False Pretense Episode 40


Kite checked herself out in the full length mirror in Ise’s closet and nodded, she did look good, no, she looked hot! Sampling some of the outfit’s she’d bought from her trip, she looked so fashion forward in the black ‘Chloe’ P-leather leggings and black sequined tank that hugged her curves, the outfit showed off her curves so beautifully. She was sure heads would turn at the sight of her, which was exactly what she was going for.

This would be the first time she would be meeting Ise and Jeje’s friends and she knew she had to look the part. The trip and shopping for high end over priced top brand outfit’s had come just in time, she’d had some interesting and nice clothes before but she knew these rich kids could smell designer brands a kilometre away.

She’d been awed every time they had stepped into a shop, the size of it, the clothes and then of course the price tags. After a while of reluctance at taking the things Ise had been purchasing for her, she’d finally given in and gone with the flow knowing there was nothing she could do about it. He was hell bent on shopping for her, so she’d let him and had also dragged him into some stores for men and forced him to do a little shopping for him self. All in all, the trip had been wonderful, it had been an awesome experience, one she knew she might never even forget for the rest of her life, she was indeed happy that she’d agreed to go with Ise.

She wished she could share the experience with her friends Lucky and Diamond but they were still on wrong terms. She knew all she had to do was make a call to either one of them and the rift would have ended but she would then need to explain that she was living with Ise and she had a strong idea how they would take it. They would definitely not approve her staying with him especially Lucky who never hid her opinion, she would instead ask her to move back in with them and that wouldn’t go well with the plans she had. She didn’t want another argument to ensue between them so it was better to hold off on making up till she could finish this thing with Izu.

Putting finishing touches to her make up, she stared at the finished look on her face and decided she would seriously stun at the party, no trace of the jetlag she was going through, showed. Maybe it was the pill she’d taken or maybe she was well rested but she was indeed feeling way better now.

Ise had let her sleep undisturbed until about four p.m when Jeje had come running into the house screaming and elated at the car her parents had gotten her, it was a custom 2013 Range Rover Autobiography which Kite had not yet seen but she’d heard everything about it from Jeje while she’d been groggy with sleep.

Jeje had been dragging her to go take a look at it when Ise had intervened telling her kite was tired and barely awake but she would see it later at the party and Jeje had reluctantly let her go while Kite had smiled her gratitude to him and decided to get up and begin preparing for the party that evening at the Dome. They’d actually rented the whole poolside for the party; Kite didn’t want to know how much had gone into making that happen on a Saturday. The way the Williams’s spent money was crazy.

The room she and Ise had shared at the Grand Hyatt in Beijing had been something else entirely. State of the art décor didn’t even begin to qualify the room, just out of this world. She doubted she could ever get used to this kind of luxurious lifestyle, it was just too much for her poor self to understand.

Ise had practically dragged her into high end shops whose price tags had raised her eyebrows but he hadn’t even blinked, paying for everything she’d picked, jewelry, high fashion clothes, shoes and perfumes. She wasn’t used to this level of pampering, Izu had gotten her the occasional gift once in a while and she had appreciated it whenever he did, but this was another thing entirely, she’d had to begin wondering if he was trying to buy her love, but somehow she knew the reply to her own question.

He was definitely not buying her love but just showing her how he felt for her. It was the way he knew how, she guessed. She had to admit she was now falling for him, not because he was overly generous, material things didn’t hold much for her but because he seemed to genuinely care for her. She knew she shouldn’t let this happen, she couldn’t fall for him and she’d been steeling herself, holding herself back but it was getting harder everyday.

The guy was so into her, he never missed a chance to touch and hold her, kiss her or tell her she was the most beautiful person he’d ever known, how couldn’t she fall for him? She was afraid things could get really complicated really soon.

Suddenly she heard a heavy sound like a power bike’s engine, coming closer till it stopped downstairs, she walked out to the veranda adjoining the room to see a very impressive looking black power bike parked downstairs with it’s owner, Ise dressed to the hilt in biker outfit, coming off it.

“Hey Sexy!” She called down to him thinking he looked really good in the leather jacket and protective gear, he looked up smiling.

“You like?” He asked spreading his arms for her appreciation.

“Really hot!” she shouted back at him nodding. He laughed

“Thanks, so do you, are you done yet?”

“Yeah.” She replied,

“I’ll be right down.”

“bring along a leather jacket because it will get chilly later at night.”

“Alright,” She said leaving his room and going down to hers, she heard her phone ringing and ran toward it, goodness only knew how long it had been ringing for.

“Hello?” She asked not bothering with the caller ID.

“Kite, I swear you’re trying my patience.” The voice on the other end shouted angrily

. “Izu,” she said, well, she should have known. She’d not picked any of his calls in the morning.

“You think I’m playing with you, right? You think I’m bluffing, isn’t it? You’re not taking my threat seriously, are you? If you were, you would never have left the country with your rich boyfriend without telling me. Now, if you don’t meet me out here in five minutes, I swear I’m going to him with what I have.” Kite took in a deep breath,

“Izu.” She started calmly, “I can’t meet with you now, Williams and I are going out.”

“ Tell that to the birds, I want you out here in five minutes.”

“Izu,” She couldn’t help but raise her own voice, why was he being so unreasonable?

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Five minutes, Kite!” and the line went dead.

“Shit!” She spat.

“Hey, everything okay?” She turned around to see Ise in the doorway of her room.

“Yeah, how long have you been there?”

“I just came in. It was taking you quite a while getting your jacket.”

“Yeah, I’ll just get it now.” She said moving over to the ward robe, she remembered putting it up not too long ago. There was still loads of unpacking to do in the room, the new things she’d bought were now added to her previous stuff and the room was now even more cluttered. She made a mental note to get through with it compulsorily the following day.

She found the jacket and turned to see Ise watching her in a strange way.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” He replied handing her a helmet “Let’s leave.” She followed behind him, not liking the look she’d seen, she began wondering just how long he’d been standing in the doorway to the room and how much he’d heard her say over the phone.

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Izu shook his head as he saw the two love birds zoom off on the power bike that came out of the heavily fortified gates. He felt his heart cringe painfully, Kite seemed to be enjoying herself with this guy, he hoped she didn’t get too comfortable with him. He knew what she had with him would never last, since it was based on lies, secrets and blackmail. She was only with him because he’d pushed her to him in order to get the money he needed to get Brenda off his back, he hoped she remembered that.

Afraid that she was enjoying this new lifestyle too much and was beginning to think he’d only been bluffing, he planned to do something now that would get her to think again and realise just how serious he was about this thing.

It was already Saturday, he wondered how she’d make up ten million by Monday. He had changed his mind on accepting money from her, he didn’t like the trail it always left. He’d come up with something better after taking one look at the Range Rover that had left the compound earlier being driven by a young lady whom he knew to be the rich guys sister. When he was done here, he was going to join the party people at the dome where it was being held, that info had come from the jealous P.A, when she’d told him they would be back in time for it.

So he would get to the party and let Kite know about the change of plans. He smiled as he thought about it, he already knew what she would think about his idea but he didn’t care. She had no choice in the matter, as far as he was concerned it was already a done deal, he knew what he wanted and she was going to get it for him. He was really enjoying being such a thorn in Kite’s butt, he would do everything he could to make her regret jumping into the guy’s bed. Getting out of the car, he picked the envelope in the back seat and made his way to the gates of the rich boy’s estate.

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