False Pretense Episode 55


Ise was losing his mind, he felt like if he let himself go he would lose it completely. He’d not slept twenty four hours at a stretch, who could blame him? How was a man supposed to handle the mysterious kidnap of his sister and girlfriend, two of the people he loved most in the world . He’d hurried out of his house and had driven like a mad man to the scene Kite had described to him just before the call had gone off, Sal and his security detail barely keeping up with him as they’d followed behind in another car but they’d been too late.

The perpetrators had left taking Jeje and Kite with them leaving behind his mother and the driver who’d been shot and presently fighting for his life at the ICU. The scene had been nasty, blood and glass splattered everywhere, he didn’t know if he was to be glad Kite and Jeje hadn’t been hurt, goodness only knew what the perps had planned. He would only breathe a sigh of relief when he had them back, right now he was panicked the hell out.

A note had been dropped in the back seat of the car, they hadn’t said what they wanted, just that they would get in touch later and they were not to involve the police. Like that was possible, the shots and mayhem had alerted residents in the area who had put a call to the police who had arrived late as usual and didn’t have any leads so far which wasn’t surprising.

They’d questioned the hell out of him, had there been previous threats, did he have any trouble with anyone, he’d not been able to give them anything. They’d even asked if Jeje’s car being snatch could have something to do with it but he told them he didn’t think so, he knew the story behind that one.

Aside from being in shock almost, worried and confused, he had no an idea who would do this. He’d never rubbed any one off the wrong way and there had been no threats against his life or any member of his family’s.

They were all waiting for his mom, who’d gone through a panic attack during the ordeal and was recovering in her rooms in the main house. His father had been notified and was on his way back into the country, Ise hoped the old man would be fine. The doctor had said she would be okay and ready to speak soon but Ise was impatient, he cared about his mother but he wanted to know what had happened. Who were these people and what did they want exactly? She just might be able to help with some useful information.

It was Monday evening already and still no word from the perpetrators, he was even more unsettled. What were they waiting for, he was about to run out of his mind, whatever they asked for he was ready to give, that wasn’t a problem for him he just wanted the two most precious people to him back in one piece. He was feeling so damn horrible, was he supposed to contact Kite’s family? He really didn’t want to scare her recovering mother who he was sure didn’t have an inkling who he was. How was he supposed to introduce himself to her?

“Hello ma, I’m Ise the guy your daughter has been living with who has now gotten her kidnapped?” He groaned, raising up his head, his eyes scanned the alcoholic drinks on the bar shelf, he’d been tempted to indulge but he needed a sober mind now.


“Yes,” his head spun around to acknowledge Sal who just came into the room, but the look on his face didn’t raise Ise’s hopes.

“it’s Princess, Sir.” He said handing him his phone which Ise had placed in his care, needing to be disturbed with it only when necessary.


“Good evening Sir.”

“Evening, What’s up?”

“I was able to cancel your appointments for today but you have to be here for the meeting with Tanoil tomorrow. it’s been set up for a while now.” Ise groaned

“Alright, I’ll be there, time?”

“2.00 pm.”

“Okay, has Adeniyi got anything for me on what I assigned him to this morning?”

“Umm, not yet Sir.”

“Okay. Is that all?”

“umm, yes..but sir, please can I ask something?” Ise rolled his eyes wondering why she was stuttering like a kid, he had little patience today

“What?” He spat more harshly than he’d intended.

“Ummm, Sir, it’s about Mr. Kenny…has he been really fired?”

“Yes, he has.”

“May I ask why?”

“You’ll find out soon enough, I intend to make an announcement when investigations are complete.” He snapped at the busybody woman

“Any other important messages?”

“No Sir, everyone has you in their prayers.”

“Thanks.” He said looking up to see Sal leading Vicky in. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He got up from the bar stool he’d been sitting on.

“Sir, also there’s been a crowd of reporters all day at the office gates, so you have to be careful of an ambush tomorrow.”

“sure,” he replied his mind on to other things already, he was quite surprised at seeing her, he recalled vividly how their last meeting had gone.

“Ise…” She called walking into him and giving him a hug “I came as soon as I heard, I’ve been trying your lines all day. How are you holding up?” He shrugged

“Trying to hang in there.” She nodded, frowning as she stared at his face

“you do look like crap.” He really didn’t want to be reminded how he looked, he didn’t give a hoot at the moment

“ I gather my mother and Jeje were on their way to your place last night before the attack?”

“Yeah, I invited them over for a little get together at my place as I’m leaving the country at the end of the week. I got worried when they didn’t show up and called her line and Jeje’s last night but as they were unavailable, i thought they’d cancelled or something until I saw the news this evening. How’s your mother?”

“She’ll survive, she suffered a panic attack and has been on bed rest all day in her room.”

“Any leads so far? Was she helpful? Did she see anything?”

“I don’t know, we’re waiting till the doctor gives the go ahead to speak with her.”

“We?” She raised a brow

“The police, we had to involve them, they were at the scene of the kidnap….” Ise sighed suddenly tired of the questioning, Vicky was indeed quite inquisitive. He realised she still had an arm wrapped around his waist which he carefully removed himself from. “ but you know the Nigerian Police, they can’t figure themselves out talk more about figuring a case out.”

“So no leads so far?”

“Nothing… I just wish these guys will just come out and say what they wanted already….I’m ready to give anything, I just want my sister and fiancée back unharmed.” Vicky raised a brow

“Fiancee?” He shrugged, she’d not officially accepted yet and they’d had one of their huge fights again before the abduction but he was confident he could get her to say yes to his proposal, he always went after what he wanted and got it but he would first have to find her. He hoped she wouldn’t do anything stupid that would get her hurt, that girl for all her intelligence could act really stupid. He was quite scared her stubbornness could get her hurt.

“ You really do love her, don’t you?” Vicky asked quietly watching him. He looked up at her, but didn’t have to answer her as Sal chose that moment to come in.

“Your mother is ready to speak with you, Sir.”

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Vicky hated this city called Abuja, fastest growing metropolis her foot, whoever had come up with that analysis must have been drunk at the time. The whole place reeked of poverty and there was nothing impressive about the place.

Yeah, there were a few affluent areas but that didn’t cover for the rest of the squalor she saw around. She really couldn’t wait to be out of this pig’s sty, sipping a bottle of margarita in the Caymans or some other island of her choice. She smiled at how well the plan was going so far, it would be really easy getting the money from Williams, he was ready to do whatever to get his precious little sweeties back.

She’d not planned on them abducting the tramp too, left for her she would have gladly left her behind with instructions to put a bullet in her head. She hated the girl for coming between her and Williams, it was all thanks to her that her initial plans had been thwarted, it would have felt good to kill the b’itch but when The old hag, Mrs. Williams had gone through some sort of attack, the b’itch had offered herself in her place telling them it would be better than having the old woman dying in their custody.

At the time it had seemed like a good idea, Williams did have a thing for the tramp and it would mean more money but now Vicky was tempted to put a bullet in the b’itch just to get at Williams. From what she’d witnessed at his place today, it was clear that he cared deeply for her and it would hurt him deeply if he lost her. Some twisted part of her wanted the wonderboy to suffer.

She smiled wickedly as she slowed her car to a halt, bringing it to park on the corner of the road a few blocks from where the abductees were being held. She brought out her cell phone and called moss. He picked on the second ring

“I’m outside.” She said cutting the call immediately. There was no time for pleasantries here, they had a job to do and all else had to be suspended for now. She waited for a while until Moss showed up.

“hows it going over here?” She asked He nodded

“fine, the younger lady has been weeping all day and they refused to eat anything, but they’re good. How did your meeting go at the Williams place?” He asked

“Great! He’s willing to do anything to get them back and they have no clue to anything.”

“Good, but you do know we’re not out of the woods yet?” She rolled her eyes irritated

“So far, so good, Moss or do you enjoy being the bearer of bad news all the time?”

“I’m just letting you know there’s every need to be careful until the deal is done. When are you sending the demand?”

“soon, when I’m done here.” She replied and then recalled what she’d heard during Mrs Williams questioning by the police “besides the old bat heard my voice.”

“What?” Moss asked

“Mrs Williams, I stood in on her questioning and she said she heard a female’s muffled voice.”

“shit Vicky!” Moss cursed

“Chill Moss, she didn’t know who it was, it was too faint to recognise. Get yourself together, it was nothing!”

“I hope so.” He warned “ I hope so, Vicki”

“What’s gotten into you, Moss? Why are you so shaky? it’s looking like I got more balls than you do at the moment. You need to keep a cool head under pressure Moss or you’ll do yourself a lot of unnecessary harm.

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