False Pretense Episode 52


Kite had never felt so beautiful as she did the next night at the OPAL awards. The whole thing was spectacular, the venue, This Dome had been so transformed she sometimes forgot she was still in Abuja. Lights, glamour, the rich carelessly flaunting their wealth and opulence, the paparazzi, magazines, newspapers, and television crew taking photographs and filming live.

She looked around, ogling the familiar faces she’d only seen on TV or newspapers. The OPAL awards was a celebration of top entrepreneurs and businesses in the country, awarding them for their excellence, hardwork and achievement in the business industry. She was proud of her man, Ise who was receiving an award tonight for young entrepreneur of the year, although he seemed less than fascinated by it. She’d seen a few awards in his study, this wasn’t the first time he was receiving one of these. Still it was a beautiful night and he had a beautiful lady on his arm, so he could at least smile and act happy instead of the stiff exterior he was exhibiting.

She’d not even wanted to be here and had told him in the morning but he’d ordered her to be ready before seven p.m and that was final, he’d then left the house for only goodness knew where. Saying their relationship wasn’t doing too well was a gross understatement, he wasn’t saying anything but she knew it had something to do with his accusation of her keeping things from him. If he wasn’t happy with her, why didn’t he just call the whole thing off instead of acting like this toward her? Ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder, even when he held her hand, it was more like he was doing it out of duty than wanting to be close to her. Tonight, she looked dazzling.

Jeje had come into the house that morning asking how she was preparing for the awards. Kite had been clueless thinking she’d just throw something on and leave the house that evening but jeje had been appalled. She’d immediately dragged her into her car and had taken her to a spa in Wuse 2, where they’d treated her body wonderfully. Facials, waxing, manicure, pedicure, her hair had been remade, wrapped and styled into a loose, formal chignon with sparkling hair clips holding it in place.

After a quick lunch in town, Jeje had then engaged a makeup artist and a stylist friend of hers to come over to the house with some evening gowns in her size. Kite had tried on gowns till she felt she would faint from exhaustion, they’d ended up going with a Badgley Mischka gown, a gold sequined gown that hugged her curves and endowments like a second skin, the neckline in front was high enough bit it had a cowl back that dropped almost to her a derriere and a slit in front that went all the way up to her mid thigh and parted when she walked giving a generous view of her leg.

She hadn’t been sure of it and thought it was too sexy but Jeje had told her that was the idea, to get Ise’s attention all night. There would be other females looking to latch on to important business men so she’d better go armed and prepared to keep him close to her all night. Kite had laughed and shook her head at her theatrics but she’d agreed to it and then the prepping had begun.

The make up stylist had indeed known what she was doing because by the time she was through, Kite knew she was hot but what she saw in the mirror was something else to behold. She looked so good, she was stunned at herself. Jeje had sighed dramatically,

“It isn’t fair to possess this much beauty Kite, you look like Aphrodite herself, my brother would be the envy of everyone there.” Ise had been obviously affected the first few seconds he’d set eyes on her, he’d hesitated and his breath had caught as his eyes followed the teasing glimpse of leg as she walked but he’d quickly put himself together, bringing up that stony expression and murmuring some formal complement she couldn’t even remember. She’d been quite disappointed, she’d thought he would pull her to him, kiss her and say how breath taking she looked.

She’d expected to get his attention but instead, she was getting it from the other male guests. Since they’d stepped into the venue all male eyes had been on her while the female ones had shot daggers at her. Such a shame, she couldn’t get the attention of the person who mattered most to her. Even when they’d walked the red carpet and had taken pictures, his arm had been wrapped around her waist but he’d not drawn her close, he’d been stiff against her, unsmiling.

They were seated at their table now, enjoying the first course of the night as the program had just begun but he was more interested in talking to the older couple on his other side, charming the pants off the woman while talking business with the elderly husband than speaking with her. If he was going to be a sourpuss all evening then why had he insisted she come, so he could ignore her all evening? Why was he even still with her at all? He should just break it off and they should know it was ended.

As she thought about it she felt like crying. Was she going to loose him because of these things she was keeping from him? Just then she felt her phone buzz in her purse and she knew who it was. Izu! He’d been bugging her all day to see her but she’d not been able to because she’d been with Jeje, he said he had to see her that day or it would be too late. Too late for what? She wondered and had given in, she wanted to see him too, she had something for him. She opened the text message and read it. I’m here, Car Park close to the entrance gate. She sighed tapping her disinterested boyfriend on the arm, he turned to her

“I’m going to the ladies.” She said

“What for?” He asked

“To go and dance there, what do you think happens there?” He pursed his lips as he eyed her

“But we only just got here, isn’t it too soon?”

“Tell that to my bladder.” She told him rudely as she got up picking up her purse, also pissed. So now he wanted to control her bladder too? Okay, so she wasn’t really pressed but if she really was, she would have humiliated herself by now with all his questions.

What was with him anyway? He was acting really strange. She made her way to the exit making sure to notify an usher that she was stepping out as she didn’t have the I.V card, it was with Mr. Grumpy. She didn’t want to come back and be told she couldn’t go in, that would be a crappy situation.

She went in the direction Izu ad described and found him. He saw her too, obviously stunned at the how she looked, he smiled as he approached her.

“Oh my, Kite, you look breathtakingly gorgeous!” He told her, openly admiring her. She frowned, where was the love coming from suddenly?

“ Save it Izu! I’m not here for that, look I only agreed to this meeting because I also wanted to talk to you. Here.” She opened her purse and passed him a small flash disk. He accepted it looking at it strangely.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“It contains the recording of every conversation we ever had since you began this blackmail thing, I recorded everything, in summary it’s how you pushed and blackmailed me into handing over the car to you. It portrays you as a conniving thief while I seem like the helpless victim.” She told him seeing realization dawn on him. “I wouldn’t want to give it to the police but if by Tuesday morning, I don’t get the good news that Jeje’s car has been found, I swear I’m turning it over to them. I don’t care if you send William’s my pictures or whatever, what I do know is with this evidence, you will never be able to hold anything over me again.” Kite was feeling tough as she said the words, she had it all figured out, Izu had no choice but to back off after this and he would definitely return that car but instead of cowering and begging, he suddenly smiled making Kite frown. “What’s with the smile? You don’t think I’ll hand it over to the police?”

“Oh no, I’m sure you could but you see sweetheart, this was never about you.” She frowned

“What do you mean?” He shook his head as he smiled

“Kite, it’s been about Brenda all along. I needed to get her off my back somehow and I used you, I’m really sorry I put you through all this, you see in the beginning I was so angry with you, I wanted to make you pay for sleeping with your boss but when I had calmed down, I thought it over and decided it was Brenda that really needed to be taught a lesson. I know I certainly don’t deserve you Kite, I should never have cheated on you, I never planned on sending any pictures to… him, I don’t even have any, I destroyed them all long ago. I’ve just been bluffing all along.”

“You what?” She spat. He shrugged

“I’m sorry, I needed you to help me get her off my back but I knew you wouldn’t do it willingly so I had to.”

“Do you know the hell you’ve put me through, Izu? Not to talk of the concussion that brainless goon of yours gave me?”

“I’m sorry for everything, Kite. That was most certainly not meant to happen, and I’m so relieved you’ve made a full recovery so soon. Please Kite, I’m sorry, forgive me for everything I’ve done, I don’t deserve you and you’re such a wonderful person, I wish I could go back and undo my past mistakes but I can’t. Instead, I have to be a man enough to face it’s repercussions, can you forgive me, Kite?” She sighed, taking in all he’d said. He did look really apologetic and she could see the old Izu, not the mean one that had been tormenting her these last few weeks.

“This is still too much for me to grasp. So what next after this?” He shrugged

“I’m leaving, I’ve closed up my business here and taking my hustle down to Ghana, let’s see what’s there for me. There’s just too much hurt and pain here, and besides when Brenda gets arrested she’s going to start spilling and forming lies of her own. Good thing you have your recordings to back up your claims,” he smiled “you’re quite resourceful, aren’t you? I suggest you tell…your..tell him about it before she spills to the police. You’ve got about a week max, the guys set off the tracker once they parked the car in her house, so the police will soon be onto her.” Kite groaned

“Are you crazy, Izu? I kept this thing from him because I thought I could do it without him finding out and now you want me to blow it open?”

“Yes sweetie, blow it wide open, not only that but everything about yourself, every shady deal you’ve ever done in your life, it’s best he knows everything so he doesn’t get shocked when he hears it from someone else.”

“I would be shooting myself in the foot if I did that, he would never be with me if he knows all I am.”

“Then he’d be a fool, passing up on you. You’ve done some questionable things to survive but you’re a good person, any id’iot can see that.” He smiled as he stroked her cheek, she allowed him

“Don’t worry too much, some other wonderful guy will pick you up before long.” She sighed

“Oh Izu, how did we get to hate each other so much?”

“It was my fault, I made a mistake and sent you running into another man’s arms- or bed.” He said “I never deserved you. it’s like I’m trouble around you.”

“For the record, I didn’t sleep with him that night, I wanted to, for payback but… he didn’t think it was a good idea but I’m glad you made me go to him, he makes me so happy.” She saw a sad look cross Izu’s face “and he’s legit too.” She had to laugh “ Promise me something, Izu and I promise I’ll forgive you.”

“Anything.” He told her sincerely grasping her hands in his. Promise me from here on, you’ll never do a single illegitimate thing in your life, not one thing ever.”

“I swear, Kit, I swear, I’m done.” He shook his head “As from now on, this crook is retired and going strictly legit.” Kite sighed, sort of glad the old Izu was back,

“So I might not see you anytime soon, right?”

“Right, I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning but you can reach me on this, it’s in case of an emergency, it’s not mine but the guy who has it will get to me and I’ll reach you back immediately.” He handed her a piece of paper which she received and tucked into her purse. “I’ll miss you KiKibear.” He joked calling her a name he’d not called her since University, she smiled. “You should also keep this, I won’t be needing it.” He handed back the flash drive which she also accepted.

“You need to go back in before you catch a chill, and girl, that dress is whoa”


Ise glanced at his wrist watch for the hundredth time in fifteen minutes, where was that damn girl? He shouldn’t be worried since he had Sal on her tail, after all that Kenny had told him that afternoon, he’d known he’d have to have her watched. He was still quite confused on if he should believe his friend or not, he was finding it hard to believe that she’d been lying to him all along, that she was with him for whatever she could get from him while she still kept her supposed ex-boyfriend who was actually her fiancé on the side.

It couldn’t be, she was either a very good actress to have fooled him or he could swear she had sincere feelings for him. He’d ignored Kenny’s warnings and still brought her here to show her off to his acquaintances in the business industry, he wanted to show off the lady whom he cared so deeply about. A lady who was breaking his heart every time he looked at her and realised she might not be who she was pretending to be. Knowing she might just be pretending, he still wanted her so badly, and he hated himself for it.

He’d been fighting a mental war with himself on what he would do if he found out she was only using him afterall. Letting her go would be heart wrenching, they’d barely begun the relationship and he’d fallen feet off the ground for her. Seeing her earlier, that evening had almost been too much for him to handle, he’d been at a loss for words on how to compliment her. The girl was a goddess, she was so beautiful it was almost like a sin to possess that much beauty. If things between them worked out somehow and they remained together, he would beg her never to have her face made up ever again. She was hot enough naturally, she didn’t need to worsen matters for men by adding layers of paint and enhancements.

He knew he wanted to show her off but he didn’t like the way she caught the attention of every male in the place. He didn’t want to get into fisticuffs with some guy over her, he was too old to be feeling and acting like a jealous teenager who’d just gotten a girlfriend.

“Hey you.” Someone tapped him taking over Kite’s vacan’t seat. He turned to see Fiola.

“Hey, Fifi,” He smiled pleasantly surprised, he’d not seen her in quite a while, not since the incident at Ola’s party

“How you been?”

“Been around, busy. You? You’re looking good.”

“Thanks, you’re not looking bad yourself. What you doing here?”

“Working kind of, I plan on writing about the awards in the next edition of the magazine, doing a feature on some of the awardees and all that. I hear you’re receiving the award for the young entrepreneur of the year?” He nodded.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Wow, that’s great, you should let me do a feature on you sometime.” He laughed

“Sure, but I don’t think your readers would find business stuff interesting.”

“No, we’ll do it from the fashion angle, Iseolu Williams, Young stylish billionaire entrepreneur, that’s more like it. You could talk about your personal style and all that. It will be interesting, trust me.”

“Well, if you say so, you’re the fashion expert “

“Yes I am, oh! It seems they’re announcing your award.” Ise turned, they were, he looked around again for any sign of Kite but didn’t see her, what in the world could she be doing?


Kenny was all dressed and ready to hit town when his door bell rang. He hadn’t been expecting anyone, so he was quite surprised.

“Who’s it?” He yelled.

“Princess.” Came the reply.

“Oh, P-babe!” He exclaimed opening the door “Wow, you woulda missed me, I was on my way out for tonight.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t call, it was a last minute thing, I decided I needed to hear the outcome of the discussion you had with Ise in person. How did it go?” She asked making her way into the living room.

“P-babe, that guy has definitely fallen for the chick. I did my best trying to convince him and all that but the guy wouldn’t believe it, he does have his suspicons but he didn’t believe the girl could be as bad as that.”

“Did you tell him what her fiancé told me himself?”

“I did, but what he feels for this girl is so strong, he said he would get to the bottom of it all.”

“So you don’t think he will break it off?”

“Babe, I honestly don’t know. it’s like this chick has some jazz over him, the Ise I know would leave a girl for less. What is it about this girl?” Princess sighed

“And how about your own suspicions about her digging into the company’s financies? Do you think she knows about the money?” Kenny shook his head

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. Dara told me she found Olivia going through some old finance reports and when she asked why, she couldn’t give a tangible explanation and the way Olivia and Thonia have been close with her, I suspect something but I’m not sure.”

“That girl is going to be a serious problem. We should do something about her fast.”

“I agee with you, but what do we do?”

“I’ll think up something.” Princess replied.

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Kite was pissed, Ise was pissed, they were on the ride back home, Sal driving but the air in the car was practically bristling with tension. He was so angry with her, it seemed what Kenny had said was true after all, Sal had informed him that her supposed trip to the ladies had in fact been a trip to see her fiancé out side. To worsen matters, she’d come back into the hall and had taken a seat on another table and had stayed there all through the event, probably looking for the next rich person to latch on to after she was done with him. He was so done with her, he told himself.

Kite was so angry with Ise, just because she’d been away for a few minutes, he’d let that girl Fifi take her place by his side. She’d come into the hall, seen her place occupied with him talking gleefully and laughing with her when he’d been so cold with her all evening. She didn’t need that, instead she’d taken a vacant seat beside someone else.

If he wanted to talk with someone else, fine, she would give him the space to do so. To compound matters, he’d even let the girl give him a kiss on the cheek after he’d received his award, that had left her appalled and she’d gotten his unspoken message loud and clear. She didn’t need him to throw her out of his house before she left, the writing was clear on the wall. She loved him but she knew what had to be done.

The car parked in front of the house and she got down slamming the car door behind her as she walked in angrily, Ise looked at her retreating back wondering why she was angry when she was the one at fault.

“Goodnight Sir.” Sal said from the car, Ise simply waved him off. He was so damn angry he didn’t trust himself to speak. He followed her into the building, angry as hell. He would get to the bottom of everything that night, no more speculating or hearsay, he was going to get everything from her that night.

He followed her to her room, she’d brought out a box and was shoving her things inside, half hazardly, she’d not even bothered taking off her shoes. He frowned, this had taken him by surprise.

“What are you doing?” He asked to which she ignored, going about her packing as if her life depended on it. He repeated, this time with an edge to his voice as he was getting reaaly pissed “I said what are you doing?” Without looking at him, she replied, her voice shaking

“I’m not waiting for you to hand me my eviction notice before I leave, I know when I’m not wanted anymore, so I’m giving you the space you need.” He frowned

“What are you talking about?”

“What? it’s not rocket science, Ise.” She paused with her packing and looked at him “You’ve been getting more and more distant the past few days and today was the worst of it, I can’t stay here and bear it, I can’t remain here after what happened tonight. You can’t flaunt another girl in my face and expect me to stay. If you can’t tell me to my face you want me to leave, I’ll make it easier on you.”

“Kite, don’t try to pin anything on me, this is all on you. You’re the one who’s been keeping all these secrets, meeting with your so called ex-boyfriend every chance you get, lying to me about your feelings when all you wanted was to get whatever you could from me! You know what? Go ahead, just leave!” He was raising his voice now “God knows how much I feel for you but I can’t hold you back…. I do not deserve to be played like this; you’re free…. and take everything since they mean so much to you. I could have given you your dreams because you meant the world to me but now I’m just done with everything.” She had a shocked expression on her face and he shook his head

“Oh, are you shocked I know about your ex boyfriend, who is actually still your boyfriend and fiancé even?” He felt his heart constrict as he said it, his voice faltered but he willed himself to go on “I found out from Kenny earlier today and Sal confirmed you met with him tonight when you claimed you went to the ladies. I didn’t want to believe Kenny but it seems it’s true, you’re one cold, conniving lady and I’ve been the fool all along. Take everything and just leave..” He said turning to leave her to her packing.

“I really don’t mean to offend you Ise but you’d really be a fool to believe the words of that idiot who tried to force himself on me at Olamide’s party?”

“He did what?” He gasped not sure he’d heard right.

“You heard me the first time, but since I’m a liar and conniving, you could ask your sister and Olamide, they are my witnesses. You’re right, I’ve kept things from you….. but all that you’ve just said…this,” She pointed at herself, her face and clothes “From my head to feet, all this is not me and you know it. I did it all to impress you tonight, but since you’ve chosen to listen to your boys, fine! You can have every single thing you ever got me, I don’t need any of it. I never asked for anything, you gave them freely and now you think I’m with you for what you can give?” She scoffed “That’s so insulting and why I never wanted to be with you in the first place. I’ll leave but not with anything of yours, you can keep the job, the car keys, jewelry, everything, it’s not what I need from you.” Narrowing her eyes, she shook her head at him.

“I’m just shocked that you think I’m attached to material things, means you never knew me after all.” Ise took in a deep breath holding her gaze from across the room, he needed an explanation. If she wasn’t with him under false pretenses then what exactly was she with him for?

“I’m confused Kite, can you clarify things for me? Before I lose my sanity? If you say Kenny is lying, then what the hell are you doing with me?”

“I’m with you because I want to be with you, dammit!” she yelled at him “Yes, I’ve kept things from you. I agreed to this relationship against my will knowing it couldn’t work between us. We are just so different but my ex forced me, he had something over me he was blackmailing me with and I gave in thinking I had no choice. At first he wanted me to get thirty million naira from you but I knew I could never do that, even if I could wheedle it out from you, I liked you too much to use you like that so I just wanted to stall but then he changed his mind later, deciding on Jeje’s car instead. He came up with the plans and everything which I had to go along with but I made my own plans. I recorded every conversation and meeting I had with him and tonight I met with him to tell him to return the car in a few days or I would release it to the police… but he surprised me with his own confession.” She sat down now, on the edge of the bed, looking down at her hands as she spoke

“ He told me, I’d not been the target, he’d been doing everything to get the other girl off his back, it was her who was going down. The car is now in her possession and soon the police will find her with it and arrest her in a few days, he’d used me because he’d been angry with me…” her voice trailed as she looked up at him “I lied to him that we’d slept together that night I left him so he was really angry with me. I never told him the truth until today….. The recordings were to ensure that he would never bother me in future. I thought I could handle it all myself, so I kept it away from you besides he had something really heavy against me which I dint want you to find out.” Before he could ask what it was, she continued

“ My former boss, where I worked had a huge thing for me. The man wanted to get me into bed one way or another and he tried all he could but I always managed to get away, and then he refused paying me my monthly salary. That was when Izu got involved. We came up with a plan, I got him to take me out, drugged his drink, he slept off and ….” She cleared her throat “We took some really raunchy photographs, even though I wasn’t naked or anything and my face was blurred, they were still compromising enough. I threatened to send them to his wife and associates and every one else if he didn’t pay us a sum of five million naira.” She sighed

“It was these pictures he was threatening to send to you with my face not blurred but tonight he confessed he’d been bluffing all along. He didn’t have any pictures, he’d destroyed them long ago.”

“So… those blank pictures he sent the other night?” Ise butted in, it was all becoming quite clear to him now.

“He’d been angry with me because I had left the country without informing him, thought I wasn’t taking his threats seriously so he’d sent them over, bluffing that they were the real thing, he’d just wanted me to stew a bit. Look, I’ve told you everything, in the beginning I only agreed to this because I was pushed to but the feelings I now feel for you, they’re very real and I thought by now you’d know me better than believing what some idiot says about me.” She shook her head as she got up and walked to the wardrobe, pulled out more clothes and carried them to the bed.

“What are doing?” He asked again knowing he was now sounding like a broken record.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She asked him back.

“Well suspend that till you hear what I’ve got to say.” He told her and she paused, looking up at him and for a second he wondered what it was about her that held him so spell bound? This girl would be his undoing!

“ I told you before that I didn’t give a shit about your past, didn’t I? You could have come to me with all this and I would never have cared or even blinked but lying, keeping something as huge as this? You got me thinking all sorts of things and worse, you got really hurt in the process, all this would never have happened if you’d just talked to me in the first place!”

“I’m not the talking type Williams, if I have a problem I try to solve it, besides you’re you. Mr. Important personality while me, I’m from trash, the gutters, you expect me to come open up my sordid past to you?”

“Kite,” He said her name with a sigh, when or how did she expect him to put it to her that she could trust him with anything. “I knew you had done some questionable things before I asked you out, didn’t I? I knew you were no saint, hell, you stealing off me twice was how we met, wasn’t it? You could have told me you robbed a bank in your past and I wouldn’t have blinked because with you, I could expect anything but lying, keeping something as heavy as this away from me….it gets me thinking, if you really had feelings for me as you say, why didn’t you come to me? You never trusted me and that was why you kept it from me, if you don’t trust me, how can you say you have true feelings for me?”

“No Ise,” She raised a finger, pointing it at him, her catty eyes wide open, he saw it’s sincerity “no, I do have feelings for you but yes, I didn’t trust you enough because I was scared if I let you know then it would be over between us and I didn’t want it to end. You really shouldn’t blame me, I’ve never trusted anyone but myself. I grew up that way and it’s all I know, I trusted in myself to sort out my own issues……” her voice trailed before she continued “I’m just sorry for the lies… I really am, I’m sorry for everything…. letting you down, I know how you must feel because I feel similar also.” Her voice shook as she looked away, blinking and fighting back tears “but I’m trouble and I don’t need or deserve you, you’re too good for me. Please let me just get on with my packing, I’ll leave your place tonight.” Watching her, he knew what had to be done.

“ Tonight? Kite, it’s almost twelve P.M, even if I’m angry as hell with you, do you think I’ll let you leave here at this time?”

“I can’t stay here, the quicker I move out of here the better for me, I’m barely holding myself together right now.” She said resuming her packing once again.

“I said, you are not leaving to night, and that’s final! You have a serious problem, you know that?” He asked as he took some steps into the room, she looked up at him warily

“You assume a lot, first it was that we could never work out because I’m all that and you’re from trash… and would you just stop saying that?” She looked at him wide eyed obviously wondering where he was heading on to. “Stop saying you’re from trash, the next time you do, I’ll spank you so hard you’ll be sore for days. You might have been from there but you’re a grown, different person now. Let me tell you something, my great grand dad started with nothing but a small construction company which is now the empire you see today, my mother for all her high airs was just a secretary herself before she met my father. Maybe that’s why she’s scared of you, she’s scared that you might be using the same tricks she used on my father….” he joked but she wasn’t smiling, he continued “My whole point is we all have to make our own way in life and work hard for what we want whether we were born privileged or not. So what if I have a luxurious lifestyle, it doesn’t stop me from being human… it’s the same colour of blood that flows through our veins, isn’t it? I’m not some special human or something and I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that. Money is nothing to me, just a means to get what I want but relationships…. what I thought we had, that meant everything to me but you just assumed that it would all end if you told me, and now you’re assuming that I want you gone because I’ve found it all out… do you have such little faith in me, in what we shared?” She took a breath as she looked at him pointedly.

“ What exactly are you saying Williams?”

“I’m saying I never asked you to leave.” He said taking another step closer to her. She took a step back, her perfectly arched eyebrows creasing, confusion on her features “but….I thought…I thought we were over, you’ve been acting strangely for a while now and tonight you let that girl sit with you all night and then after all this I just said, how can you say I shouldn’t leave?”

“If you leave I’m afraid I’ll go crazy but Kite…. thats the power you have over me but,” he paused for a second before going on “I beg of you Kite, I beg you, this has got to be the last time you’ll ever keep anything from me or I swear I won’t listen to any explanations,I swear it, Kite!” She looked up at him defiantly, her gaze hardening

“ And who told you I don’t want to leave? You’re also just assuming I want to stay… just so arrogant and conceited! Well,” She raised her chin like a recalcitrant child “I really don’t need your permission to stay Williams, I should just leave before you think I need you to survive or something…” He raised a brow as he began to approach her slowly, she took steps back

“Talking tough aren’t you? Why are you then running from me?” He taunted, a sardonic smile twisting his lips “ Like me you love to be in control, don’t you? Acting like you don’t need me when we both know you feel the opposite, you just said so yourself a few minutes back…. You’re scared now are you not? Scared of what you feel for me… Scared to lose control….”

He knew all this because it was the same way he felt about her but unlike her, he had come to terms with it. He had come to termes with the riotous feelings she stirred up within him. She had nowhere to go any more as her back was to the ward robe, she looked up at him, her eyes holding uncertainty

“and I can make you lose that control, I make you lose it, don’t I?” He whispered as his hand grazed her arm. She shuddered to his touch. “You know you don’t want to leave, just as how I don’t want you to leave, you’ll go just as crazy if you leave me and you know it.” He said grasping her arms and lowering his head to her neck, he whispered “What do you want, Kite?”

“I…I want…ahh” She murmured as his teeth grazed the nape of her neck and his hand worked her breast through the clothing fabric.

“Want…. what?” he asked in a whisper, his other finding it’s way inside the long slit of her dress, caressing her thighs, he’d been meaning to do that since he’d first seen her in the dress

“Oh.. Ise..” She bit her lips as his hand found it’s way up her thigh.

“You want to leave?” He whispered again, as his hand squeezed her behind.

“ahh..no… I don’t …I don’t.” She stammered.

“You’ll stay?” He asked his hand cupping her, she was getting excited, her underwear was testimony to it.


“Why?” He asked slipping a finger through the underwear, searching until he found what he was going for, the extra sensitive tiny bud.

“Ise….,”She whispered his name sensually and he looked up at her, eyes closed, head against the wardrobe door as she bit her lip enjoying the pleasure his finger was giving her.

“Why?” He asked again.


“That’s right, you can’t, you’re mine remember? I told you I was never leaving except you asked me to, did you forget that?” She shook her head grabbing the lapel of his tux

“No….Ise, I….please..I need you…. Now, I want you in me.”

“Sweetie, your torture has only just begun. You won’t have me until you pay for the hell you’ve put me through the past few days.” His other hand pulled down the shoulder of her dress, she wasn’t wearing a bra. He took one full breast in his hand as his mouth went for it’s upward tilted nipple, his other hand still stroking her.

“ahhhh…..” she moaned “Please……now Ise.” Ignoring her plea, he sucked her hard, while replacing his finger with his thumb as he slipped two fingers into her moist core, stroking his thumb in a circular motion and the other two fingers in a come hither one .

“Ohhh…my..,” Her fingers dug into his arms as she moaned, flexing her hips to his fingers, urging him on faster. He knew what she was trying to do but he wasn’t ready to release her yet so he stopped, his fingers stilling inside her. Her eyes opened, pupils dilated courtesy of arousal,

“Why in the world did you stop?” She asked

“Because I’m calling the shots here, I’ll let you come in due time,” he told her wickedly, loving the control he had over her body even as his own was screaming for release.

“You know you’re an annoying control freak right?” She asked, defiance creeping up into her eyes.

“Yes, I’ve been told a few times before.”

“Well Mr, control freak, one thing you don’t know is …” She pulled out from his hand, took down the straps of her gown down and let it drop at her ankles “this lady can not be controlled.” He took in a ragged breath as he couldn’t help but eye her naked body. She knew how her body affected him, soft, creamy skin, the symmetric hourglass figure so perfect, he went extra hard in seconds and knew he couldn’t hold himself back for much longer.

“Witch!” He breathed.

“Yeah, now who’s being tortured?” She asked walking off from him.

“And where are you going?”

“I think I need a bath, then I’m off to bed.” She called over her shoulder.

“Like hell you are.” He said, pulling her back by the hand, he backed her to the wardrobe his hand fumbling with fasteners on his pants while she went for his shirt, forcing it open and popping off some buttons in the process. They didn’t care, they had to have a feel of each other at that very second. This was going to be one hell of a session……

Finally successful with the fastener, he let his pants and underwear drop as he ripped off her lacy excuse for an underwear, raising a leg of hers he shoved himself deeply into her and both of them let out deep groans. She was ready, warm and inviting. He held on to hips as if for dear life as he rammed into her forcefully, her moans strengthening his resolve to hold off on his release until she was near hers. His mouth found one nipple and he bit down on it gently as he continued his assault on her.

“Oh Yes, yes, I’m coming,” She screamed digging her fingers into his shoulders and he felt it too, her core convulsing against his member set off his own release. He jerked as that familiar feeling coursed through his body as he emptied his seed into her, she was safe as she was on the pill.

Spent in each others arms, still standing against her wardrobe, he kissed her cheek. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, her hand came up to caress his face gently

“I’m sincerely sorry for everything, Ise.” She said quietly “From now on, I swear I won’t keep a thing from you, you’re too good to me, Ise, I should have lost you tonight, I almost can’t believe you’re still here and you want me.”

“You really have no idea how you affect me, Kite, if you did, then you would understand. There’s just something about you that has me transfixed, like you put a spell on me. Did you?” She smiled wickedly

“Maybe.” He chuckled. “But seriously Ise, are we good? You really forgive me?” He nodded looking her in the eyes

“I forgive you as long as you promise it will never happen again.”

“I do.” She replied without hesitating.

“And your ex? Is he out of your life for good?”

“Oh, yeah, most definitely, we won’t be hearing from him again..”

“Then that’s good with me.” She smiled

“Can we move on to the bed now? My feet are killing me in these damn heels!”

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