False Pretense Episode 38


“Alright, Projections are good, lets wrap this up quickly.” Ise said needing to wrap up the meeting quickly, he had to leave for China in a few hours on the Jet but before then there were some things he had to work on before he left. He turned to Isabel who was also present at the meeting.

“So, I guess their books are clear?” He asked referring to the small construction company WOLCONSTRUCTION was thinking of acquiring.

“Absolutely.” Izy nodded her approval of the deal “all clear and looking really good, .”

“Alright then, thank you ladies and gentlemen, on that note I pronounce this meeting adjourned.” He said to the other members of the board, three of whom were joining them via video chart, including his father. They all murmured their good byes and turned off their chat while the rest of them in the room got up to leave.

Ise’s eyes darted at Kite who was still busy on the little notebook. She’d only just moved in last night and it had been a wonderful night for him, they’d had so much fun in his room where they had splurged on luxurious chocolates while talking until they’d both slept off.

This China trip as usual was an impromptu one and he had to leave today but he didn’t feel comfortable leaving the broken hearted girl alone by herself. She might regret and go knocking on her ex’s door so he couldn’t leave her all alone. Besides he would miss her a lot, he didn’t want his mind being occupied by thoughts of her and what she might be up to back home so he’d come up with an idea.

“So Ise,” Izy stepped up to him “Congrats on the deal finally going through, it hadn’t been easy but you did it.”

“You know we couldn’t have done it without you, you do drive a hard bargain.” He told her. She smiled, her eyes behind her reading glasses crinkling at the sides, she hadn’t worn her contact lenses today, she looked so geeky with them on.

“ That’s what you pay me to do. So, when do you get back from China?”

“Friday afternoon.”

“Okay, safe trip then.” She replied “I need to take my leave now.”

“Sure, thanks.” He told her turning back to Kite who was closing up her PC and getting up from her seat.

“Hey.” He called walking toward the desk she’d sat all through the meeting. She looked up smiling at him,

“Hi.” She told him. He went to her and grabbed her in a hug, placing a kiss on her lips as he did so, when they broke off, he told her

“been meaning to do that all day.”

“We really should stop liaising during office hours.” She said “Wouldn’t want the office abuzz with our relationship.”

“what can I say? I can’t help myself, besides you know I don’t give a hoot what any one thinks.” He said looking deep into her eyes.

“Okay, you’re the boss here so it’s okay for you but trust me it won’t be so good for me, if I’m looked at as the boss’s plaything.” She told him trying to pull away, but when he didn’t let her go she stopped and looked up at him.

“Really? You’re going to hold me back?” She asked.

“I like holding you like this and you’re not my plaything, I have something to tell you,” he said still holding her to himself “I want you to come to Beijing with me.” Her eyes went wide


“I want you to accompany me to Beijing” He repeated “ I don’t want to leave you here by your lonesome.”

“But, what would I be doing there?” She asked

“Duh? Are you not my P.A?” He asked her back. She pursed her lips and gave him an eye

“ Aren’t you too old to be saying ‘duh’, Ise? I’m not sure this is a great idea.”

“ I’m not asking, this is an order.” He told her.

“But I can’t, Princess should be the….”

“Princess has things to attend to, and besides I’m not dating her.”

“ Are you sure it’s a good idea mixing business with pleasure?” He’d thought she would be elated at the invitation but she seemed to be coming up with all the excuses in the world not to go with him.

“it’s been working well so far, hasn’t it?” He pulled her into another kiss but she pulled back still looking so serious.

“How about my mother? I really can’t leave for three days…”

“Kite, you know we have telephones, even cell phones, they are devices used for long distance communication. You know that right?” He joked and earned a little punch to his arm.


“Okay, I don’t have a VISA, how is that going to happen?” He shrugged

“Piece of cake, Sal will drop you off at home where you’ll go on with putting together your luggage; he’ll take your international passport and can get a VISA from the Chinese embassy in under an hour. So that wouldn’t be a problem.” WOLCORP did big business with the Chinese and the company was well known to them so they wouldn’t have a problem issuing a VISA in five minutes if they needed to.

“Wow, talk about power.”

“Okay, so since the question and answer session is over, I guess you can go home and get your stuff.” He told her, she was still looking at him funny “ Is there some other reason you don’t want to take this trip with me?”

“No…no, no, of course not.” She said hurriedly shaking her head

“I just….still don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“it’s a splendid one,” He reassured her then said in his most cajoling voice ever “we’ll have fun together, promise,we leave in three hours, you’ll be ready?” he asked softly still seeing some reluctance in her. She sighed , giving in

“Sure. How about Jeje’s birthday bash, she sent me a reminder this morning, and goodness knows how she got my number.” Ise laughed at that, that sister of his had her ways

“ We’ll be back by Saturday, in time for the party.”

“Okay, then.”She replied with a smile, this time initiating the kiss between them, they’d barely touched lips when the door burst open with Izy coming in.

“Can you imagine I forgot my files?” She said as she came in, just before her eyes caught onto them and what they’d been up to. “Oh! Sorry.” She said but with a smile creeping up her face as she packed together the forgotten files. Ise gave an embarrassed Kite some space, maybe they really needed to stop this office ‘liaising’ like she had put it.

Kite wanted to leave, she’d already picked up the notebook and was about leaving when he held her hand back, it was time he began introducing her around.

“Izy,” he said leading a wide eyed Kite to her “meet Kite, my girlfriend.” Izy’s eyebrows shot up

“Oh really? Wow, HI Kite, I’m Isabel, really good to meet you.” She said to her looking from her to him. “Sorry about intruding on your…moment.” Ise smiled ‘moment indeed.’

“No, it’s okay, really, Kite and I are done here, but I do want to speak with you Izy.” He told her then turned to Kite “So you’ll leave now? Sal will take you home and I’ll meet you in three hours at the airport?” She nodded just before leaving, her complexion still a faint red. It was funny how an outgoing person like her could get so quiet and shy sometimes.

“Wow,” Izy said after she’d left “She’s hot, wasn’t she the one almost beating up Princess the other day?” He should have known she’d still remember that, she had a great memory

“Yes, she is.”

“She’s your P.A?”

“Assistant P.A. Can we stop the questioning? I have something really important to talk to you about.”

“Sorry, you know me and my questions, I’m just happy that you’re with someone now and I do like her, she seems interesting and anyone who can stand up to that irritating Princess has an A in my books. So what do you want to talk about?” Ise recalled Princess and Izy had never gotten along, Izy had feared that Princess had feelings for him, weird.

“ I have a business proposal and plan for a hospital business from Vicki Sholanke, I would have loved to invest in it but the board isn’t backing me on it, something about us having too much we’re into at the moment and until we’re settled with TANOIL, I can’t delve into anything else. I would like you to hand it over to Joe, your fiancé maybe he could take a look at it and then source for investors for her?”

“Sure, that’s not a problem.” Izy said without blinking.

“Great, I’ll have it sent down to your office tomorrow. I need to leave for Beijing soon.”

“Business or pleasure?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“You already know the answer to your question, why are you even so smiley, one would have thought being the former girlfriend, you’d be jealous and pissed.”

“Oh please, I’m with a wonderful guy, so I’m not in the least bit jealous. I’ve been worried about you though, afraid you’d never get over what had happened between us. I really acted foolishly and didn’t like seeing you suffer. You’re a great guy, Ise and you didn’t deserve what I did, I’m so glad you could forgive me and we could move on from it, you’re indeed one of a kind and you deserve a great girl. Alright before I get all mushy on you, I think I better take my leave, have fun in Beijing.” She winked as she left.

Ise watched her leave thinking, she really did have a good heart, if only she could just tell him who the guy had been so he could punch his face in, he thought to himself as he got his things together, preparing to leave the room. He was so looking forward to this trip.

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Kite was getting overwhelmed, she wasn’t exactly sure what should go into the bag. She knew they were going to be two days in Beijing but she wasn’t exactly sure what the dress code would be like. It would be summer around now over there so she guessed she needed to take light fabrics. She’d never left the country before and even though this was only a two day trip, she felt she was in over her head.

“Hey.” Jeje bounced into her room once again, her eyes going to the bag Kite was packing. “you going somewhere.”

“Umm, yeah…” Kite wondered how she would tell her she was going on a trip with her brother without seeming like a total tramp latching on to her brother. “I’m going to Beijing with Ise.” Jeje’s eyes were wide open delight, the direct opposite of what Kite had thought she would react

“Wow, that’s great! Hope you guys will be back for my party?”

“Yeah.” Kite nodded

“Saturday afternoon or so.”

“Great! So I guess you’ll get my gift from Beijing right?” Kite turned to her, she’d not known she was also expected to bring back a gift too but she covered up her surprise by smiling


“so, are you almost done packing? I reckon you don’t have much time?”

“I’m actually stumped here, I’m not sure what I should take.”

“Really? I can help, my clothing formula, a pair of Jean, a pair of black Pants, two shirts, a pair of shorts and two casual blouses.”

“That sounds like quite a lot for a two day trip. Most of the time we’ll even be on air, I won’t be wearing most of all you suggested.”

“Oh please spare me the details of how you and my brother get down, I don’t think I need to hear it.” Kite frowned for a second before getting what She was talking about, she burst into laughter

“I didn’t mean it that way, what I meant was these clothes will go unworn.”

“Oh?” Jeje understood and then smiled “forgive my far fetched mind then. I just thought…you know?”

“No,” Kite shook her head, she doubted she and Ise would be getting naked on the plane. “aren’t you supposed to be at the office anyway?”

“Yeah, I left early because of party preparations, I start fully next week in the finance department.”

“Yeah, me too,” Kite told her folding a blouse and putting it in

“P.A to the finance director.”

“you don’t sound too excited about it.” She observed.

“Sorry to say but that Kenny guy is a total ass, I know he’s Ise’s good friend and all but I don’t like him.”

“Oh yeah, I remember what you did to him at Ola’s birthday party.” Jeje said Kite turned frowning,

“How did you know?”

“I was the one who came in with Ola before you ran out of the room.”

“Oh?” No wonder she thought she recalled her from somewhere. Kite felt she needed to explain what had happened to her not sure how she might have read the incident

“ I really didn’t lead him on, I just danced with him a little and the next thing he was all over me, followed me into the room where I’d gone to use the restroom and was then forcing himself on me, I had to….”

“it’s okay.” Jeje said laying a hand on her arm “Everyone knows Kenny, whatever he did, we knew he deserved it. He’s such an idiot, I wonder how my brother can stand him, even Ola barely tolerates his presence, you don’t need to explain anything.” Kite smiled her gratitude, this Ise’s sister was really cool with her, but she would be careful not to get too close, she was only going to be staying a while in that house.

“So trust me and follow my suggestion for putting together your clothes, it always works. I have to go now, I’m meeting my friends in fifteen minutes. Have fun on your trip.” Kite smiled at her

“Thanks.” She decided she might as well pack the clothes as she’d suggested, she probably did know what she was talking about. She also made a mental note to call her mother and brother, Stanley, before take off. They had to know she was leaving for a few days and then there was Izu. She wasn’t sure about him yet. She knew she should call him but maybe it would be great if he stewed for a bit wondering where she’d taking off to when his calls to her were not going through.

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