False Pretense Episode 50


Kite sighed, Lucky was ever the logical one “Girl, I’m just going with the flow, I’ve given in to my feelings for him, isn’t it better to try and see where this leads instead of being safe all the time?”

“yeah, you do have a point, anyway, I do wish you the best, being with a responsible billionaire gentleman certainly beats being with the Mr. Unpredictable you were dating before, I’m so happy you finally kicked him to the curb but girl, you no try o. You should have at least called nau.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry but I was still angry with you guys for throwing me out like that, I’ll come see you sometime next week after work, in the evening, is that okay?”

“Yeah, it is. How’s your mom doing? Last I heard she was getting ready for surgery.”

“Yeah, it went well, I’m just waiting for the test results that the growth wasn’t cancerous. She’s doing really well.”

“Oh, we thank God.”

“Yeah, and how about Di?”

“She travelled o, she went home for a while, she’s been bugging me to call you but I’ve been stubborn about it, now that she’s not around I got so bored and lonely, my guilty conscience pricked me so much that I finally had to give into calling you. I’m glad to know that you’re alright.”

“Thanks dear, I’m also glad you called.”

“Okay then, I guess we’ll talk later?”

“Yeah good night”

“Goodnight.” Kite hung up. ‘Wow’, Lucky had actually called her first; she could almost not believe it. Her friend was so stubborn; Kite would never have thought she’d be the one to call first. She must have been really disturbed by her decision to throw her out. It was a good thing she did the calling because Kite hadn’t been planning on calling her. Apart from being angry at how the girl had thrown her out, Kite didn’t like keeping things from her friends. They really cared about her well being and she would feel really bad lying to them just like she felt now with Ise. She sighed, nothing could really be done about that, she just wanted this thing with Izuoma to end already. Maybe she should give him a call, she did miss him and didn’t like this growing vaccum between them.

Glancing at the clock she saw it was a few minutes past five, Pretoria was two hours behind, could she call? Would he be busy? She decided to call but just as she picked her phone, a call came in and she recognised the number as Izu’s, she hissed but picked up the call.

“What?” She spat angrily.

“ What? You’re asking me what? Didn’t you know you were supposed to call with an update?”

“What update? We made the plans, I said I would stick to it, what more update do you want?” She heard him pause for a second or two, maybe taking a steadying breath

“ Okiemute, nothing can go wrong, you understand? Nothing or else you know what’s at stake, so tell me is everything going as planned? Are you ready at your end?”

“Yes, it’s going according to plan,” She replied him drawing her words sarcastically “You just make sure your guys do their part accordingly and no one should get hurt, most especially not Jeje!”

“Babe, you know how I work, I’m not violent.”

“Who knows, now that you’ve begun hanging around some people.” She was insinuating Brenda “Who knows what you’re now into.”

“Look I’m not going to engage in a word exchange with you, just proceed according to plan, later!” He hung up and she slammed the phone on the desk, annoyed. She was now really pissed off, he’d just brought to mind what was going to happen that evening.

She began to hate herself all over again for doing this to Jeje but what other choice did she have? The phone began to ring again and she snatched it up, yelling

“What is it now?” She expected to hear Izu’s voice but instead she got Ise’s confused one

“ Excuse me?” ‘shit’ She cursed at her mistake

“Oh! Ise, I’m sorry, I thought you were…someone else…Hi, I was just about to call you but I wasn’t sure if you’d be free or still in meetings… I’ve not heard from you all day, are you okay?” She blabbed nervously.

“I’m…fine but I think I should be asking you that ……what’s been happening? Who got you so riled up?”

“it’s nothing really, nothing to worry about… I’m good here.”

“ Kite…” He started, with the tone his voice had taken she knew she was in for it.

“Yes , Ise?”

“Why do you keep lying to me?” He asked quietly. There! It was out.

“Ise, what do you mean? I’m not….”

“Don’t you dare say you’re not lying…..don’t you dare say it, we both know you are, and one thing I can’t or will not condone are lies. How do you expect us to have a good, healthy relationship if you keep things from me, sooner or later I will find out what you’re keeping from me and when I do, it will be too late to explain because I won’t listen to a thing you have to say. If you have anything you’re keeping from my knowledge, I’ll give you one last chance, when I get home on Saturday morning, you’re to air it all out, if you decide to keep on hiding it and I find it out for myself, it’s so over between us.” He was really mad, Kite closed her eyes and tried again, saying calmly

“I’m not keeping anything from you, nothing you don’t know already.” Any other thing I’m keeping from you is my business and I’ll handle it my way, she thought to herself. She could never bring him into her dirty issues, that was definitely not happening and she knew he wouldn’t find out if Izu himself didn’t spill it to him.

“I do hope that’s true Kite, my gut tells me there’s more than meets the eye here and I hope that for the first time ever I’m wrong.” She heard him sigh before continuing, his voice sounding tired and pained “ I called to know how you were doing, to see if we could mend this ever stretching gap between us but I see I just wasted my time. I’ll talk to you some other time.”

“Ise!” She called just before he hung up, also feeling his pain, She did wish she could tell him but she couldn’t, she would be opening up Pandora’s box, what sort of person would he think she was, it would open up doors to lots of suspicion about what she’d done in the past. She knew he said he didn’t care but he would, he was only human, if she opened up to him about what Izu held against her, he would want to know what other atrocities she’d committed with that ex boyfriend of hers.

“What?” He snapped, obviously irritated and annoyed with her.

“I miss you.” She croaked as a tear slipped from her eye.

“Right!” She heard him reply like he didn’t believe her and then he hung up.

The waterworks began to flow freely now, she couldn’t hold it back, he was really pissed with her. He didn’t trust her, did she blame him? This was all because of Izu, she swore to herself that Izu would pay, he would pay dearly for making her hurt this wonderful guy who had done nothing but make her feel cherished and loved. He and Brenda would get theirs!

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Ise had needed something to distract him from his lying girlfriend, so he’d delved into work as soon as he’d returned to his hotel room but so far, he’d not been able to concentrate. His mind kept wandering back to her, he knew if he dug deep he was going to find out things which he wouldn’t like. Why wouldn’t she just come out and say whatever trouble she was in or whatever was going on with her ex? It would relieve the both of them greatly, because right now his mind was making up some nasty theories.

He’d purposed to himself that once he got back home, he would get Sal to look into her activities and find out what she was hiding. He didn’t like it one bit, spying on his own girlfriend but she’d made him stoop this low. He couldn’t carry on knowing she was up to some things, sooner or later he was sure it would all blow open and he needed to be ready and prepared when it did.

Kite was too secretive for her own good, he understood that she was introverted and liked to think she could handle her things alone but this was him, the guy who had offered her his heart on a platter of gold. He was ready to do anything for her, he really did not care about anything she’d done in the past, he’d told her as much but she’d seemed not to hear him.

If she had, she would have been honest with him, whatever she had going with her ex was more than met the eye, he was sure about it. Those blank pictures for one were a red flag, they had meant something to her and she knew what it was but she’d told him she didn’t. Also they seemed to meet a lot, Ise had spotted him at Jeje’s party and then Sal had seen him at the office, he wondered how many other times they’d met without anyone’s knowledge.

Were they even broken up? Ise was beginning to wonder if he was some pawn in a game the both of them had connived to play against him, but what would they want from him, money? Kite had never asked him for a dime and she protested when he lavished her with gifts, was it all an act, false Pretenses?

He shook himself as if trying to get himself together, enough with these crazy thoughts and theories, he told himself. She genuinely had feelings for him, it was in the way she looked at him, spoke to him and even held on to him whenever they made love. She could be guilty of lying and keeping secrets but he knew what she felt for him wasn’t a lie.

He pulled up the screen of his laptop, he would get work done tonight, conclude his business in Pretoria tomorrow and then head on home. Once home, he’ll give Sal the go ahead to get his guys watching Kite, if she had anything she was keeping from him, he would find out instead of concocting things in his over imaginative mind.

He was just about to get on with his work when his phone began to ring. ‘Christ!’ He couldn’t catch a break, who would be calling at this ungodly hour? He glanced at the clock to see it was almost eleven p.m. but looking at the caller I.D, he saw it was Sal, this had to be serious.

“Yeah Sal, what’s up?” Sal’s ever calm voice spoke up from the other end

“There’s been an incident Sir.”

“What incident?” He frowned.

“Your sister’s car was snatched while returning home last night.”

“Goodness! Is she okay?”

“She will be but Miss Omoh….” His voice trailed. ‘Kite!’ Ise sat up, now quite scared “ What about Kite?”

“From what I gather, there was a bit of struggling and she was hit on the head, the family doctor is checking on her as we speak, he said she’s had a mild concussion but he’s still examining her.” Ise took in a deep breath

“Is she going to be fine?”

“I’ll have to….”

“Find out and get back to me, I’m leaving for Nigeria now.” He cut him off sharply and hung up. He jumped off the seat, hoping to God that she was alright. That damn crazy girl, fighting with robbers over a stupid car that wasn’t even hers, she would hear it from him when he got back.

He had to make some calls, the Pilot of the plane, his staff whom he’ll have to leave behind to finish up things up for him, Princess, to reschedule some other means of transportation for them as this was a family emergency and he had to be home. His mind wouldn’t be settled until he saw her for himself and made certain she was alright, suddenly all the issues they’d been going through didn’t even matter to him anymore, his only prayer was that she would be fine.

To be continue on Monday

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  1. all these lies will just blow up in your face Kite just come out clean before Ise finds out regrets not listening to his mom and the others who think you’re a gold digger

    if he finds out himself it will tend to be a confirmation that you’re indeed a gold digger, don’t let your enemies have the last laugh and please don’t disgrace Ise don’t make him feel used, hurt and also be like he can’t make good choices for himself, please he’s too good for you to hurt him this much

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