’re not done here!” “We are so done.” She replied, angry as hell. She couldn’t do this, he was so right and yet so wrong for her. She couldn’t do it, he could never trust her, that nagging suspicion would always be there and it would always come up between them.

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She sighed feeling like crap. She felt as if she would breakdown and cry but not here. She could hold herself until she got into a cab. Quickening her steps, she made for the gate, she had to get out of there quickly before she lost her nerve and turned back to go ask him to think again. She was a strong woman, she wouldn’t take degrading insults like the ones he’d thrown at her, she didn’t need his money for anything.

She looked at the three million naira Cartier wristwatch on her wrist “Damn!” She cursed, he’d returned the thing to her that morning and she’d worn it out with Jeje, she would have to return it when she was coming to collect her stuff, she wanted none of what he’d gotten her.

She quickly removed the thing from her wrist and put it in the front pocket of her jean pants, she didn’t need any reminders about him. She was cutting off all ties with him immediately, it would help her heal faster. Too bad about her job which she wouldn’t be going back to, the pay had really been good. That’s what she got for dating her boss, she’d been such a fool to think things might have worked out between them, it was always going to come to this, people like him didn’t mingle with people like her.

She’d almost made it to the gate when she saw Jeje walking out of their building with Mrs. Williams, the GL Benz was parked, waiting for them.

“Kite,” Jeje called approaching her “Are you okay? Are you going somewhere again?” Kite nodded, she didn’t really want to speak, afraid that her voice would betray her emotions but Jeje wasn’t giving up. “What happened? Did Ise do anything…?”

“Jeje, I can’t really talk now, I just need to get out of here, please.” Jeje sighed

“Damn, that brother of mine can be such an –“

“Jejelola, do not waste my time please.” Mrs Williams called. Jeje ignored her

“ but why aren’t you taking your car?” She asked but seeing Kite wasn’t in the mood to talk she continued “Okay, let us drop you off at least?” Seeing that Kite wanted to refuse she added, squeezing her fingers“Please, I want to make sure you’re okay.” Kite gave in because she doubted Jeje would give up.

“Okay, but your mom?” She asked looking at the woman warily

“Don’t worry about her, come on.” Jeje said pulling her forward. Kite wasn’t sure about this, she really didn’t want to be anywhere with Mrs. Williams, the woman was so scary.

“Really, Jeje, I’m sure I can get a cab outside, you don’t have to ..”

“We’ll drop you off wherever you want to stop, don’t worry about my mother.”

Five minutes later, the vehicle was leaving the estate gates, Kite perched in the front passenger seat, feeling Mrs. Williams eyes on her back, eyeing daggers at her. She was tempted to tell her she could have her son back gladly, Kite was done with him. She loved the guy but she couldn’t keep taking insults and accusations from him, there was no point in going on with a relationship where she would have to be explaining herself constantly and begging for his trust. They both could spare themselves all the future heartache and end it here.

“So….kitty?” Mrs Williams started “Is that your name, or what?” Kite raised an eyebrow, the woman knew her name?

“Mom.” Jeje cautioned “Please leave her alone, she’s not doing too well at the moment.”

“Why? Did anything happen between her and Ise?” The woman asked “You see why I said the two of them were wasting their time? I don’t understand how Ise could stoop so low…..”

“Mother please…” Jeje started but Kite cut in.

“No, it’s okay Jeje, she’s right. We were wasting our time together and I’ve realised this now.” She turned to look Mrs. Williams squarely in the eye “ You can have your son back, we’re done.” She saw Mrs Williams raise a brow, whatever the woman was thinking she didn’t know but she guessed she’d be elated at the news, she could finally hook him up with a lady more to his standard.

“Kite…don’t say that, you guys just had a misunderstanding, tempers are still flaring, give yourselves time to calm down, I’m sure you guys will iron things out.” Jeje said but Kite shook her head.

“I’m serious, this time we’re done.” Her phone began ringing, she didn’t need a genius to tell her who it was. Even if she didn’t want to talk to him, she answered it.

“yes?” She asked rudely.

“I learnt you just left in my mom’s car, have the driver turn the car around right now and get back here, we are not done talking.” he ordered calmly.

“Well, Mr, Commander in Chief, I meant it when I said we were done, there’s no turning back.”

“You’re running again, aren’t you? Instead of talking things out, you choose to run.”

“I’m not running from anything, I’m just tired of all the talking, how many times would I have to explain myself to you? it’s tiring and getting old. Williams I really can’t do this, I can’t, it’s best if we end it now before it goes too far.” She heard him sigh, his voice became pleading

“Don’t say that Kite, it’s not over. I’m sorry about the things I said, Please come back, will you?” Kite sighed about to give in when all hell broke loose, gunshots tearing through the air as the car came to an abrupt stop..

“What the hell?” Jeje exclaimed, they were surrounded by three cars with dark hooded figures jumping out and pointing huge guns at their car.

“What’s that Kite, What’s happening?” Ise asked over the phone, she’d almost forgotten he was still on the line. “I…I don’t know…Our car is being surrounded with people pointing guns at us..demanding we open the doors…I..I have to go, Ise…I have to….”

“Wait, where is the car? Where are you? Talk to me Kite!”

“Just at the corner of Kwame Nkrumah crescent, this looks serious, Ise. I have to…..” Kit didn’t complete her statement as a shot rang out really close to her and pieces of glass flew everywhere. There was screaming everywhere, and amidst it Kite heard

“Get out, get out now!” Looking to her left she saw the driver, lying motionless beside her, probably dead as he’d been shot, turning back, her eyes locked with Jeje’s who was screaming her heart out, Mrs Williams was breathing heavily, she didn’t look good, she looked like she was about to have a heart attack. She tried to reassure the older woman

“Mrs. Williams, please calm down, take deep breaths, everything will be fine.” She told her before turning to Jeje “Jeje, we need to do as they say, we need to get out.”

“Are you crazy? They’ll kill us.”

“Maybe or maybe not, we don’t know that but what I’m sure about is that we are pissing them off royally by staying in here, lets get out before someone else gets shot. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine, just keep your head down and do as they say.” Kite told her opening her door and putting both hands up as she bent low, not trying to look into anyones face, thinking ‘Here goes nothing’.

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