False Pretense Episode 49


“ Mom, so you’re sure you’re doing well?” Kite asked her mother for the umpteenth time needing to be really sure she was fine, already knowing what her reply would be but she still had to ask.

“Okemutie, how many times will you ask me that same question? I’ve told you already, I’m very okay, I don’t know why these doctors insist I stay in this place, I have a lot of things I should be doing at home. Everyone is treating me like such an invalid when I’m perfectly recovered. I’m sure they are just keeping me so that the bills will keep running.” Kite smiled, she was definitely okay, her mouth was so sharp.

“Mom, considering you just had surgery just last week, I think it’s routine to keep you there for a while.”

“Routine, routine, I’m tired of hearing that word. I have so much work I kept on hold because of all this. I know that I’m okay now, why won’t anyone listen to me?”

“it’s okay mom, just endure it for a while ehn? I’m sure very soon the doctors will clear you to go home. We all know you’re a strong woman, so just bear for a while.” Kite said trying to placate the other woman. She grunted.

“How’s your new job by the way? Stanley tells me it’s how you could afford the surgery and everything.” Kite smiled, that and a very generous employer – boyfriend

“Yes ma, the job is going well.”

“Okay, I’m happy about that, you see how God answers prayers, I told you to be patient for a while, something was bound to come up, you’re a smart girl and you would be an asset in any place you work. By the way, how about that your boyfriend? How is he by the way, when will you people come and do the right thing?” Kite’s eyes widened, she was talking about Izu. Kite had kept his disappearance from her family, but now she thought it was time to let her mother know what was going on.

“Erm, actually, Izu and I broke up some time back.” She started slowly.

“What? You and that young man?”

“Yes ma….”


‘Because he was an idiot, that was why’, but she said instead “We just didn’t work out.”

“Okemutie, you just didn’t work out, after how many years of dating? Anyway, I hope you’ve learnt from it, it’s better to break up now than later anyway. I know you are sensible so I won’t say much, just don’t repeat whatever mistakes you made before, is that okay?”

“Yes ma,” she replied then quickly changed the subject “So you don’t need me to come over?”

“No o, there’s no need, not at the moment, maybe later during the Christmas holidays but for now just concentrate on your new job, my dear.”

“Okay, mom, I guess I should go now if everything is fine with you?” She told her needing to get back to work.

“Yes dear, thank you very much for everything, the lord is your strength. He’ll continue to reward your hardwork….oh, before I forget, Stanley told me you’ve been able to settle their fees and accommodation.”

“Yes ma, I was able to, I’m sure Dafe was very happy.” She smiled as she thought of her youngest brother who was such a book worm, he never joked with his studies. For that reason they’d nicknamed him Prof, which was short for Professor.

“You can’t imagine, my dear. Well done, what would I have done without a daughter like you? You are truly wonderful, my prayers will now be for you to meet a wonderful young man who will take care of you the same way you are taking care of us… thank you my dear, you’ll keep on being blessed.”

“Amen, thank you mom.” Kite smiled, she was just glad her family was doing well, they were all she really had. “ Please try and co operate with the doctors and let them know if you feel anything is wrong.”

“Okay my dear, but everything is fine by God’s grace.”

“Yes mom, it is. So we’ll talk later?”

“Yes, we will.” Kite hung up, resting back into the chair in Ise’s study. It was a public holiday today and the next day and as was the usual these days, she’d been working on some office stuff since morning when she’d decided to take a break by calling her mother after she couldn’t concentrate on the work anymore.

She had a lot going through her mind. She and Ise had been going through some turbulence lately, since that Monday evening when he’d asked her what was going on between she and Kenny. She’d tried to shrug it off as nothing but he’d not believed her explanation and although he’d not said much about it, she knew he wasn’t happy with her because since then there had been a strained air between them and it was eating her. She just wanted things to go back to the way they’d been but she wasn’t sure how to do that.

He’d been away for three days now and whenever he called, it was easy to feel the underlying tension. She was very tempted to tell him the truth but she knew it would cause a huge rift between the two friends. She was already not too popular among his family and acquaintances, did she want to ruin his friendship also? Besides it had been a one time thing, and they’d not been together at that time so it was really no biggie, she just wanted to let it go and move on from it.

Kenny was a trying boss but he’d not made any other moves on her since then so she guessed they could let it go but what was she to do with Ise was acting like she was keeping one great secret from him? She couldn’t imagine what he would do if he found out what she was really keeping from him. He couldn’t ever find out, that was why she wanted this business with Izu done and dusted. She’d finally agreed to help him get the car, Jeje’s car, not that she’d had much of a choice in the matter.

It had been a close one on Monday when Izu had surprised her with a visit at the office just before the meeting. That guy, it seemed he was intentionally trying to get her into trouble, showing up in places he could be easily spotted with her. She’d had a huge argument with him about why he’d chosen to come to the office where he could be seen and just like she’d thought, Sal had seen them and reported to his boss. She’d been so angry she’d threatened him with going to the police with information she had about his past deals but he’d laughed it off and warned that if she did that, she would also be implicating herself because she’d been accessory in some of those schemes. If he was arrested, he’d surely take her along with him.

He was right, there was no way she could separate herself from it all, she’d known about what he was into and had even helped out sometimes so she’d calmed down instead but had warned him never to come unannounced to her place of work ever, because if Ise caught on to what was going on, then she would expose everything to the police damning the consequences. He’d probably taken her threat seriously because the next day he’d called her for a meeting with the guys, Chinedu and Joshua who were helping with the operation.

Izu couldn’t do a job without Chinedu, she wasn’t sure about the Joshua guy, but he came highly recommended by Nedu. He’d been Izu’s friend since university and couldn’t understand what in the world had happened between she and Izu. He’d agreed to do the job but he didn’t like it, he didn’t exactly know Izu was blackmailing her but he definitely knew something had gone seriously wrong between the two of them and had agreed to the job because Izu was paying quite a huge sum he couldn’t pass up.

They’d come up with a plan that was going down that night, which was another of the things going through Kite’s mind. Ise was out of town till Saturday morning which was good, she’d talked Jeje into hanging out that night and they’d decided to watch a movie at Silverbird Entertainment Centre. The carjacking was to happen later on their way back home after the last movie of the day. She was feeling really bad about what she was going to do but the consolation was that it wouldn’t be a problem to get another one for Jeje, the Williams’s were wealthy enough to buy her a private Jet if they so desired, but still it was quite heartbreaking.

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Shifting the unpleasant thoughts from her mind, she tried to go back to work, staring at the figures on the worksheet on the screen of her computer, something wasn’t right there either. She’d downloaded the files Kenny had instructed her to delete curious as to what he really did. It had been the company’s financial reports for the past few months, on the outside it all seemed clean and tidy but she’d looked closer and noticed some discrepancies.

For one, the project with VILDE group which she was sure was almost done with but were still paying the contractors huge sums of money, that had been a red flag. She’d been sure there was some sort of mistake and she’d begun digging deeper on Tuesday and had even enlisted the help of Thonia and Olly who were at the moment helping her go through some past reports. So far she’d uncovered about three different jobs whose contractors were being highly overpaid for work that she’d thought was finished. Now, she suspected Kenny knew about this, how could he dish out such amounts of money so easily? She suspected the project managers might be in on it too, maybe even the engineers, who knew? She didn’t know how deep this really went, all she had were suspicions, she couldn’t start pointing fingers yet until she knew who and who were In it so she had to keep it on the down low for now.

Her phone rang and she looked at it, she did a double take on seeing the number on the screen, it was Lucky. No way! She picked it, asking uncertainly “Lucky?”

“Hi Kite.” Lucky said.

“Hey… are you calling me for real or you misdialled?” She asked warily.

“You’re not serious Kite! What do you mean I misdialled? I’ve been worried about you, I know you don’t really care about our friendship so I, being the caring one decided to put a call to you first to ask how you’ve been?”

“Oh? After you threw me out of your apartment, how do you expect me to feel?”

“You chose to leave with that trouble magnet boyfriend of yours! How are you two, that’s what I called to find out, has he put you into trouble again?”

“No, actually you got your wish, we broke up for good.”

“What? When?” Her voice was concerned.

“A few weeks back.”

“Really, what happened?” Kite shrugged as if it didn’t matter to her anymore.

“ I guess you were right, he was just bad news but I never saw it, but it’s over between us and I’ve since moved on.”

“Okay….so how have you been and where in the world are you?”

“I’ve been good and….a lot has happened since then. I moved in with my boss, Ise Williams.” Kite said bracing herself for what was next.

“You did what?” Lucky Screeched.

“it’s not like it sounds really, he offered…. No, he insisted I move in with him and I really like him, Lucky. He was there when I had no one, you guys had just thrown me out and I’d just left Izu….you know he’s always had a thing for me, and to tell you the truth, I always liked him, it’s just I had to suppress those feelings because I was with Izu. I know it sounds crazy moving in with him but he’s a great guy and I must tell you, I’m liking him way too much.”

“Hmmm, okiemute, I do hope you know what you’re doing, dating the boss, that’s not such a good thing, especially if the relationship goes south, would you still have your job? Even if you did, can you work with him comfortably?”

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