False Pretense Episode 46


Kite parked her car in her designated parking spot in front of the house, Ise’s house. She knew he’d be back by now, the time was almost nine p.m. Talking with Jeje had taken so much of her time. The girl was just as stubborn as her brother and her anger just as bad as his, the two were so alike in their ways that it was a good thing Kite had interfered or she knew they would surely have butted heads against each other, refusing to back down.

After a lengthy talk, cajoling and pleading, Kite had finally gotten her to agree to come back home but she’d had demands of her own. She didn’t want to talk or see her brother until he apologised for all he’d done.

Kite kept the car running, she needed to relax her mind before going into that building where she would have to come up with more lies for Ise. Izy’s place hadn’t been the only place she’d been. She’d gone to see Izu and that hadn’t been fun. He was now in partnership with Brenda, that had come as a huge shock to her and she’d been furious, she still was. She’d gone crazy when she’d seen the b’itch feeling smug and comfortable, her hand around Izu’s back, feeling like she’d gotten what she wanted finally.

Kite had wanted to slap the smug look off her face but Izu had come between them, so she’d slapped him instead. The second time she was doing that, she knew she didn’t care much for him anymore but still she couldn’t believe he was doing all this to her. What had she done to him to deserve this kind of treatment? He’d warned her that it was the last time she would ever slap him, the next time there would be consequences.

Consequences, her as’s, she would do again if she had the chance. He’d then told her of the change in plans, he didn’t want cash anymore, he wanted Jeje’s new car, The Range Rover Autobiography she’d just gotten for her birthday, he had certainly gone bonkers this time. He would come up with a plan and get back to her by Tuesday on what he’d come up with. She’d told him she wasn’t going along with that crazy idea, but he’d warned her, threatening that this time he wouldn’t be bluffing.

She wasn’t sure what she would do yet but she couldn’t take Jeje’s new ride, the girl adored the thing, she’d been on about it again today and the car surely was impressive. What was she going to do, Izu and his demands were getting to her. She turned off the engine deciding to go in, maybe some food and a bath would help her feel better.

Getting out, she took her handbag along with her, just as she closed the door she saw Ise’s mother walking down, coming toward her direction, probably coming down to see her son again. Kite recalled what the woman had told her that morning and how it had destabilised her for a while. ‘No place for gold diggers in their family’. Kite wasn’t digging anything but it was pointless saying anything, so she’d quietly accepted the insult cursing herself for having feelings for her son.

She turned about to make for the building when the woman called her back.

“Young lady.” ‘Uh Oh’ Kite turned not sure if she’d heard correctly, she pointed at herself. The woman rolled her eyes like how many other young women were around. “Yes you, I want to talk with you.” She re asserted. ‘Ow-kay,’ Kite thought, this wasn’t going to be good.

The woman got closer to her, adjusting her glasses as she regarded her with those cold disdain filled eyes.

“ it’s late and I don’t want to waste much of both our time so I’m going to come out with it, simple and straight forward. You’re with Ise for what you can get from him, and I want him in a serious healthy relationship, so I’m going to save you your time and energy by offering you money, just leave my son alone so he can get on with his life. You will leave the office and no longer have any contact with him, come up with whatever story you want but just let him be, I’m prepared to give up to five million?”

Kite was too stunned for the first few seconds to speak, she would have laughed but this woman was bloody serious, offering to pay her off.

“Please ma, with all due respect, I’m not with your son for his money……”

“Ten million.” The woman cut her off. Kite’s eyes widened

“No! I…”

“Okay, Twenty, that should be good enough for you.”

“Madam, please, I don’t want your money. I like Ise, I really do,” She tried to explain. The woman scoffed

“Indeed! I know girls like you, you’re opportunists, using your looks to prey on weak unsuspecting men, you had better take my offer because as far as I’m still his mother, he’s not going to end up with trash like you!” With that the woman turned and began her return to her own building.

Her words stung and hurt Kite deeply, why did these people regard her as trash, what had she done to deserve insults like this? Was it written on her face or something that she’d grown up poor? What was it about her?

Twenty million, she thought knowing the old her would have definitely gone for the money but she was too into Ise to do that, twenty million wouldn’t be enough to console her if she left him. He’d wound his way into her heart and she had it bad for him, how could she leave now when she felt such strong feelings for him? She wanted to explore what this was between them, the best part was knowing he had it just as bad for her. The woman was fighting a losing battle, she couldn’t get to Ise so she wanted to get through to her, too bad but she wasn’t selling, not even if she needed the money badly.

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“it’s okay, Vicki I accept your apology.” Ise was telling Victoria who’d been apologising for her attitude issues ever since she’d stepped into the house some twenty minutes back. She’d retracted all she’d said and had blamed it on anger at him, but she’d calmed down and decided she’d been wrong to have said all she had.

She smiled now, the lady was hot and she’d left her long hair down today, looking soft and beautiful but to him she didn’t hold a candle to Kite. Not just because of Kite’s beauty, but Kite got and held his attention, when he was with her he was happy, he was young, he wanted to joke and make her laugh. Ise knew was a hopeless romantic, when he fell for a girl, he fell hard.

It had been the same with Izy and it was happening all over again with Kite, maybe even worse.

“So, we’re good?” Vicki asked bright eyed.

“Yeah.” He replied. She got up

“I should take my leave then.” He got up after her but instead of her making her way to the door, she made her way to him instead.

“Ise..” She called him, letting his name linger in the air between them as she looked up at him with those smoky eyes.

“Yeah…” He said unsure of what she was playing at.

“Kiss me.” She says next.

“Whoa! Victoria, I’m not…..”

“hush,” she cooed “Kiss me Ise, don’t tell me you’ve not fantasized about having all this to yourself because I definitely have had some naughty thoughts about you.” Ise cleared his throat, not sure what to say. “Kiss me, Ise, don’t think about it, just do it.” She said stepping closer to him, he took a step back and she followed, before he could think of a reply to her he heard Kite’s voice .

“What’s going on?” They both turned in her direction, Ise saw the initial confusion on her face turn into realisation as she looked from him to Vicki and back. “oh, the tramp is around.” Vicki said turning to go collect her handbag but before she made it to the seat where she’d left it, Kite charged after her. Vicki had her back to her and didn’t see Kite coming for her.

Ise tried to stop Kite but the girl was so fast, grabbing Vicki by her hair, she spun her around, she gasped from the pain and surprise but he got to her in time just before she could land the slap she was going for. He held her already raised hand and dragged her protesting body back.

“Leave me alone Ise, let me teach this bitch a few lessons.”

“ Control your animal , Williams.” Vicki told him, angering Kite even more, she struggled so much to get out of his grip, it took almost all he had to hold her back.

“ Leave, Vicki. Now!” He ordered turning to Kite

“You need to calm down.”

“Did you hear her? She called me an animal and a tramp, let me show her what tramping is all about. Bit’ch!”

“Oh please,” Vicki replied her with an unaffected wave of hand “You wrote the book on bitching, you think we all don’t know the reason you’re with him? You’re just passing through, when he gets tired of you, he’ll go for a woman more his type, you low life gold digger from no where.”

“That’s enough, Vicki! Get out now.” Ise thundered. Vicki met his eyes and he made sure she saw he was also getting angry.

“What? You’re talking to me like that because of this nobody?”

“ She’s my girlfriend, Victoria and you really should leave now before I throw you out myself.”

“You’ll regret those words, Williams.” She told him wagging a finger in his face. “I promise you.”

“Whatever, just get going!” He told her and she did but not without a last word.

“it’s only a matter of time, tramp, tick tock!” She said she left the room.

Kite wasn’t struggling with him anymore but he could feel the anger emanating from her, Vicki’s words had cut deep into her.

“Kite,” He called her trying to get her to look at him but she jerked her arm from his grip, went to pick up her handbag and made her way to her room. He followed after her

“Talk to me Kite.” She didn’t reply, she continued to the room but he followed her in “ You know none of what she said was true, right?”

“Please leave me for a while, Ise, please.”

“No, I’m not leaving until you let me know what’s going on in your head.”

“I need to be alone….”

“No, not until you talk to me. Why do you always shut me out? Talk to me, now.” She held his eyes,

“You want me to talk?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Okay, I’m tired Ise, I’m so frigging tired. This label everyone has given me, ‘gold digger’ it’s getting to me. Is it a crime to date you because you’re wealthy? Why is everyone labelling me a gold digger? Okay, so I didn’t grow up in the best of neighbourhoods and I didn’t go to Ivy League schools and I don’t have some fancy accent but that doesn’t give anyone the right to judge me and make up things about me. They don’t know me one bit! They don’t , Ise!”

“No, they don’t.” He said pulling her into a hug. “And they don’t matter.”

“How can you say they don’t matter, Ise? They are your friends, your mother…”

“My mother?” He frowned. “Did she say anything to you?”

“No…” she started but he knew she was lying. He suddenly recollected this morning when his mother had come in to see him, Kite had answered the door and had begun acting strangely when she’d come up to call him. Her attitude had changed, she’d become reserved until he’d left the house. “Tell me what she said,” he urged her pulling her back to look at her “I know she said something to you when she was here this morning. What was it? If you don’t tell me, I’ll go ask her myself right now.” She sighed, giving in.

“Just the same gold digging accusations.” She replied leaving him and going to sit on the couch in the room. He knew his mother had said something more hurtful than just that but Kite wasn’t telling him. She continued “do you blame her? I don’t, if I were in her shoes I would probably think the same. I’m just tired Ise! I swear if one more person calls me a gold digger, I’m going to flip out and you won’t be able to hold me back.” He went and sat beside her and taking her hand in his.

“ None of them matter, what they think, it’s their business, it doesn’t affect the way I feel about you and they say these things when they’re frustrated. They say it in order to hurt you or me, you saw Vicki, she was coming on to me and reacted that way because I didn’t return her advances.” Kite turned to him.

“Yeah, I saw that, what was that about?”

“Don’t ask.” He told her and Kite laughed, He smiled glad that she was laughing again finally, he caressed her hand.

“Don’t let them bother you, they’ll get tired eventually.”

“So…..” Kite looked at him “you mean you were not tempted to kiss her? Not even for a second?”

“Well…..maybe..” He joked

“Iseolu Williams, I will skin you alive!” She threatened also playing.

“Wow, talk about possessive.” He said as he kissed her on the lips, she returned his kiss and before he knew it his hands were travelling up her back pulling her close but she pushed him back breaking the kiss.

“But really, you should have let me slap some sense into her.” He shook his head

“That’s another thing I should talk to you about, Kite you really should take it easy with this fighting thing. You jump into fights at the slightest provocation and it’s really not cool.”

“Really?” She raised a brow “You’re talking? You who was just punching his friend yesterday?”

“That was different and you know. You get annoyed and the next thing you want to fight, it’s not lady like and one of these days you’ll meet someone who’ll fight back and it won’t be a pretty sight. Please Kite, instead of jumping into fights, try to control yourself. Will you do that?” She shrugged

“I grew up fighting, it’s all I know. I don’t talk much and I don’t know how to say hurtful things or insult people, when I get angry it’s like everything leaves my head and the next thing, I want to make the offending person suffer by inflicting pain on them. I really don’t know how to help it.”

“ You could walk away.” He told her.

“Walk? That’s what cowards do.”

“No, that’s what sensible people do, it’s mature and lady like. Will you try doing that next time?” She shrugged


“maybe? That’s the best you can do really?” He asked as he pulled her closer to himself again, wanting a taste of her sweet body again, they’d been apart all day and it had been too much for him. He needed her again now.

“I guess you’re quite hungry now, I’ll call the main house for dinner but since it will take them about fifteen minutes to get here, I have an idea what we could do in fifteen minutes.” He said nibbling the curve of her neck. She smiled

“Really? What can we do in fifteen minutes?”

“I’ll go make the call, you get naked and into the shower and you’ll see, when I get back.”

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