False Pretense Episode 45


Vicky was hanging on to the little shred of sanity she had left, Williams had been a massive disappointment. She didn’t want to deal with any other investors, they would all begin asking questions she didn’t have answers to and they might even delve into her background and she knew what they would find if they looked.

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She squeezed the glass in her hand angrily. She’d resorted to drinking as she’d not been able to sleep. She wondered how Moss could sleep with something like this looming over their heads, they couldn’t go back to the states.

Moss owed some really dangerous people a lot of money, while she was a disgraced former surgeon whom the police suspected killed her husbands. She couldn’t go back but she wanted to leave this god forsaken country already.

She was barely tolerating this apartment in Maitama which was one of the properties her father owned. Anywhere was better than here, she just wanted to disappear. Another plan had to be made, she could seduce Williams. Her beautiful looks had always drawn the opposite sex to her easily, they could hardly resist her charms and fell really easy, that was how she’d been able to snag two rich husbands. Seducing him should be a piece of cake.

“What are you doing awake, babe?” Moss came into the living room asking, still groggy from sleep.

“Thinking, planning, while you’re sleeping. I don’t get you Moss, how can you sleep at this time? Do you enjoy being broke in this third world country? You know we can’t be in this apartment for too long, once my parents get back from the South of France my dad finds out I’ve been here and I promise you it won’t be funny. He threatened to get me arrested if he ever saw me around and my mom would be in great trouble because she left the key to this place for me. You know all this right? Yet you are not coming up with any tangible plan, you’re sleeping!” Moss shook his head

“You sure do know how to work yourself up, babe.”

“And you sure are laid back, Moss you’re acting like you don’t need to get out of this place as badly as I do.”

“Babe, I do but we’ve got to plan carefully, we’ve managed to get away from the cops so far. We might not get lucky next time, that’s why I’m taking it easy.” She rolled her eyes, he did have a point. “You’re drinking at Two a.m? Now that’s classy.”

“Oh please, spare me the lecture, Moss. I’m thinking and alcohol reduces my craving for coke.”

“So what have you come up with so far?” he asked sitting down on the sofa opposite hers.

“I’m going to seduce Williams.”

“Oh?” he frowned “Not sure that’s a good idea,” He shook his head


“ It might make you seem desperate, you know coming on to him. He’s dumped you before, Why do you think he’ll be into you now?”

“Hey, he never dumped me, and I know it will work because….no one can resist this ,babe,” She sat up, pointing at herself.“You sure as hell couldn’t so how could he? He’s a man, and men are easy.” Moss smiled

“Okay, but don’t get too carried away, you know I’m the original owner of the goods.” Vicki couldn’t help but laugh.

“Is that you sounding jealous?”

“Jealous?” He scoffed “Please! No other man can do you like me and you know.” then gestured at her with his hand “ Come over, Let me show you what I’m talking about.”


Baby you’re my every thing, you all I ever wanted We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it You be up on everything, other girls they never owned it I want this forever I swear, I can spend whatever on it. Kite stirred as Drake’s ‘best I ever had’ was blaring from the speakers in the room.

Her sleep was being haunted by that damn song which had been playing on repeat for hours now and was starting to get on her nerves. She turned noticing she was alone, sinking deeper into the soft matress as she yawned and stretched her well used body lazily, loving the glorious feel of the bed, Ise’s bed.

Sometime during the night they’d made their way upstairs, she didn’t recall the exact time but she vaguely remembered being carried by Ise. The last night had been awesome, it had been like they couldn’t get enough of each other, Ise had worked her body like no other man ever had,she didn’t think she would forget about it anytime soon. She wanted to replay the events of the night before over and over again in her head if only this damn music would quit interfering with her thoughts.

Cause she hold me down everytime I hit her up

When I get right I promise that we ‘gon live it up

She made me beg for it, till she give it up

And I say the same thing every single time

She heard him singing along, his voice coming from the bathroom.

“Ise!” She called “This song is driving me crazy, can you put it off repeat?” She was so damn tired of listening to the same damn thing over and over again. She saw him peek from behind the bathroom door grinning mischievously, shaving gel all over his jaw, shaving stick in hand, clad in only a towel hanging dangerously low on his hip.

Her eyes couldn’t help but travel down the length of his ripped body. He approached the bed dancing and singing to it, doing a slow creep walk. You the, you the best, You the, you the best You’re the best I ever had, best I ever had

She was tempted to laugh but she knew that was his intention so instead she crossed her arm over her chest, giving him a blank look, though she couldn’t help raising an eyebrow quite impressed by his fancy foot walk.

“Clap nau, or at least smile, after all the Chris Brown moves I’m doing here for you?” He said to her, shaving stick still in one hand.

“I didn’t ask for Chris Brown moves, I said change the song, it’s been playing for like a million years now.”

“Wow, someone isn’t grouchy this morning, you sure aren’t a morning person” He joked as he continued his dance “My house, my music.” He asserted.

“Oh it’s like that now?” She asked and he nodded still doing his creep walk

“Weren’t you the one giving me a lecture on the plane about repeating music?”

“Me?”He asked forming innocence “ Don’t remember doing that.” She shook her head, it was hopeless, lying back down she put a pillow over her head, to drown out the song. It was a great song, she was just tired of hearing it over and over again. She felt the bed depress beside her and she removed the pillow to see Ise lying beside her, propped on one elbow and smiling as he watched her.

“What’s funny?” she asked him still forming pissed even though she wasn’t.

“ Do you hate the song so much? Because if you hate it then I’ll also begin hating it too, with immediate effect.” She had to laugh at his joke and the gel on his jaw wasn’t helping.

“Great, she laughs finally.” He said and then moved closer to her “Did you sleep well?” She nodded

“You know I did.” Her body hadn’t fully recovered from what it bad been through the night before in his hands. “How about you?”

“You see me singing and dancing to best I ever had, don’t you?” he said, the chorus came up again and he sang to it, kissing her face and getting gel all over her and the sheets as she protested, trying to get away from him but wasn’t successful.

“Oh Ise, see you’ve got gel over me. Ewww!”

“Don’t worry,” He said ignoring her protest “the whirlpool tub is filling up as we speak, we’ll have our bath together.”

“Oh?” She raised a brow “Is this a ploy to get me into the tub with you?”

“Is it working?”

“Maybe.” She replied pulling away, he finally gave her some space, picking up his iPod which was docked on the bed stand. He proceeded to change the music, picking ‘power trip’ by J Cole.

Got me up all night, all I’m singing is love songs

She got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs ……..

“You like this?” He asked and she nodded, Miguel was on it so it was cool with her.

“You going out this morning?” She asked him.

“Yeah, I have a B ball game with the guys this morning at Layk’s place.”

“Layk?” She asked frowning.

“Lekan, you met him yesterday.”

“Oh yeah, I remember him. So you ball every Sunday?”

“That’s how I keep in shape, there’s a gym up at the main house but I hardly ever use it, anything not to run into that woman in the main house.” He placed the ipod back and got out of bed. She smiled at how he referred to his mother “no Church?” He frowned like she’d asked a strange question and that was her answer.

“We’ll have to do something about that.” He got out of the bed “ I could do church but only if the church is hip, not somewhere I’ll dose off.” He replied going back to the bathroom. She shook her head as she sat up

“Worship is not for your enjoyment, you’re to worship God, not the other way around.”

“Yeah right.” She heard him scoff from the bathroom, she got out of bed and proceeded to his walk in closet, helping herself to a T shirt of his that dropped down to her mid thigh as she wasn’t wearing anything but before she could educate on the reasons he should be in church, the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that? Might be the staff coming in to clean.”

“Sure.” She replied, using her hands to brush her hair, trying to bring some order to it before leaving the room and running down the stairs. On opening the door, she was stunned as she stared face to face at Ise’s mother who was decked up in her Sunday finest definitely on her way to church.

Kite’s blood went cold and the other woman was definitely not over enthused at seeing her. Kite struggled to recover

“Um, g..good morning ma,” She stammered stupidly, the woman scared the shi’t out of her. Mrs Williams waved her off signalling her to get out of her way and Kite immediately complied, closing the door behind the woman and following behind her to the living room where she saw her take in their discarded clothes from the night before. Kite felt her face flame up with embarrassment. ‘Damn’ She cursed silently as she’d forgotten they’d left their clothes and underwear here. She quickly picked up everything, this had to be the most embarrassing day of her life.

“I’ll get Ise.” She said about to leave the room when the woman called her back.

“Hey, Hey, come back here,” she said and Kite turned meeting her eyes that regarded her disdainfully “how long do you think this will go on for?” She asked waving her hand at her “There’s no place for gold diggers in our family, keep that in mind. Now go and get my son.”

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“Ise, what’s up with your game today nau?” Dammy was asking as he’d missed the alley-oop he’d passed him.

“Sorry please, I saw it too late.” Ise apologised.

“Get your head in the game, guy.” That was Lekan who was standing outside, awaiting being subbed and acting as refree“ These guys are whooping our butts.”

“Yeah, enough ass whooping for you guys today.” That was Kenny “Even your shots and lay ups are wack, Ise, what did you do last night?”

“Shut up, Kenny.” Ise told his friend, sex made a guy tired but that wasn’t his problem, he just had a lot on his mind. “it’s just a st’upid game, the way you guys are on about it, one would think we’re playing finals at the championship.”

It was a game of two on two on Lekan’s half court, he and Dammy against Prince and Kenny with Lekan waiting outside as a substitute for Ise’s team. Ola wasn’t around or he would have been substitute for Kenny and Prince.

It was a good thing he hadn’t shown up there, Ise wasn’t ready to see him yet. He was still angry with him for keeping the relationship hidden, he was also angry that Jeje hadn’t spent the night in the house. That was the news his mother had given him that morning, asking what in the world had happened at Jeje’s party, she’d called Jeje and she wasn’t picking but Izy had called back to let her know Jeje was at her place.

He’d filled his mother in on what he’d found out the day before and his mom was still on the fence about it all but she’d asked him to fix everything one way or another and get Jeje back home. He’d wanted to go drag her back but Kite had pleaded on her behalf and had offered to talk to Jeje for him. She’d asked him to deal with his friend while she would take care of Jeje. It had seemed like a good idea, he knew he would only make things worse than they already were if he saw her.

Dealing with Olamide was the issue here, what was he supposed to do with the guy? Talk? How could he do that without punching the guy in the face again?

“Ise!” Lekan and Dammy yelled as Prince screened him off, giving way for Kehinde to pass by, making a basket on him. Damn, he hadn’t seen the screen coming.

“Game!” Kenny said giving Prince a high five.

“Willie, what’s your problem? Was last night so good you can’t think straight?” Ise turned on him,

“I swear, Kenny one more word from you…..”

“Hey, hey, time out.” Dammy held Ise back “ Lekan, sub Ise abeg,” But Kenny wasn’t backing down

“What, you’ll punch me like Ola, is that it?” Ise watched Kenny, wishing he could take out his anger on his friend’s leering face, the guy needed a beating and it would help Ise’s tensed body relax but he held himself back struggling for control. Maybe he needed to get home, he needed to breathe, relax, Kite could do that for him. He should be hanging out with Kite, when he was with her, he was cool, nothing bothered him at that moment.

He’d asked her to come along to Lekan’s place with him but she’d opted to stay at home to tidy her room, she’d refused his suggestion that he could get the staff to do it for her, saying she wanted to do it herself in order to know where everything went. He didn’t know why she’d bothered since she was going to be spending most of her time in his room anyway.

“Shut up, Kenny.” Lekan told the offending guy and then turned to him “Guy, you okay?”

“I’m good, but I’m leaving.”


“I’m no good here, too much on my mind and I don’t want to end up getting into a fight with another of my friend’s, one friend is enough.” He managed a weak smile.

“You should talk to Ola about it,” Lekan urged. “Hear his reasons for keeping their relationship secret.” Ise looked at him

“Whatever his reasons are, it will never be good enough, to think you all knew and kept it from me,” Ise accused his friend “what else are you guys keeping from me?”

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t like it but Ola begged us and we knew you’d be mad, he said he’d tell you when the time was right, but I guess the time never came, you really should talk to him.” Lekan said giving him a pat on the back.

“Maybe I will but just not now.”

“Hey!” Kenny yelled at them “ Are we balling or in therapy session?” Lekan shook his head “that guy is a real jack ass, I don’t know how we stand the guy.”

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