False Pretense Episode 53


Kite woke up to the sweet smell of omelettes, freshly baked bread and some other freshly prepared scents she couldn’t quite piece together. She stirred, hearing Ise’s voice. “ it’s about time sleeping beauty woke up, don’t you think?” He asked as he sat down beside her, his hand smoothening her hair from her face. She smiled as she opened her eyes to see the tray he’d set beside the bed. He was smiling and looking at her like she was the only one who mattered to him in the whole world.

Last night came into mind and she thought how lucky she was to have found someone like him, her hand went to his cheek, caressing the rough stubble that had grown overnight. It was at the tip of her tongue to say she loved him but she was scared it would spook him.

Last night had been even more awesome than the previous times they’d made love, probably because she’d let go of the huge secrets and burdens weighing her down and holding her back from giving in completely to him. She wasn’t scared of him leaving anymore, he was hers truly, madly and deeply.

She could see from his t-shirt and pyjama bottoms he’d made his way up to his room and changed sometime that morning. After the hot, quick session against the wardrobe doors last night, they’d proceeded to the bed to have a more detailed round before dozing off till morning.

“Do you blame me for sleeping for so long? I need the rest Williams, it’s not easy keeping up with you.” She joked as she sat up pulling the sheets up with her as she was naked underneath. He laughed

“I know, that’s why I called for an early breakfast.”

“Thanks, you’re very thoughtful, aren’t you?” She eyed the tray which contained an assortment of dishes “Looks really good but it’s too much, wow Ise, it seems you want to get me really fat here, I’m barely managing my body the way it is, you want me to become Michelin man?” This got him laughing

“You’ll still be a pretty Michelin man so I won’t mind at all, any how you are I’ll still love you.” Her smile died as she heard the ‘L’ word.

“What?” He asked frowning confusedly

“What is it?”

“You said you loved me.” She pointed.

“Well… It should be quite obvious by now”

“Isn’t it too soon?” She asked him “as in, isn’t it too soon to know if what we share is..is. love?” He smiled as he took her hand in his

“I don’t know about you, I can only speak for myself when I say I know what I’m feeling and I know with great conviction that it is love. I’m sorry if I spooked you but really, it is what it is.”

“Spooked? I’m not spooked.” Funny that she’d thought she was the one who would have spooked him if she’d told him her feelings first.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’re not.” He said patronisingly with a smile.

“I am not, Ise! I just thought it was too soon, that’s all besides I’ve been considering searching for an apartment of mine soon.”

“What? Why” He asked. She shrugged

“ That was our agreement in the beginning, I was supposed to be here temporarily. You know it’s not really nice living with you like this, my mother would freak out if she found out.”

“Hmmm…well, I’ve gotten quite used to you being around..”

“Yeah, me too but I want us to do this right.” He nodded

“yeah, we need to do what’s right, so….then, when are we meeting your mom and telling her about us?” It was Kite’s turn to frown, not sure she’d heard right

“What? I don’t understand… tell her what exactly?” She’d only just told her a few days back that she’d broken off with Izu, how could she come and saddle her with Ise now? It was too soon. Ise sighed

“ Kite, what exactly do you want for us? I realise that maybe I’m a bit forward, I’ve been brought up to know what I want and go for it, most time disregarding what the other party thinks or expects. So, now I think I should take a step back and listen to what you want for us. For me, I don’t see myself being with anyone else, other females appear dull to me when compared with you. After what I had with Izy ended, I searched for something half as good as that relationship but couldn’t find a girl who could keep me interested until you came along. The feeling I get with you, it isn’t something that can fizzle out easily and even if we spend the next fifty years together, it’s still going to be here burning,” he smiled then “maybe not as hot then, but it will be here for sure. That’s what I feel for you and left for me I’m ready to take the next step but I surely do not want to rush you, so, tell me what you want.” Kite had listened to him carefully but didn’t really get what he meant by next step

“Next step, marriage?” He laughed

“No, meet your family….. get engaged?” He added hopefully.

“Engaged?” Her eyes were wide “We’ve barely even been together for …. Ise, are you being serious here? Or is this one of your lame jokes?” He shrugged

“ I’m very serious, you might think it’s too soon but I know what I want for the rest of my life and I do want you but, what do you want?” Kite frowned, she hadn’t seen this coming, she was in love with him but getting engaged so soon? She didn’t know what to say.

“Or don’t you see yourself with me?” He asked.

“No, Ise, it’s just… apart from it being too soon for me, there’s the issue with your mom. You see… one of the reasons my father left, I think was because of his family’s pressure, they’d never accepted my mother, I’m not sure because she has never confirmed it but I think that was also a factor. I was hoping your mom would at least be able to tolerate me a bit after a while, but she’ll hate me even more if we spring an engagement on her.” He sighed

“Kite, my mother will agree to whatever I want, she is not a problem.” Kite shook her head

“I don’t know, Ise.” The stares she gave her whenever they bumped into each other always left Kite feeling cold. “ Can you give me some time to think this out? Please? I want to be with you but I really don’t want to rush things, rush us, is that okay?” He shrugged, his face falling

“Okay, I don’t have a choice anyway.” She pulled him to her for a hug, she felt wonderful, this magnificent guy wanted her for a wife? Wow! It was a real shocker. He continued

“ As for moving out, that’s not happening.”

“Ise, come on nau, be reasonable. We are live in lovers, they’ve already started labelling me at the office and I’m not finding it funny, I have to move out, it might help.”

“Then lets make things official, so instead of lover you become fiancée.” He suggested with a mischievous smile. She shook her head, not smiling

“Nice try, Williams! You’re not funny.” He shrugged going for the breakfast tray

“I wasn’t joking, now end of discussion, time for breakfast, the croissants are getting cold.”

“Discussion not ended, Williams, only postponed.” She replied as she got up in all her n’aked glory and walked the short distance to the wardrobe to put on her silk robe, she shrugged it on and tied it securely around her waist, all the time, aware of his eyes following her movements. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth.


Mrs Omotunde Williams was having breakfast in the garden when one of the staff brought over her phone, she’d left it absent mindedly in her bedroom. This was the case these days, her mind was on so many things since her kids had decided to go all rebellious on her. Jeje having whatever with one of Ise’s playboy friends and barely talking to her. Ise’s own case was something else, he’d totally removed himself from her. Her son never spent time with her anymore, when she even tried to talk with him, he always brought up some excuse or the other on why he couldn’t speak with her. She was losing her son and she didn’t like it, all because of one common girl who had him wrapped around her finger. She really couldn’t understand him, didn’t he see that she didn’t even come close to him in anything? It couldn’t just be her pretty face that got him so into her, there had to be something else but Omotunde couldn’t see it, was it some sort of love charm ? Omotunde believed those things were possible, maybe she should involve her pastor in this? Maybe prayers could break whatever hold this girl had over her son. The phone began to buzz again, bringing her back to planet earth, she answered.


“Goodmorning ma, this is Dr. Victoria Sholanke.”

“Dr… Vicki?” She asked to be sure, it had been a while she’d heard from the lady.

“Yes ma, it’s Vicki, how are you doing?”

“I’m very fine, thank you for asking, so you’re still in the country?”

“Yes ma, I’ve been quite busy with some projects, sorry I’ve not called for a while. Also…Ise and I are not in good terms, so I kept my distance but I realised it’s not nice as you are a good friend of my parents. That’s why I decided to call and find out how you are.”

“I’m good my dear, but what in the world happened between you and my son? He said something about you being married twice and both husbands dead?”

“it’s …not as crude as it sounds, that’s also another reason I’m calling. Ise never gave me a chance to explain…but I have a perfectly good explanation for everything. I’ll be leaving the country in few days and I thought I should treat you and Jeje to a little get together at my place and also tell you my own part of the story so you don’t think the worst of me.”

“Well….thats not necessary…”

“No ma, please it is! Please just indulge me in this, I don’t know when next I’ll be back and I don’t want to leave on such a sour note. Please ma, you’re good friends with my parents and made me feel welcome so please indulge me.” Mrs Williams smiled as she gave in, she really liked this woman and she was such good friends with her parents.

“Okay, Okay, Victoria. We’ll be there. Tonight?”

“Yes tonight by eight p.m. Thank you ma, you won’t regret it, I promise.”

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Kite was on the ride back home from town with Jeje who was at the wheels of the car, she had invited her to spend sometime with her friends and since Kite hadn’t had much doing, she’d obliged. They’d ended up spending most of the day together, the time was past seven now and they were finally returning home.

Jeje was a nice girl and Kite enjoyed being in her company even if she felt quite guilty that she’d been behind the stolen Range Rover. The girl was back to driving her former car which was a BMW X3 which she wasn’t really crazy about, Kite knew she missed the range.

“So how you feeling since the loss of your car?” Kite asked “I know you were really crazy about it.”

“Yeah…it was such a cool ride right? But no worries, I’m not too bothered about it, if I need another I’ll just put pressure on my dad and he’ll get me one. I’m just glad that you weren’t really hurt, my brother would have been really mad. He’s just so fond of you, I’ve never seen him so crazy over a female before.” Kite smiled recalling their conversation that morning.

“He’s a wonderful person.” She said, every woman’s dream. She could believe he was indeed in love with her, she felt the same about him too, and she would have agreed to his proposal if not that things weren’t really right at the time, but would it ever be? Would his mother ever really accept her? He’d assured her that his mother wasn’t a problem but Kite had her doubts.

They’d talked over everything during breakfast that morning, she’d opened up on everything she’d been keeping from him. She’d also told him about Kenny, the night at Ola’s party and also her suspicions on his activities with the company’s money. He’d been stunned but had believed there had to be an explanation for it all.

He’d known Kenny for years, since his secondary school days, Kenny had been a scholarship student, that was the only way he’d been able to get into the highly exclusive Private school. He was really intelligent and they’d been friends since then till now, he didn’t think Kenny could be up to things like that. The company had been recording massive profit’s the past four years since Kenny had joined the company so Ise was sceptical.

Kite had passed on everything she’d gathered to him to look through and come to his own conclusion, it all just didn’t add up. She didn’t want him blinded by their friendship, Kenny was up to something. Jeje continued speaking

“Oh, he could be wonderful but you don’t want to get on his bad side, once his mind is closed off on someone, it takes the grace of God to open it again. He can be so stubborn and annoying, it’s frustrating.” Kite turned to her “You guys really should make up.”

“Make up? With Ise?” She scoffed “There will be no making up until he gets his way, he wants me to leave Ola and really, that’s not gonna happen. He’s such a know it all, he won’t even give his friend the benefit of the doubt. Yeah, Ola has been in one too many relationships and has never been serious, doesn’t he think I know this? He’s different now but Ise will never believe that, Ola is the last person who’ll do anything to hurt me, the last person, he’s always been a good friend to him and to me too.”

“Yeah, but…Ise doesn’t see this your way, you really should try talking….”

“No way, talk with that hard headed man? He’s the one who owes me an apology!” Kite had to smile, shaking her head.

“The both of you are so hard headed, you’re both so alike in many ways.”

“Oh please…I’m not like him in anyway, he’s just like our mom, I’m more like my dad.” Kite laughed

“Okay.” She wasn’t going to argue with that.

“The woman sef, I have to spend this evening with her, I’m not looking forward to it at all. One of her friend’s daughters invited us over for dinner or something at her place….oh, I’m sure you know her. There was a day we walked in on you and Ise in his office when you guys were…doing whatever.” Kite frowned trying to remember, it didn’t take long, the beauty queen, the one who had been forcing herself on Ise. She didn’t like this. She turned to Jeje

“ Your mom’s close with her?”

“hmm, she’s close with her parents and kind of likes her, she’d been trying to fix her up with…Ise but he chose you instead.” Jeje turned to give her a reassuring smile “Don’t worry dear, you’re not in competition with anyone, you’ve got his heart.” Kite managed a little smile wishing she could find solace in her words, as far as his mom didn’t want her, she wasn’t sure she’d ever be totally comfortable.

She’d talked to her mother that afternoon after learning that the results of her test were not ready yet. According to the doctor they had to be really sure before releasing the results. She’d called her to find out how she was taking the new news. She seemed okay with it on the outside but Kite suspected she was only being brave for her benefit, she had to be worried. She’d tried reassuring her and had even hinted at being in another relationship for a while now, surprisingly her mother had sounded happy to hear it. The woman had always been supportive anyway, she trusted her to make the right decisions.

All day, Kite had tried to put Ise’s request of that morning from her mind but it kept coming back, she still almost couldn’t believe he was already ready to meet her family. She did want him to meet them but if she did this then she would be sending the signal that what they shared was really serious. What they had was serious but the question still remained that could she be with him if his mother was against it?

Jeje was at the gate of the estate now, honking twice, the electronic gates rolled open immediately.

“I have just a few minutes to get ready, I hope the woman is in a good mood or she’s going to let me hear it today.” She said turning to look at Kite as if noticing her sudden silence

“Are you okay, Kite?”

“Yeah.” Kite replied forcing a smile “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit tired, those your friends are exhausting, they talk and talk, especially that Lisa one.” Jeje laughed, as she drove the car to where she usually parked it.

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