Coffee Shop Final Episode 18


It is Ekanem’s big day. She wakes up feeling so excited because she is finally getting married to the man of her dreams.

She takes a cold bath and reflects on her life’s journey so far.Ekanem smiles to herself when she remembers how she met her husband to be.

She gets out of the bathroom and prepares for the wedding ceremony. Some of her close friends and family members are lodged in the same hotel as her making it easy for some to pop in to check on the bride to be.

Chichi ,her maid of honour, acts as both personal assistant and personal security. She takes it upon herself to screen some unfamiliar guests much to the displeasure of some guests.

Ekanem finally gets dressed in her beautiful wedding dress which accentuates her curves.Her make up is flawless. Her hair is neatly packed in a simple manner and she puts on her lace and pearl embroidered cathedral length veil.

Chichi hands her a bouquet of fresh flowers which was delivered earlier on by Toks’s driver.

Ekanem collects it from Chichi and smiles when she sees the gorgeous flowers. She also notices a small white note tucked in the centre of the bouquet.

Ekanem opens the note and reads it ; “May our love be as fresh and as beautiful as this flowers my darling. See you soon my love” .She closes her eyes and says “Amen ” in her heart.

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The ride to the church is fun as Ekanem and her bridesmaids discuss .Chichi’s interesting tales keep them entertained till they get to the church.

They get down from the car hurriedly since they are almost late for mass .Toks is already in the church waiting for his bride to arrive.

Ekanem’s parents approach her just outside the church and give her a warm hug.

“You look so beautiful my baby girl”, Ekanem’s mum says to her.

“Mummy! , I am no longer a baby. I am a married woman”, she replies with a smile .

“You will always be my baby girl. I love you”, Mrs Akpan says to her daughter .

“We love you”, Ekanem’s dad says to Ekanem .

Ekanem’s mum enters the church to join Toks’s parents as well as the other guests.

Ekanem and her dad dance to one of the melodious church choruses as he walks her down the aisle. Tochukwu smiles with admiration as his lovely bride approaches him.

The exchange of vows is so heartwarming as Toks’s self written vows almost move Ekanem to tears .They are finally pronounced husband and wife. Toks takes Ekanem into his arms and kisses her gently but passionately on her lips.

Ekanem smiles in a shy manner when he releases her from his grip .Some of the wedding guests clap for them ,a few approch them at the alter to congratulate them ,while some take pictures of the latest couple in Anambra state.

The wedding reception is at Toks’s family compound.It’s an evening reception ceremony. There’s so much space in the compound that it’s able to take a large movable marquee tent.

Ekanem changes into a glamorous dress and dances with Toks into the guest filled marquee. Lots of important dignitaries and some celebrities are in attendance.

The Master of ceremonies does a superb job of anchoring the wedding reception. He asks the couple to have their first dance.

Toks and Ekanem walks to the dance floor and as the slow but extremely emotional song plays, Toks takes Ekanem into his arms .They both dance to the slow rhythm of the song.

Toks whispers into his wife’s ears”thank you for being friends with me at the coffee maker .I love you so much babe!”.

” I love you too and I will always be by your side. You bring out the best in me”,she replies.

They ignore the crowd, all they see and all that matters to them at that point is each other until the music fades.

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The end…

False Pretense continues tomorrow morning


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