False Pretense Episode 51


Izu was mad, stark raving mad! So mad he wanted to punch his fist into that Joshua’s thick skull, good thing Nedu had kept him away or he’d have received the thrashing of his life..

“Nedu! You brought this guy in, you vouched for him, you claimed he could do this without any hassles, what the fuI hearing now? He hit the butt of the gun on Kite and she went unconscious? Is that what you’re saying?”

His friend spared him a glance but couldn’t bring himself to answer. Brenda was also seated quietly in a corner of Izu’s living room, she didn’t make a squeak, she had never seen Izu like this before.

“Talk to me, dammit!” He demanded from him

“Yes Izu, when Kite saw the guns, she refused to hand the keys over. He didn’t know what else to do?”

“Oh, so you expected her to hand the keys over to you lovingly, right” Izu asked sarcastically.

“He was scared she would blow the whole operation and he had to act fast.”

“Oh? Act fast by damaging her brain, right? So you agree with what he did?” He asked but Chinedu shook his head vehemently.

“No, of course I don’t, but I guess he wasn’t thinking straight at the time.” Izu continued

“Wasn’t I specifically clear to both of you, most especially him, because I didn’t know him, that I wanted no one hurt? You know Kite and her stupid stubbornness, there could have been another way…”

“I know but I was handling the other lady and before I knew what was up it was too late.”

“it’s a good thing he’s not here, just keep him away from me or I swear I will make him a paraplegic, infact, just get going right this minute. You guys leave now, get the car down to Brenda’s place in one piece, I’m sure that wouldn’t be too much for you would it? She’ll be in Benin tomorrow morning.”

“I’m really sorry about this Izu..”

“Save it, Chinedu. That guy should hope she doesn’t sustain serious injuries or I swear he will pay dearly. Now just leave already.” With a resigned sigh, Chinedu left and Izu dropped on the sofa, worried. He hoped Kite would be okay, the stubborn girl, he should have known she would never have cooperated easily especially as she’d seen the guns.

He’d kept that part from her knowing she wouldn’t agree to it but the guys had needed it, even if they weren’t loaded, the guns were needed to put some scare in the Williams girl. What sort of robbers would they be if they were there without weapons?

“Baby.” Brenda was by his side, her arm around his shoulder “Baby cheer up, the guys were only doing what they had to do, here, let me make you feel better.” Her hands were going for his shirt buttons.

“Get your hands off me if you don’t want a resounding slap right now!” He thundered, and she jumped back.

“Baby,” She protested “But..”

“But what? But what Brenda? Did you hear what happened? Kite was left unconscious by that stupid idiot and you’re here saying you want to make me feel better with sex?” He spat “Is that all you know? To give yourself freely and cheaply all the time? Well let me educate you, my dear, sometimes even sex is not enough!”

“Izu! Are you really talking to me this way? Because of that.. that your self righteous bitch? The bitch brought it upon herself and got what she deserved.” Izu took a steadying breath, reining in all of his self control, he was tempted to release all his anger, frustration and annoyance on her

“I swear Brenda, watch yourself or I will forget you’re a stupid female and give you the thrashing of your life! If you don’t want to become brain dead, I suggest you shut up right now!” Brenda shook her head as she stared at him

“You’re pathetic, Izu, I can see you still have feelings for her, you’re still in love with her. Wake up from your slumber, fool! She’s moved on to a better person, hell, I don’t know why I’m still with you, I don’t know why…” She looked away as her voice shook “Why I feel so strongly for you, I’m such a stupid girl to think….to think…I could make you love me. I’m so fu’’cking stupid.”

Izu knew he had to calm down here, this bitch was unpredictable and he still needed her for a while, he didn’t need her going to the police or anything. He sighed

“Brenda.” He pulled her up to him, his next words were like vinegar against his tongue but he said them anyway, anything to get the stupid bitch to cool off and not act irrationally “I’m sorry.” She melted into him on hearing those words, her petit form holding him tight

“I think I’m making a mistake being with you, Izu, forcing you to love me the way I love you but all you see is her, you still see that damn girl, what is it about her for crying out loud?”

“Brenda….baby…she was my girl for seven long years, you can’t expect me not to care for her. Yes, I hate her sometimes but then I once also loved her so much, a huge part of me still cares deeply for her and that’s why I’m so annoyed right now. I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean those things I said, I could never raise my hand to any woman, I’m sorry, babe.”

“it’s just that I love you so much, baby.” She said

“Yeah, I know you do, I know you do, I’m so sorry.” He told her.

“it’s okay, baby, I accept your apology.”

“Good! Now get ready to get down to Benin. When all this is over, we’ll be together and the name Kite won’t pop up, again.” He said for her benefit, all the while thinking how to find out if Kite was alright.

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Kite woke up to a horrible headache “what the..?” She raised a hand to her head as she tried to sit up from bed “aaargh..”

“Don’t! don’t try to get up, Kite, just lie down.” That was Ise’s voice, was she dreaming? Ise was in South Africa, how could she be hearing him here, so close to her and was it his hands on her shoulder, urging her to lie down? She tried opening her eyes but had to squint at the sunlight coming in from the windows.

“Aaargh, close the drapes please!” in a flash she felt him get up, the room went dark shortly after.

“Sorry…” He said, “How you feeling?”

“Like I ran into a train, head first.” She said and heard his light chuckle, she’d not meant to be funny, it was exactly how she felt. She tried her eyes again “Ise, is it really you?”

“Yes, it’s me.” He replied, squeezing her hand reassuringly.

“but… I thought.. weren’t you in South Africa till Saturday?” her eyes widened “Or is today Saturday?”

“No honey, it’s Friday morning. I left as soon as I heard of the carjacking, last night.” She frowned, it hurt so much to think but she tried it anyway

“ but that means you just arrived?”

“Yes, for a few hours now, I got here at about seven thirty a.m, it’s ten now. Look, kite don’t stress yourself out too much okay, you need to rest. Do you recall the events of last night?”

“sort of,” She did remember but in flashes, “Why am I having head aches?”

“You received a blow to the head.” She closed her eyes, that idiot Joshua! She knew it was him, Nedu would never have hurt her, she suddenly remembered the guns, she’d seen the guns and had been pissed. Izu had never told her guns would be involved, she’d made to hold back the key from Joshua and that was the last she could remember.

“for the life of me, Kite, I can’t figure out why you’d struggle with robbers, you were lucky you didn’t get yourself shot in the process.” She closed her eyes again, groaning, the last thing she needed now was a lecture from Ise, she deserved that blow to the head for what she’d done to Jeje and the Williams family. Ise continued “ it’s just a car, a car can always be replaced, if it had been your life……”

“Ise please, lets just be grateful nothing tragic happened.”

“You can’t imagine how grateful I am.”

“ I can’t imagine you came back just because of this…. How bout the business you went for?”

“Kite, you are more precious to me than any stupid business deal, business can be put on hold for now. I could never have functioned not knowing the extent of your injury. You can’t imagine how worried I was, I was going to go on and on with you about this stubbornness of yours but I can’t bring myself to, seeing you like this. The doctor said there will be no lasting damages and your skull wasn’t fractured, so I guess all is well.” She smiled, thinking up a joke

“I guess I’ve got a thick skull literally.” Ise shook his head

“I can see you’ll definitely be better real soon since you can make jokes, I guess that’s a good sign.” He got up “I’ll leave you to rest now, I’ve got some work to finish up and…” he was already moving toward to the door when she called him back.

“Ise…” She said trying to sit up but wincing in pain.

“No, I said don’t sit up, goodness! Do you ever listen?” He was by her side in a flash.

“Why are you leaving just like that, as in really leaving?” She asked him, sensing something was wrong. Ise always wanted to be with her, why was he leaving? She wanted him beside her. He frowned

“What do you mean? I told you I had work to do.”

“No,” She shook her head slightly “You’re still mad at me.”

“ What are you talking about?” He asked frowning.

“The last time we spoke on the phone you accused me of lying and keeping things from you, and now you’re avoiding me, it’s not hard to put two and two together. If you’re leaving me, please just let me know so I’ll prepare my mind for it.”

“Christ! Where did you come up with that theory? I want you to rest, that’s why I’m giving you some space, I’m not leaving. Maybe I should call the doctor to come check you up some more for some brain damage, because I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

“So..you’re not mad?” She asked searching his face and seeing nothing, the guy was so damn hard to read, or was it guilty conscience worrying her? He sighed

“Not as much as I was last night, I’m more concerned about your health at the moment, I’m not leaving, all I want is for you to get better.” She sighed, should she tell him about Kenny? Maybe she should, might make things better between them.

“Okay, maybe it’s time I told you about….

Hey! She’s awake.” Jeje exclaimed coming into the room “How you feeling now, Kite?”. Kite turned to see Jeje approach the bed with Ola behind her, she managed a smile for Jeje’s benefit noticing that Jeje ignored Ise’s presence in the room, walking to her instead and taking her hands.

“Crappy.” Kite said still smiling.

“I was so worried, but I’m glad you’re awake now. Are you comfortable, do you need anything?” She asked. Ise spoke up

“Well, I guess I’m not needed in here any longer, I’ll see you later Kite, let me get on with my work, I’ll be in the study.” Kite felt the tension in the room, why didn’t these two hard heads just make up already, and he accused her of being stubborn. She saw the look that passed between him and Ola just before he walked out. Wow, Ise could be so unforgiving.

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Sal was waiting for him in the study when he got there.

“Sal, what have you got for me?” He asked.

“We’ve notified the police, given a statement and everything but you know how it is with them, we’ll have to do most of the work if we want to get answers. I’ve also talked to the security company we hired to keep track of the car, they are working on it, although right now, they are saying the tracker was put offline so they can’t track it at the moment, they are still working on it though but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I doubt they’ll be able to find it if the tracker is offline. I’m still conducting my own investigations and I’m sorry sir, but I’ll have to talk to Miss Omoh as soon as she’s okay to do so, to get her own side of things.”

“Okay….that shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t care about the car, I would just love to get my hands around the necks of the bastards involved.” He looked at Sal’s face and saw that he wanted to say more “What is it, Sal?” Sal shrugged, the bigger man seemed to be deep in thought

“Something strikes me as odd here, Miss Williams can say for sure that they hadn’t been followed when returning. It had been like the bandit’s had been waiting for them at that spot where Miss Omoh had told her to park the car, so she could take over the wheels, it all just seems staged. Also, what robbers would leave without taking their money and phones and personal things. Miss Willams had some quite expensive jewelry on her at the time, what kind of robbers would leave with just the car?” Ise put two and two together of what Sal was saying

“Are you saying Kite was involved in this?”

“No sir,” He said hurriedly shaking his head. “I’m not sure yet, I’m just running through theories here.” Ise’s temper flared

“Keep those theories to yourself until you can get me something concrete, I don’t appreciate you accusing my girlfriend when you have no evidence backing your claim.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Sal said keeping his face down.

“She damn near got herself seriously injured fighting off the robbers, or do you think the concussion had also been staged?” He was being sarcastic now.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Sal repeated quietly.

“I pay you big bucks not to speculate but to get the job done, so until you have something solid to go on, quit the baseless accusations to yourself. You can leave and get on with your investigation.”

“Yes sir,” Sal said leaving.

‘What a joke!’ Ise thought to himself, Kite involved in this? Where would Sal get that kind of theory from? You could accuse Kite of quite a lot of things but car thief with guns? No way and why would someone she was supposedly working with, give her a blow to the head and risk getting her seriously injured? So what if the robbers hadn’t taken any personal things off them? They could have simply been in a hurry…before he could consider it all Ola stepped into the room, eyeing him warily.

“Hi Ise?” His so-called friend greeted. Could his day get any worse?

“What do you want, Ola?” Ise asked crisply. His friend shrugged

“To apologise… for everything.”

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Come on, Ise….” Ola pleaded.

“What is ‘come on Ise’? You expect me to hug you and receive you gleefully?” He asked fixing him with a cold angry glare “What you did was wrong and you know it, so don’t come here expecting me to show you love or anything, because I’m really angry and disappointed in you, Ola. You were my friend; you should have controlled whatever lustful urges you had toward my sister!”

“ it’s not lust, Ise, what we have is something more serious going on.”

“Oh please! She’s just twenty…twenty one, do you think she knows what she’s doing? Besides, who are you telling it’s more than lust? You who’ll get attracted to the next hot skirt that comes your way? Please Ola, just save it, seriously because I’m not buying it.”

“I swear to you what I feel for her is more serious than what I’ve ever felt for any female before. Do you think it was easy for me, knowing she’s the sister of my closest friend?I’ve known her since she was a kid for crying out loud, I would never hurt her and you know, I… we both tried to fight it, we discouraged each other but…. I’m just sorry, I know you’re disappointed in me, I don’t blame you but I deeply care for her and I hope you can bring yourself to forgive me eventually. I did wrong keeping it from you but I was scared of your famous temper, I should have just told you and faced the consequences, it might have been better but I guess I’m a coward. I want to make this right, Ise, what do I need to do to make it right with you? I value our friendship and I don’t want to loose it, so tell me what I can do.”

Ise watched this guy whom he’d known since childhood plead with him, he was still really pissed with him and didn’t know if their friendship could ever be amended

“ what we had has been completely destroyed, I trusted you Ola, but now….” He shook his head “I don’t think we can have that relationship we once had, you know how unforgiving I can be, just do the right thing and end this with Jeje because sooner or later, you’re going to break her heart and you know it.” Ola began to shake his head

“ I’m afraid I can’t do that Ise….I just can’t, this is the first time I’m feeling something different and you want me to end it? Break both our hearts because you think it won’t work? I look up to you Ise, I admire you and I treat you like the elder brother I didn’t have but I’m sorry, I’ll have to take that chance of it not walking out in the end. I know what I feel for her right now and it is deeper than you’d believe, so I’m sorry, I’ll just keep hoping that you come around, but I’m not ending it.”

“Baby… Ola…” That was Jeje coming in “What are you doing here?” She asked looking from Ola to him and back and then she realised what was happening “Don’t tell me you came here to beg him.”

“Jeje.. please,” Ola tried to get her quiet but she continued.

“ You did nothing wrong, he should be the one apologising to us.” She turned to Ise “No one dictates to you how to live your life, so you’ve got no right to dictate to us, we are both grown and can make our own decisions, you’re just a bloody control freak, just like mom.” Ise raised a brow as he watched his younger sister dish it out to him, he would have been amused if he wasn’t quite mad.

“Jeje!” Ola warned

“What?” She turned on him “I told you not to talk to him, it’s pointless, he’s made up his mind about us and nothing can change it. I can’t believe you came here to talk to him after I told you not to.” She turned back to Ise “You always tell mom to mind her business, maybe it’s time you started minding yours! You two are more alike than you know.” She told him, turning about and leaving the room, leaving her boyfriend behind.

“Jeje,” Ola called following behind.

Ise shook his head at the two, that sister of his was going to get hers one of these days, he told himself as he sat down behind his desk. If they didn’t want to listen to him, it was fine, she’d soon come crying to him that Ola had done whatever and then he would say ‘I told you so.’ He wouldn’t butt into their business anymore, he didn’t need Jeje to come insulting him, lumping him in the same group as his mother. She could do whatever she wanted. From now, it would be none of his business.

He was just so relieved Kite would be fine after all, all she needed was about two days bed rest according to the doctor. She’d had him so scared last night and what had she said about leaving her? He was still quite unhappy with her but he didn’t plan on leaving, not until he found out if she was hiding anything from him, even then, would he really end the relationship? He couldn’t be with someone he couldn’t trust but he also couldn’t imagine being without her.

He sighed, first things first anyway, he would find the bloody idiots who’d put her in that condition and then get Sal working on finding out whatever she was keeping from him. When he found out then he’d make his decision!


Moss wasn’t sure about this thing he had planned with Vicky. If it went wrong, it would mean him doing time in this horrible country. He was a drug dealer with a gambling problem, he’d never gone as far as he was about to but Vicky could really be pushy. She was the brains behind this operation, she’d done most of the planning and had gotten involved with some really low thugs in the process.

She needed money to fund her heavy lifestyle, he could sympathise with her because she’d had it all and then lost it and became desperate. He hadn’t helped, he’d introduced her to drugs and had contributed in gambling away most of her wealth.

She loved him and he wasn’t even sure why, she could never say no to him but she never listened to him either and when she made up her mind about something, she went with it. She was some chick, hot, hard headed, intelligent, from an affluent family but made really bad decisions and had fallen really low.

She’d taken care of her previous husbands, killing them slowly with some sort of medication in their daily meals and drinks, which forensics hadn’t been able to identify. The forensic report had stated both men had died of a cardiac arrest even if they’d been middle aged and healthy. She was fierce and it wouldn’t do to get on her wrong side.

She’d inherited their wealth but bad investments, drugs, huge spending and also his gambling problem had gotten them broke. He’d liked her for what she’d offered him, money, a great lifestyle, but now when he looked at her, she wasn’t that hot chick anymore. She was more like a desperate junkie who would do anything for a buck and he knew how dangerous those types could get when they got really desperate.

He didn’t plan on sticking with her for too long after this next move, the girl was hazardous to herself, and she would bring him down along with her in the end or just kill him off like the others. He had to be smart here. She claimed this final operation would be the last, they’d have all the money they needed to live a quiet life somewhere but knowing Vicky, that wouldn’t be possible, the girl didn’t know the meaning of quiet. It would be partying, drugs and heavy living all over again. He knew what he had to do.

They were both in the bedroom, lying on the bed, she was watching a movie on the TV screen while his mind was going through it all.

“Vicky.” He called and she turned to him.

“Yeah, babe?”

“Vicky… you know this thing we’re planning has got to go real good or else we go down hard. Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?” he asked her carefully.

“Moss, “Vicky started, turning fully to look at him “My parents arrive town next week, we’re really low on cash, we need to get out now. I don’t see any other choice here, so yes, I’m damn sure I want to do this.” Moss sighed

“You trust these guys we’re using?”

“I don’t need to trust them, I just need to pay them. Come on Moss, stop being such a wuss, we need to do this and you know it!”

“Yeah, I just want to make sure you know what we’re getting into.”

“I do Moss, I do, so just stop with all these questions and doubts, already. Get your head in this, we will do this and it will work out.” Moss sighed finally giving in

“Okay, but we must stick with the original plan? No changes, nothing and no one gets hurt, Okay?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever. In a few days Moss, in just a few days, we’ll be leaving this hell hole.”

She said with a smile. He shrugged, hoping she was right, it wouldn’t do if they got caught, he doubted the United States would extradite a known drug dealer even if he was a citizen.

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