False Pretense Episode 47


“ So a Range rover Autobiography, that’s worth about twenty five million, isn’t it?” Brenda asked smiling.

“Yeah, thereabout.” Izu replied her as he got himself ready for work. He had a busy day ahead, clients to deal with and suppliers he had to see. “It beats taking cash, so that we don’t leave any trail.” He was seated on the bed in his room pulling on a shoe when Brenda got up from her side of the bed where she’d been lying and inched closer to him. He hoped she wasn’t planning on demanding for sex again, the babe was insatiable and he had meetings that morning. If it had been Kite, he might have stayed behind

He did miss her although he always pushed thoughts of her to the back of his mind. They’d hurt each other too much and he knew there was no going back to what they’d had before.

“So, you think Kite can pull it off? You trust her?” she asked him.

“She’s got no choice, I have two guys coming into town tomorrow who’ll help with the plan. Everything should go along well if she sticks to what I have planned.”

“Okay, and what will you do with the car when you have it?” He smiled as he looked at her, this was the best part.

“it’s yours to do with as you please.” Her eyes widened as she gripped his arm tightly, he winced.

“What? Mine?But won’t it be traced to me?”

“ Don’t worry, I’ll handle that. The guys will take it down to your place in benin. It’ll sit there until you decide what you want to do with it. It won’t be traceable, don’t worry.” He saw the amazement in her eyes as she smiled

“For real?”

“For real.” He replied and then she jumped on him, tipping him off balance, he fell back on the bed.

“Oh babe, you’re something else.” She said as she planted a wet one on him. Rolling her over till he was on her, he replied cockily

“I know, now, I really have to finish dressing up, I have really important meetings and I can’t be late.” She sighed as he got up

“Do you have to work, babe?” He laughed

“I have to make money.” She pouted

“yeah, but why don’t you just go back to what you used to do? You made more money that way, faster and easier. I have a few contacts I could hook you up….”

“No!” Izu cut her off roughly, this girl wanted to get him in trouble again, he’d barely gotten away the last time and it had cost him Kite, and now here she was bringing it up again.

“But, just think about it….” She tried again.

“I said No, Brenda! There’s nothing to think about! I don’t want to hear you talk about it, ever!” He said firmly, looking at her, hoping she got the message. She shrugged

“Okay, Okay, if you say so. it’s just I wish we had more time to ourselves, you know?” He shook his head

“You finally have me all to yourself and it’s still not enough for you? What more do you want from me?” She shrugged

“You have no idea how I feel about you, Izu. If you did then you would understand.” He absolutely had an idea, the chick was crazily obsessed with him. It was sort of annoying the way she latched onto him but they were together for a reason and he was enjoying the arrangement so far so he wouldn’t complain much.

“You know what, when we’re done with Kite, I’ll take a break, we’ll go back to benin and hang out for a while, is that good with you?” He asked as he got up, done with his shoes. She smiled brightly and that was the answer he needed.


“Shit, shit, shit.” Kite cursed going over the presentation she was putting together for her new idiot boss, he had a meeting in fifteen minutes and he was expecting it in ten. She doubted she would make it, how in the world did he expect her to design a twenty page slide in twenty minutes? The guy was such an idiot, she already knew working under him was going to be very trying but not this bad. He wasn’t going to make it easy on her at all.

All morning, he’d been annoying, making lewd comments and eyeing her like he could see what was underneath her clothes, she’d so wanted to smack that annoying smirk off his face, her palms had literally been itching to do it but the self control she’d been working on since her chat with Ise had actually won. She definitely couldn’t ask for another transfer, that would be strange. People were already talking as it was.

She’d come into the office that morning with everyone giving her knowing stares. Was it because of the trip she’d taken with Ise or something else? Did they know they were living together? She hadn’t had much time to ponder about it as she’d been bombarded with work on meeting her new boss and other issues had to be moved to the back of her mind.

“Hey Kite!” Kite looked up to see Jeje, flanked by Olly and Thonia on either side.

“Hi Jeje.”

“You don’t look so good, What’s up?” Olly noticed

“Work stuff, you guys heading out?” She asked them

“Yeah, Lunch, care to join us?” Jeje offered, She was currently in the finance department where she was in training, in a few years time when she was done with business school she would be joining her brother. The two were still not speaking with each other.

“ Is it time already?” Kite glanced at her wrist watch to see it was already a half past one “Wish I could but I’ve got to finish something for my slave driver boss in there.” She nodded in the direction of Kenny’s office. Jeje smiled

“ it’s okay, we all know what an as’s Kenny is, just take it easy and ignore over half of what he says, the guy is so annoying.”

“You can’t imagine.”

“Oh, but I can.” Jeje replied “ Alright then, see you later, let’s not keep you.”

“Alright,” Kite waved them off, her eyes going back to the computer screen. She doubted she’d have lunch at all that day, not with all the work she had piled up. She was bombarded with a million and one reports from all the departments which she had to go through and put together for him.

The intercom connecting her office with his buzzed and she pressed the button to answer it


“Are you done with the presentation?”

“Umm..I’m almost done…”

“almost? I need it like yesterday and you’re saying almost? Instead of working on it you’re out gisting with William’s sister and now you’re saying almost? Look you might have gotten away with laziness with Williams but I don’t condone such attitude so you better get your act together if you don’t want to get fired.” He said Kite gritted her teeth as she looked up at the glass screen separating them, so the idio’t had been watching her, she held her tongue back from giving him a piece of her own mind and said instead

“Yes sir.”

“Get me coffee,” he then said hanging up.

Kite took deep breaths, steadying herself. He needed coffee when she had barely five minutes to complete this presentation? The guy was seriously out of his mind, she was done with the slides already but was going over checking for corrections to some mistakes and misspellings she might have made but that would have to wait till he got his stupid coffee.

She got up from her seat needing to get down to the fifth floor where there was a make do kitchen, quite surprised to see Princess coming her way, staring at her like she knew something Kite didn’t. They ignored each other, Kite passing by and going on to the elevator. She would just have to find a way to endure everything that was going on and manage to work through it all, maybe after a few months she could request for another transfer if working under Kenny didn’t get better.

The elevator doors opened and she got in, punching in her floor and standing in a corner while she felt the eyes of the other people in there boring into her back. What was it? Was it the trip, she asked herself again counting the numbers of the floors till hers came up. She all but jumped out, glad to be out of that confining space.

Hurrying along to the Kitchen she bumped into Awe whose eyes widened on seeing her.

“Kite!” She exclaimed

“Hi Awe.” Going for the coffee machine, she really didn’t have the time to chit chat.

“Girl,” Awe shuffled herself to stand beside her “ The office is abuzz with news of you and Willie, is it true?” Kite spared her a glance

“What are they saying?”

“Not nice things, I can assure you. That you two have some sort of affair going on and the trip the two of you took to China didn’t help, plus some people said you arrived at Jeje’s birthday party with him” Kite sighed

“Yes, but we’re dating, it’s not like an affair or fling, or anything.”

“Girl, are you sure about this? People are saying nasty things like you are …”

“Yeah, I know, I’m with him for what I can get from him, I don’t care. Let them say what they want. Look, I can’t really talk, I have to get this coffee to Kenny right now, we’ll talk later.”

“Alright girl, how’s your new boss?”

“horrible,” She said as she turned to see Martins coming in, also smirking and looking at her in that funny way, she decided to ignore him but she heard him say something. She turned

“what’s that?” He turned eyeing her

“ I said, if it isn’t the boss’s personal assistant.” He said with emphasis on ‘personal’ She hissed and was about walking away when he stepped in front of her and added

“ I thought you were married? What happened to your husband? Dumped him as soon as the boss came into the picture.”

“ See, if you don’t want this hot coffee in your face, I suggest you shut up and move out of my way, Martins and I’m not joking.” She warned. He must have seen the seriousness in her eyes because he stepped aside, stupid fool, he was lucky she was working on her self control these days.

She got to the elevator in time before the doors closed, got another round of stares but pointedly ignored them all, she dared anyone of the jobless people to talk to her.

Back on her floor, she hurriedly made her way into Kenny’s office to see Princess lounging there with him. She was obviously jobless to be sitting there gisting with Kenny. The laughter they were sharing died as she came in, dropping the coffee on his desk, she turned to leave when he called her.

“Is my report done?” She frowned, was this guy for real here? She’d spent the past precious minutes getting his damn coffee and here he was asking about his presentation.

“No Sir.” She gritted through clenched teeth.

“The meeting is in ten minutes, I want it done and in my mail in the next five minutes or else…., you might as well tidy your desk. You’ll be sitting in on it too, changing the slides for me so get yourself there before me.”

“Yes Sir,” She turned to leave

“And…” He continued “You received some reports from Ben in Sales, I’ll work on them myself, so just delete them, will you?” She raised a brow, so he actually worked on stuff, she’d thought he’d given her all his work to handle. The lazy jackass!

“Yes Sir” She said turning to leave finally, very aware of Princess’s eyes on her, she wondered what that one was staring at. Walking back to her desk, she decided on sending the half completed work to his email. It would serve him right, imagine him threatening her job, trying to scare her. Too bad, but it would take more than that to get her scared, he’d not brought her in so he couldn’t take her out, that was Ise’s call.

She was playing the girlfriend card and wasn’t feeling bad about it, Kenny was a total ass and he deserved what he was going to get. He was lucky the slides were complete, just some corrections left. If the idiot wanted to be unreasonable, she was just going to play along with him. Fo’ol, she wished she’d given him more to worry about than just a kick to the crotch that day when he’d tried taking advantage of her.

Picking up her Laptop, she proceeded to the conference room where the meeting was to hold, she needed to be there early so as not to give her id’iot boss something else to threaten her over.


“Yes dad, the issues with Tanoil have been sorted out, I think the problem was someone from our end leaking our information to AXEL which they were using against us. When I suspected it, I pulled everyone off the project and handled it myself. I talked one on one with Yoav, gave them time to think about what we were offering and it turned out well in the end, so by January next year, all paper work should have been concluded, Izy is seriously working on it.”

“Okay, So, you don’t know who the insider is?”

“Not yet but sooner or later we’ll catch them.” Ise said very confident as he watched his father on the screen.

They’d just finished a meeting with the board and he was waiting behind for another meeting which would begin in a few minutes. This one involved the senior managers of all the departments giving their bi-monthly reports. His father was also expected to sit in on the meeting via video chat.

“Good job, son.” His father told him.

“Thanks Dad, you’re looking really good you know?” He laughed

“Really? I feel really good too, I just wish your mother would come over.” Ise groaned

“Tell me about it, it would be great to have her off my back for a while.” His father laughed

“She tells me you’re dating some girl she doesn’t approve of, it’s all she talks about all the time when she calls.” Ise groaned

“ With all due respect dad, mom has got to mind her business, She still treats me like I’m a kid, doesn’t she see I’m a grown adult now?”

“She cares about you son, you know how women are with these sort of issues. What’s this I hear going on between Jeje and Ola?

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