False Pretense Episode 48


Ise shook his head “ That is something else entirely, the two have been dating in secret for some time now. I found out on Jeje’s birthday and got into a fight…well, a one sided fight, I threw some punches at him and then left angrily. Jeje refused to come home, she stayed overnight with Izy , then my girlfriend had a word with her and she’s moved back into the house but refuses to speak to me until I apologise, which I don’t plan on doing.” He heard his dad sigh but before he could say what he had in mind the door was pushed open and Kite walked in, laptop in hand and a nasty scowl on her face, she definitely wasn’t having a good day.

“Hey.” He called out to her and she turned noticing him. “you Okay?”

“I swear Ise, one more look from someone and I’m going to slap somebody. Can you imagine? They’re all staring and when I walk past, I can even hear their whispers, talking…..” Ise cleared his throat signalling her to stop as he nodded in the direction of the television screen. She frowned and turned, looking at the screen, she registered the presence of his father. Her eyes widened in realisation as her face flamed up,

“Oh I’m so sorry, I thought you were alone… umm, h-hello sir.”

“Hello dear, I guess you’re Ise’s new girlfriend?” He asked amused

“Ummm, yes sir, please don’t let me interrupt your conversation, I’ll just set up my things here.” She said scurrying away to a corner, Ise had to bite back his smile. He turned back to his father who said

“She’s really pretty, I can see why you’re hooked.”

“Dad…” Ise groaned, it was his turn to be uncomfortable, he decided to change the topic

“I have to be in South Africa in two days,” he said, his eyes darting to Kite as she set up her P.C “Mr. Mangaliso from KFN industries requested for a meeting, seems we’ll be having new clients real soon.”

“That’s great news, son. Congrats.”

“Thanks, we beat other top companies to get this deal, I almost can’t believe it myself.” He said as Kite’s phone began to ring, he saw her look at the screen and then leave the room.

“your girlfriend just left the room?” His dad asked. Ise rolled his eyes, here they were talking about an important client whom they’d just acquired and his dad was asking about his girlfriend, anyway he knew his father had a million and one questions to ask about his girlfriend.

“Yes dad.” He replied knowing what would follow.

“So how serious is this thing between you two? Are you just having fun or is it heading somewhere.” Ise sighed feeling very uncomfortable talking about his personal relationship to his dad but he knew he had to do this

“I really do like her dad, and I think it’s definitely heading somewhere, I know it’s still early but the way I feel for her, I don’t understand sometimes and it’s not just because she’s attractive. She’s funny, smart and has a really good heart, I’m not saying she’s perfect. She definitely can be trying sometimes and she does have a past she likes to keep to herself, but she’s a good person, I really like her.”

“Hmmm, and how about how your mom feels about her?”

“Mom hasn’t even given her a chance, she’s made up her own theories and nothing will convince her otherwise, but really, that’s not my problem. it’s my life and I trust my instincts, you taught me that yourself, dad.”

“Oh great, use my words against me.” He said amusedly “Anyway, I don’t have a problem who you date but I advice you to be careful, you know how it is. I trust you to make the right decisions anyway so I won’t say much.”

“Alright dad, thanks.” He stated eager to move off from this uncomfortable topic

“Can we now talk about business?” The older man laughed

“Sure son, what’s next?”

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It was late when Ise finally stepped into the house, Mondays were the busiest days for him and today had been no different. He’d gone from one meeting into another and had spent the rest of the evening working on somethings with Izy, not that he was complaining anyway. He loved running the corporation, thinking up strategies and being rewarded for the hard work that went into everything.

He just wished he could spend more time with this lovely girlfriend of his, he usually arrived home late and they had only the weekend to themselves. He felt it wasn’t enough for them, she wasn’t complaining but he couldn’t help but feel guilty especially as his busy schedule had contributed to the breaking down of his last serious relationship. He’d hardly had time for Izy as he’d been mostly in China at the time setting up their offices there and even when he was back in the country, he’d been so eager to learn the workings of the company that he’d pushed her aside assuming she would still be there when his schedule lightened up but he’d been so wrong.

He knew Kite and Izy were different people but he didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise this relationship. He’d gone two long years before he’d finally found the right girl, he definitely did not want to ruin this. He’d cancelled most of his coming trips or put some other people in his place of him because he didn’t want to be apart from her for too long but the trip to South Africa tomorrow couldn’t be avoided, WOLCORP was bringing in a big new client, he had to be there himself for formalities and all that.

He walked to Kite’s room, knocked on the door and pushed it slightly open, she wasn’t in there. Maybe she was upstairs in his room, he decided. The time was eleven p.m, she definitely had to be sleeping but as he passed by the study door, he noticed the light on and he pushed the door open to see her, bent over her computer, working furiously. Her hands flying over the keyboard as she typed as if her life depended on it. He sighed, for her to be awake by this time, he was sure Kenny had bombarded her with loads of work. He recalled that afternoon at the meeting when he’d almost picked a fight with his friend.

During his presentation, Kenny had kept on insinuating Kite was incompetent. His slides had had a few mistakes, mostly typo’s that could be ignored but he would always say “Forgive my P.A, she’s still quite new at this”, or some other snide comment.

Ise had kept his composure while Kite had had a murderous expression on her face. He knew Kite to be good and thorough in whatever she did, so this had to be on Kenny, he wondered what it was between those two, a gut feeling told him something had happened that night at Ola’s party when they’d been so cosy with each other. He doubted either would be willing to come forward with what had happened that night, should he ask her? Would she deny that something had happened just like how Kenny had when he’d called him into his office after the meeting to talk?

Kenny was usually loud mouthed and talked easily but this time he’d kept mute and shrugged everything off, Ise suspected differently but what could he do? He’d finally had to let Kenny go, maybe Kite would be more forthcoming? He hoped she would, not only about her issue with Kenny but also on her boyfriend,

Ise had been having a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right between Kite and her ex. Sal had spotted them together at the parking lot and had recognised him from when he’d seen him during the weekend, when he’d dropped the envelope with security. Sal had told him the two had been having some sort of heated discussion and wanted to know if the guy was some kind of threat to her. Ise hadn’t been sure what to reply because he really didn’t know what was going on between Kite and her ex. She’d brushed it off as nothing when he’d asked her the last time and he didn’t want to intervene against her wishes, that might cause even more problems. If only he knew what was really going on.

“Hey,” He called her from where he stood in the doorway. She looked up and then broke into a huge smile

“Hi, you’re finally back.”

“Yeah,” He replied thinking how genuine her smile seemed, there was no way she could be hiding things from him, she had genuine feelings for him.

“And you’re still up.” She sighed, lowered the screen of her laptop and approached him,

“I’ve got loads of work to do, Kenny is such an…I know he’s your friend and all but…the guy is an id’iot and a slave driver.” He eyed the way her hips filled out those drawstring short shorts appreciatively and the cleavage peeking over the camisole she wore as she walked the short distance to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, welcoming him home with a kiss he gracefully accepted. She scented so wonderful.

“Where have you been?” She asked

“At the office, going over some things with Izy, concerning our new clients from S.A, contracts and all, boring stuff really.”

“What’s with you and Izy anyway? There’s this kind of vibe I get from her, I know you two are family friends but it’s like she cares for you way too much.” He frowned,

“why do you say so?”

“She asked me a lot of questions the last time I was at her place, personal and otherwise, I think she’s got some feelings for you.” Ise frowned, he couldn’t blame her if she did, they’d been together for a long time and had even been engaged so it wasn’t surprising.

“ Were her questions annoying?”

“No, not at all. I didn’t get a jealous vibe,” Kite explained gesturing with her hands “ Just like really protective, I like her but where we’ll have problems is if she has designs on you, that will get her into my black book instantly.” Ise laughed

“You can relax on that, she’s happily engaged to someone. She and I used to be together, she was my first real girlfriend and vice versa, we were engaged to be married but then some things happened.”

“Oh!” Kite’s eyes widened, stunned for a few seconds before she frowned

“I knew it, I had a nagging feeling there was something between you two. So… were you like… each other’s firsts?”

“First….?” His voice trailed as he asked her back although he knew what she was asking.

“Lovers?” She asked

“Yeah, we were.”

“Wow, and you two can still be civil with each other? What happened, why did you guys break up?” He had to sit down to go into this, so he pulled her to the couch, sat down and drew her down onto his lap. “ She cheated on me Kite.” He told her going straight to it. “I was quite busy at the time and hardly had time for her, we had lots of fights over my tight schedule, she began suspecting and accusing me that I was up to some suspicious things in China and that was the real reason I was away a lot. She met someone she thought really liked her, slept with him. I found out from Kenny and that was the end of the relationship. Trust there was a lot of anger and annoyance on my part, I’d for seen our future together, planned everything and all that. I’d even told myself that as soon as I was done with China, we would get hitched, you can’t begin to imagine my disappointment, but she felt really bad about it, especially as she’d also been used by the guy whom she refused to name or tell me about. I refused to see her for a while but you know time heals the heart, I managed to get over it, forgave her and we got talking again, besides she’s Izy, she’s a real sweetheart if you get to know her.” Kite who had been watching him all the while he’d been talking finally spoke

“I know, I do like her, she doesn’t seem pretentious or annoying like others in your stuck up circle. She still cares a lot about you, I bet she misses you.”

“Maybe, but that’s too bad isn’t it? Now I have you.” He told her snaking his hand under the loose cami, destination boob.

“Hey, slow down, Mister.” She held back his hand “I have work to do, I really don’t need distractions.” She made to get up but he held her back.

“ Just a quick one, it won’t take too long, I promise.” He said already kissing her cleavage exposed by the plunging neckline of the top. She laughed

“Ise, once isn’t enough for you, if we do this now then I won’t touch this work till I get into the office tomorrow and that can not happen. I have to finish this tonight, I don’t want a repeat of what happened at the meeting this afternoon?”

“Yeah.” Ise stopped and looked at her “I spoke to Kenny about that.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I didn’t like those remarks he kept on making about you especially as I know differently. Is there something between you two? Bad blood? Tension?.” Even before she replied, he got his answer as her body stiffened

“Not really…”

“You sure? Nothing happened at the party at Olamide’s place some weeks back?”

“Did he say something happened?” She asked frowning.

“If he did, would I be asking you?” He asked her back, a bit brusquely. Something had definitely happened but she didn’t want to say, what were the two of them hiding, he wondered. She got up and he didn’t stop her

“Nothing happened okay? We danced and then we parted ways, that was what happened, no need getting worked up over nothing.” He decided not to say anything on the issue anymore, but he knew there was something between the two of them.

“So, you’re okay under him?”

“I’ll manage.” She replied as she resumed her seat behind the desk.

“Is there any thing that happened today you want to let me know about? Apart from Kenny? Were there any more messages from your boyfriend?” He asked trying to make this easy for her, he was asking her first because he needed to trust her. She frowned

“Ummm…no,” She started but then as if changing her mind, she shook her head

“Okay, yeah…he was at the office briefly…trying to get me to see him for a private talk but that will definitely not be happening, I can assure you.” He let out a sigh of relief grateful that she’d been truthful with him.

“You sure you have it under control? You don’t want me to come in?”

“No, I’m fine, really. I think he got the message today, I won’t be seeing him again.” She replied raising the screen of the computer and preparing to get back to work. He decided to leave her to her work, he had a filled day the next day himself which he had to prepare for.

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