False Pretense Episode 44


Giving her a little space, he murmured against her lips “ I don’t plan on leaving you, not unless you want me to.”

“I don’t want that.” She replied against his lips, she was getting turned on as she stared into his eyes, knowing what she needed from him now, it had been on her mind for a while now.

“Ise.” She whispered his name seductively as her hands went up his arms, tightening on his firm biceps “I want you to make love to me now.” She heard the catch in his breath, and then his hands grasped her waist pulling her roughly against him

“I thought you’d never ask.” Without wasting time his lips came upon hers again as he backed her toward the sofa in the living room, she held on to his shoulders, kissing him back as he led her on. Her feet barely touched the floor as she was being almost carried by him, she felt the seat behind her knees and proceeded to sit back while he knelt in front of her, she felt something uncomfortable behind her butt and checked to see it was a remote control. Removing the offending thing, her hand accidentally pressed a button and the sound system came to life, speakers blaring with slow music in the background.

“sorry,” she said laughing about to turn it off when he took it from her.

“Lets leave it on, we’ll need to mask the sounds.”

“Sounds?” she asked with a slight frown.

“yeah, the screams that you’ll be making.” he said going for her neck, placing deliberate kisses on the curve of it. Her hands gripped his arms, that felt so good.

Needing to feel his body she took off his t shirt and he returned the favour by taking her tank off, his eyes resting on her full brea’s’ts encased in a lacy bra, he looked back up at her smiling at some joke that only him knew about.

“What?” She had to ask him.

“You’re beautiful.” He simply said placing kisses at the tops of her breasts, one hand unhooking her bra at the back freeing her full breasts

“I want to see all of you.” Her eyes met his and held, if only he knew how many times she’d fantasized seeing all of him too, she drew his face closer to hers kissing him again on the lips as his fingers snaked their way up from her waist, leaving goose bumps in their wake until he got to her breasts. Each hand closed over each of her breasts and he proceeded to knead them gently. Kite couldn’t help the moan that escaped from her lips.

“oh…Ise..” She whispered over his lips as she closed her eyes, revelling in the pleasure his hands gave her. His lips traced their way down her face, her neck, her shoulders, down to it’s final destination which was her nip’p’le. He took one of the sensitive tips in his mouth sucking sending sparks of pleasure all over her body. She held his head to her not wanting him to stop the pleasure he was giving her.

“Yes.. yes,” she found herself cooing.

“I told you, you’d be making sounds.” He said taking a break from her breast and looking up at her. She giggled, her body was tingling in all it’s sensitive areas.

“that felt so good.”

“We are just starting.” He got up and pulled her up to join him

“We have the whole night to explore.” His hands went for the waist band of her shorts and her hands went for his belt buckle. They wasted no time in relieving each other of the rest of their clothing. His hands caressed her back as he pulled her close to himself, she could feel his growing er’e’ction against her hip, from the feel of it she knew he was hung. Her hand found it’s way into the waist band of his boxers to have a feel of his rigid shaft

“impressive.” She said smiling and he laughed and lowered her on to the sofa again, this time laying her down.

““You have the most beautiful skin, Kitty, pale and flawless, I want to kiss every inch of it.” He said proceeding to kiss her starting from her belly button, travelling downwards as his hands caressed the backs of her knees, pausing on getting to the apex of her thighs still covered by her lacy panties.

“Permission to discard the undies?” He joked and she laughed nodding. His gaze held hers, “there’ll be no going back from here.”

“Oh, just do it already, Ise!” He chuckled as he removed the offending piece of lace, she was na’k’ed now and he feasted on her body with his eyes.

“Did I mention that you are beautiful? All over.” Before she could think of a response his mouth went back to her crotch, parting her legs gently, he went in. She gripped the couch,

“oh my…..” the sensations that took over her body were unreal. One hand went over her eyes, the feelings she was going through were inexplicable, how was it possible to feel this good?

“ooooh…Ise…what are you doing to me?” She breathed, doubting she could take this sweet assault for much longer. His tongue was doing wonders to her body. The sensations travelled upward from her centre up to the other parts of her body as he worked his tongue and mouth on her while his hands squeezed her thighs. The pressure was building and she thought she couldn’t take any more, .

“No…” She moaned “oh…..Ise….oh,” She wasn’t in control of her body anymore. The feelings were just too intense, she was writhing now and he had her hips in place.

“Give in to it kitty,” he urged,

”just give in.”

“Ah…I can’t…..”

“You…can….”, Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he plunged a finger into her and began working her in the same circular direction his tongue was making.

“Ahhh…..Ise….,” her legs went stiff, her body quivered, convulsing as a result of so much pleasure, she felt herself shatter into a million pieces as she released herself to the feeling, causing her body to jerk wildly.

“Yes…yes, come for me, Kite….” She heard Ise say softly and she obeyed, giving in and holding none of herself back knowing not what came over her. Slowly and steadily her body made it’s steady descent back to reality and she realised he was no longer down there between her legs, her eyes opened to see him beside her, kneeling on the soft, beautiful, Persian rug, watching her intently

She closed her eyes and turned her face away, embarrassed after baring all of herself for him to see.

“Please don’t look at me so intently,” she begged.

“I can’t help it, you’re just so beautiful?” He told her kissing her cheek, it was obvious he adored her.

“ Oh, Ise…” she said as she turned to him smiling, “even your words turn me on.” she pulled him to her for another kiss, savouring his lips like fine wine. He kissed her back, with as much passion, at the same time pulling her up until she was resting against the pillows on the sofa, she got up and shed his boxers, allowing her to take in all of his glory.

Her eyes widened in appreciation as she felt that familiar tug of desire and want at the bottom of her belly, he joined her on the sofa, parting her legs, his hands went for her hips and he lifted her higher against the pillows.

“If only you knew all the things I’ve imagined doing to you.” He positioned himself between her legs, leaning forward to kiss behind her ear and nibble the tip of her earlobe, her toes curled from the giddy feeling his kisses caused. She felt the brush of his heavy er’e’ction against her thigh and bit her lips in anticipation of what was to come. It was as if he wanted her to die from desire and pleasure that evening. She couldn’t take much of this sweet torture, she wanted- no needed him inside her. Her hand reached out and found him, he was big, smooth and so hard against her palm as she stroked him from base to tip. It was his turn to moan against her neck.

She guided him to her but before she could lead him in, he took her in one smooth, deep t’hrust.

“Ahhh.” She arched back against the pillows, feeling his lips at the curve of her neck, kissing, nibbling, biting and moving downwards, she expected him next on her breast when he called her.

“Open your eyes, Kite” He breathed, and she did, slowly, afraid of what she would see, but very aware that he filled her up, pulsing inside her. She met his eyes, braving herself to look into those eyes that saw so deeply into one’s soul, she was shocked at the intensity staring back at her, she almost looked away

“ you’re mine, Kite, from here on, I need your promise that there’ll be nothing hidden between us ever, nothing..,” he repeated “ever.” Kite felt the tears spilling down her cheeks as he waited for her response, she lied as she nodded at this guy who obviously loved and cherished her above everything he owned, if he found out what she was keeping from him he would be heartbroken, she would have to make sure he never found out, never!

She took his handsome face in her hands and brought him closer to herself

“I’m yours.” She replied against his lips as the tears continued to spill slowly, she was rewarded with a crushing kiss and he began to move within her, spirals of pleasure rushing through her. She closed her eyes again, giving herself over completely to the feel of him, his body locked tightly to hers. She felt whole, as if some part she hadn’t known was missing had been restored.

Moving with him she matched his movements as she gave herself up to passion. Her body tightened once again as his thrusts became faster, more insistent, the tension within her increasing once again as she found herself climbing higher and higher up the ladder of ecstasy..

“Kite…” Ise breathed against her ear “come for me.” he urged her on, as he thr’u’sted deeper into her, her insides began to quiver and she began to jerk uncontrollably in his arms again, sensations exploding out from her core with so much intensity. She bit down on her teeth refusing to give into screaming, he wasn’t that successful.

“ahhh…” He exclaimed roughly against her neck as she felt the force of his release, she clung on to him all the way as they both gave in to the pleasure that release brought until he dropped down beside her, spent, his husky breath fanning her neck. She stroked his back smiling

“Who was the one making the sounds now?” She asked and he chuckled, his chest vibrating against her. She began to stroke his hair lazily

“ that was something else, Ise.”

“You were something else.” He told her kissing her shoulder and then looking up at her, smiling mischievously.

“Took me to higher heights.” She giggled

“You flatter me so, Williams, it was you who did all the work, I’ve never been loved like that, ever.” She told him seriously. “You’re so giving and you take nothing for yourself.”

“I get my reward watching you.” He told her.

“If I’d known it would be this good between us, I would have been in your bed since.” He laughed as he got up, his hand going up to caress her right bReast

“Don’t worry, we have all night to catch up, are you set to go again?” She got up on her knees,

“Next round is on me.” She told him pushing him back down.

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