False Pretense Episode 39


Princess was fuming, this was the height! That tramp had definitely gone way too far this time! It was time to end this once and for all, how could Ise be this stupid anyway? Moving around with a girl like that who had no class, no upbringing or manners, just a pretty face.

She’d heard from Kenny that they were actually co habiting with each other, wasn’t that too soon? What was it with men these days? They saw a pretty girl and the next thing they lost all sense of reasoning? Did he know who she really was? Where she’d come from?

To Princess, the girl had gold digger written all over her, how could he be so blind? Well she would help Ise regain his reasoning, but how? She and Kenny hadn’t come up with anything tangible that would get her thrown out immediately, and Princess knew she needed a hat trick, something to tip the scales in her favour very fast and quickly.

Her intercom began to buzz and she stared at it, irritated like the device was the cause of all her troubles. Glancing at the caller screen, she saw it was the reception on the ground floor.

“Yeah?” She asked into the receiver.

“There’s a visitor here who’s requesting to know the whereabouts of Miss Omoh, I told him she’s accompanied the boss on a trip but he wants more detailed info. What do you suggest?”

“Who’s he to her?” She asked.

“Ummm, Let me ask” There was a short pause as Tess consulted with the person “ fiancé, that’s what he says.” Princess literally felt her jaw drop.


“I said….” Tessy was about repeating herself.

“I know what you said,” she cut her off

“Just send him up to me.” Wow, now this was what she needed, she smiled to herself, an ace up her sleeve finally. So the tramp even had a fiancé? Wow this was juicier than she’d ever expected.


Izu stormed into his apartment, fuming, that ex-girlfriend of his didn’t waste time at all, she was already getting really nice and cozy with the billionaire. He felt like the jealousy and anger was going to rip him into shreds. He’d been appalled to have learnt that she’d accompanied him out of the country and without informing him too, he’d been calling her line for two days now without a response from her and had ended up making enquiries after her at the office.

He’d finally met with the irritating Princess, who had filled him with everything, telling him nasty stuff about Kite which he obviously knew were lies. He’d listened like he’d believed it all and had told her a few lies of his own. That ever since Kite had gotten this job, she’d begun acting funny and had moved out of their house together. He’d so perfectly played the part of a lover who’d been jilted for someone else, and knew that Princess wouldn’t wait to use this new found weapon against Kite. The lady was so petty, he placed her to be in her early thirties. Her hatred for Kite would be her undoing, he was quite sure about that.

After the brief meeting he’d found a renewed anger against Kite, he wasn’t sure if he was angrier that she’d travelled with her boss or that she hadn’t called him, was she taking his threats as a joke? She probably was. Well he would show her that she wouldn’t mess with him and go scot free. The thing with Princess would be nothing compared to what he’d do to her, when she got back.

“Hey Babe,” Brenda came into the sitting room with a towel around her body, obviously just coming out of the bathroom. Her body still glistened with little specs of water and he felt himself go hard as the thought that she was naked save that little towel that could be pulled off with a simple tug.

The girl had a huge three bedroom duplex to herself but she preferred staying at his apartment. He wasn’t bothered, she did indeed take good care of him. Love was a funny thing, such a wonderful feeling but when abused could fuel some dark emotions. He’d loved Kite to the death, they’d both loved each other but wrong doing on his part had sent them into this mess they all were in.

He knew he’d been at serious fault cheating on Kite with Brenda but that didn’t mean Kite should have slept with her boss instantly. The whole shit was just ‘Cray’.

“Hey.” He replied her dropping on to the sofa.

“You don’t look too good, what’s the problem, babe?” She asked him coming closer.

“it’s Kite, she travelled out of the country with her boss two days back, without informing me. Could you imagine her audacity? I’m just so angry right now.” He said fuming. Brenda frowned, unconsciously tucking in the towel some more

“ So… are you angry she left with her boss or because you weren’t informed?” That was the same thing he’d been asking himself but he said this for Brenda’s benefit

“ What do you think? She left without informing me, she’s obviously taking my threat for granted.” He said heatedly, he would just have to show her that he wasn’t bluffing; she would really regret this action of hers.

“Baby,” Brenda approached him “You really need to relax and that’s something you know I’m really great at.” She knelt in front of him and began undoing his shirt buttons. Izu didn’t stop her but instead smiled slyly.

“but you just had your bath,” he said.

“I’ll just have to have it all over again and perhaps this time, you could join me?” She asked going for his belt buckle now and some seconds later he was enveloped in the warmth of her mouth. Laying back on the sofa, he let her perform her ministrations on him, putting Kite out of his mind, he would deal with her later.

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Ise felt Kite snuggle closer into him in the back seat of the car as Sal drove them home, It was about six thirty a.m and they’d just landed. She was so tired, Beijing had been too much fun, so much to do in so little time coupled with the long flights and since this was the first time she was crossing so many time zones, the jetlag had gotten to her.

He’d adjusted more easily to the jetlag since he was used to travelling but for Kite, all she’d done was sleep all through the sixteen hour flight back and was still asleep. He smiled as he recalled all they’d been up to, she’d had the time of her life seeing things through virgin eyes.

She’d never for once masked her awe at the sights, she’d been like a kid taken to Disneyland for the first time, all opened eyed and mouthed. He’d lost count of the number of times she’d said ‘wow’ and she’d taken so many pictures and videos, his sixteen gig memory card hadn’t even been enough. He could swear she took at least five shots of anything she found interesting which was almost everything.

Right from the airport, she’d dug out his camera and began snapping away. She’d given tourist a new meaning. Beijing was indeed a wonderfully crafted city with a lot of tourist sites, they’d only been to few as they’d been time strapped.

After conducting his business and main reason for taking the trip visiting the factory and warehouse where most of the company’s production and manufacturing was done, he’d taken Kite out on the town.

On the first day, they’d managed to tour through the Forbidden City, the Schichahai lakes, Tiananmen Square and the Tower of Heaven and of course the great wall but the highlight of the day had been in the evening, when he’d gotten Kite to eat the famed ‘Da Dong’ restaurant’s roast duck.

At first she’d been sceptical as she’d never had duck before, but he’d convinced her that it was way better than chicken, really crispy and she would love it with the pancakes that went along with it. She’d accused him of being a foodie who would eat anything but had finally decided to have a tiny taste and had been convinced, she’d eaten over half of the duck after that and then had begun complaining of a full stomach, of which he’d prescribed more walking to.

They’d gone on to watch the Beijing Opera, before visiting the Stadium designed as a bird’s nest and then the National aquatics centre which was designed as a blue water cube, it had been an awesome sight to behold at night. He doubted Kite would ever be the same after all she’d seen.

The next day had been spent in the massive Oriental Plaza which housed the Grand Hyatt hotel they’d stayed in along with malls, boutiques, restaurants and even offices and serviced apartments. He’d made spa reservations the day before for the both of them knowing they would need the pampering especially after all that walk around the city the day before.

Kite had dozed off for a while after her massage and if he’d let her, she would have slept there the entire day and their flight was for two p.m. So he’d roused her awake and taken her shopping at some of the boutiques in the plaza, she’d been reluctant to have stuff bought for her but he always engaged a sales clerk who saved him the trouble of cajoling her to try some stuff on and guessing they had the money to burn, would bring out things she knew would look good on Kite and by the look he saw on her face she’d been very much interested but too proud to take them. He would threaten to pay for it all and that was when she would begin trying them on and picking what she liked best.

They’d visited some high end retailers both local and international like Burberry, Coach and Chloe. She’d dragged him into the Guy Laroche store and had picked some shirts she thought would look good on him since he was hopeless at shopping for himself.

They’d barely had enough time left for lunch at a restaurant in the Sky avenue section while enjoying the Panoramic view of the plaza, before taking the limo back to the airport to take the jet back home. She stirred again and seemed to begin humming to something, he listened closely and it sounded close to Ciara’s ‘Body Party’ which was the song she’d been listening to repeatedly on her head phones on the plane.

He’d not understood how one could listen to one song on repeat, over and over again, didn’t you get tired of it? Now the song was so ingrained in her head that she was singing it in her sleep.

“the things I wanna do to you….ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, My body’s calling you….. ooh ooh ooh ooh” She was saying lowly and he smiled as his eyes met with Sal’s on the rear mirror, she would be so embarrassed if she knew what she was doing.

Just before the flight had taken off she’d placed a call to her brother and had found out her mother’s surgery had gone fine, she was in a stable condition and was recuperating. She’d breathed a visible sigh of relief and had been relaxed. Even if she didn’t say it, he sensed that she wanted to see her mother, he would have to persuade her to take a short leave of absence from work and assure her it was really okay.

He watched her as she slept so peacefully, why did she affect him this way? Aside from her dazzling physical beauty, he was drawn to her as a person, she had a beautiful mind, was really intelligent and wasn’t pretentious about anything. She was so real but he’d noticed a hitch, she never seemed able to hold his eyes most of the time, she always chose to look away.

At first he’d attributed it to shyness but now he wasn’t so sure anymore, he didn’t want to begin thinking she was keeping some things from him, he wanted to trust her completely. He remembered the work that had gone into getting her to agree to dating him, he’d practically had to beg her and he’d assumed he’d finally gotten through to her but could all this be an act? If it was an act, what was she intending to gain from it? It couldn’t be material things, he practically had to beg or threaten her to accept whatever he bought for her so it couldn’t be that.

Shaking himself he decided to put those thoughts from his mind, doubt was one of the little foxes that brought down a relationship. He decided that until he had a better cause to become suspicious, he wouldn’t bother himself with negative thoughts.

Her phone began buzzing in her hand bag, the damn thing had such an annoying ringtone and on vibrate it even buzzed more annoyingly. It woke her up, she looked at him disoriented

“What’s that?”

“Your phone.” He told her.

“Oh.” She went for it in her hand bag, still slow and groggy, he felt quite sorry for her. The melanin pill she’d taken prior to take off to help reduce the effects of the jetlag hadn’t seemed to help her much. She finally got the phone but the call had gone off, just as she was about keeping the phone back, the call came in again. She glanced at the screen, hissed and switched it off, throwing it back into the handbag.

He guessed he had an idea who it could be but why in the world would her ex boyfriend be calling at barely Seven a.m in the morning? He didn’t bother asking her who the caller had been, instead he let her snuggle into him again as she resumed the humming.

“Boy you should know that your love, is always on my mind, I’m not gonna fight it, I want it all the time…..”

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