Evening With Eva Season 1 Episode 8



Previously On Evening With Eva. .

They dug into the fufu and lite soup, eating the fufu from one huge plate and also the lite soup from another huge bowl. After the meal, they took turns washing hands in the sink in Sark’s bathroom. Sophia went first. While Sark was washing, she called someone to bring them refreshments.

“Their eyes met but Sark broke the silence.

“How did you know that I like fufu and lite soup?” He asked smiling.

“We know everything about you. We have been watching you for quite a while. Have you read the files I gave to you?” She asked.

“Yes I finished reading last night.” He answered.

“So you know what you are in for?” She queried.

“Do I have a choice?” He replied.


He got up and inspected the ink. It was blood. He checked the door. It was not forced. It had been opened from the outside. He got out of his room and went to the sitting room. He turned on the lights. The same message was on the left wall of his sitting room. He smiled.

He went outside and found his two dogs dead.

These guys had just messed with the wrong cop.

He paced for a while, circling his dead dogs. He moved them beside each other, sat down on the floor beside his them in a yoga position and closed his eyes. He put his hands on his laps and said to himself.




Ahmed stayed up in his yoga posture for about 50 minutes. He sat deep in thought and seriously meditating. He thought about the trend of events that had happened to him lately. He had been hospitalized, there was the death of his protégé Agent Mercy, there was the attack and theft at the office, and now his dogs had been killed.

The first conclusion that came to him was that the incidences were related, most probably carried out by the same group of people. He marveled at the organized way in which the actions were perpetrated.

What did his dogs do to deserve their fate? He decided it was time for action. No more lying down and taking hits. He needed to be a step closer. He opened his eyes. His usually white clear eyes were now red and blood shot. He was angry. Very angry.

He got up and went into his room. He searched his drawer and got out a torch and a knife. He took them with him to the front of his compound where his electricity meter was connected. He pulled down the lever on the meter to shut out the current.

All electricity in his compound went off. With his torch, he carefully traced the cables that supplied current from the meter into the main house. He found them and cut them. He turned the lever on the meter back on. The security lights around his compound came on. His house was dark. He had a feeling that whoever had been causing him all this trouble somehow had access to his home.

With his torch switched on, he found his way to his bed, sitting at the edge. He looked round his room, pointing his torch at every corner, and studying every nook and cranny for anything suspicious. When he was satisfied, he picked his phone and dialed the number of the only person he trusted; his uncle, Retired Colonel Haruna Yakubu

Colonel Haruna was the younger brother to Ahmed’s father. He took care of Ahmed when he lost his father at the age of 4. He took care of Ahmed up until military school. They had only seen each other twice in the past three years. The Colonel was the complete detective during his active days.

Complete in every sense of the word. He was physically well built. He was 6ft.5inches tall, had broad shoulders, bulging muscles, and a handsome face. He was vast in English, Ga and lil Twi. He also spoke French and German at an above average level. He was the smartest man in the force.

His ability to decipher codes, retrieve destroyed evidence, and sift clues from debris made him the most respected agent in the field. He had a reputation for hard work and never left any stone unturned in his bid to solve a case.

He was famous for his famous bust of the Drug Cartel which had been terrorizing and killing police officers for over 8 years. He went undercover and infiltrated the Cartel. He was put to various tests. He faked the deaths of police officers and transportation of guns and hard drugs to rise to the level of Trusted Knight.

There were only two people who had this position and they protected the King of the cartel. For years no one heard about the Colonel until one day he brought the Cartel to the cleaners. He single handedly destroyed the organization.

He retired seven months after the operation at the age of 45. No one knew what he looked like after undergoing facial reconstruction in abroad. He had many dark organizations on his tail. He retired into a deep village in Ibadan and had been living peacefully since.

He had made many enemies. He had to cool off. Two years had passed without incidence.

Only six people had his number. The person calling him had to be family. The Colonel picked Ahmed’s call at the second ring.

“Hello.” A hoarse voice spoke from the background

“Uncle, it’s me.” Ahmed replied.

“Son! It’s been a while. How are you?” The colonel asked

“Hello Uncle. There is something going on I do not understand.” Ahmed replied.

“What is the matter son? You sound very worried.” The colonel replied.

Ahmed could visualize the frown on the colonel’s face as he spoke the words.

“Uncle, you know that I only call you when situations are out of hand. I am sure you can vouch for me that there is hardly a situation I cannot handle. However, this is beyond me. Believe me when I say you would be very interested.” Ahmed replied.

There was a pause at the other end of the line.

“Hmmm. You have my attention. What do you need?” The Colonel said.

“I need your help Uncle. I know you are retired but this is beyond me. And I think it started when you were in office.” Ahmed said

“What started? How do you need my help? Come out with it son.” The colonel said hurriedly and impatiently.

“Uncle, we need to talk about this. Face to face. I can be at the villa in 3hours.” Ahmed said.

“No. Don’t come. I will. I haven’t been out of this place in three weeks. I need the journey. I will be with you in two hours son.” The Colonel replied.

“Thank you Uncle. Please be careful.” Ahmed said.

“I may be retired son, but I am still an agent. Old soldier never die!”

They both laughed at his joke. After exchanging pleasantries and asking about loved ones, the colonel was about to hang up when Ahmed said

“One more thing Uncle. Mercy is dead.”

He could feel the tension. He imagined his Uncle’s stony face all soft at hearing the news. Ahmed had never seen him shed a tear. He always held it back. After a few seconds, the Colonel replied:

“I will see you in 2 hours son.”

He hung up.

Directly to the right of Ahmed’s compound, there was a brown painted bungalow which had just recently been completed. Max and Gerrar sat opposite each other in the living room by the door, with a wooden table in between them.

There were earphones in Max’s ears. He was listening in on the phone call Ahmed was making. There were various boxes scattered on the floor, some were open while the rest were locked.

The only other piece of furniture was a huge mattress which was placed on the ground in the middle of the room. Gerrar was cleaning his gun and settling it into a briefcase. He left Max on the chair and carried a small gallon containing the remaining goat blood he had used to write the inscriptions on the huge white papers.

He poured the contents in the toilet, flushed and covered the gallon. He dropped it on the floor and resumed his position opposite Max, awaiting his orders.

A few days earlier, Detective Ahmed was in his office trying to decipher the status of Agent Mercy, when Max and Gerrar entered his compound. They had gotten a copy of his keys and entered the house with ease. Max marked the spots while Gerrar planted the bugs.

Tiny powerful micro cameras, which were the size of a Coke bottle cork. They were designed lemon green, the same color with which the rooms were painted. There were two in his bedroom, four in his sitting room, and one each in his bathroom, toilet, kitchen and store.

After assessing the work and confirming the stealth settings, they exited his house. It did not take 20 minutes. The Ghosts Corporation had previously bought and renovated the bungalow beside the detective’s compound. They were only waiting for the right time to move in.

Max brought out the keys and entered the bungalow, with Gerrar following just behind. There was just a bed and a table with two chairs. That was all they would need. They set up the devices and Max left Gerrar in the bungalow. He was to watch Ahmed for two days before they made their move. He could take care of himself.

At 6pm on the night of the scare, Max took a taxi into the detective’s estate while Ahmed was at work. He brought the guns and the blood that would be used for the job. Gerrar woke up when the door opened and went immediately back to sleep when he saw it was Max.

Max woke Gerrar. He carried his heavy frame out of the bed and sat on the free chair opposite Max. Max had already set up the small palm top screen which had four different views. The bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and toilet.

They went over how the operation was to be done for the third time, covering all possibilities and loop holes. He gave Gerrar the artillery, while he took the huge white paper and spread it on the floor. He scribbled a message on three of the papers.

At 12:17am they played cards over a light bottle of Vodka. Max was letting Gerrar win the games and the bets were getting heavy. That was his strategy. Gerrar always performed excellently when he was in a fantastic mood. Max increased the bet to 500gh per game. He lost the next four games. Deliberately. Gerrar did not suspect a thing. All the while they were watching Ahmed sleep in the palm top monitor on the table.

At 3am, Gerrar made his move. He sneaked to the front of Ahmed’s gate and watched for any movement within the premises. There was nothing. He threw his knapsack over the gate into the compound and jumped over the short gate.

Gun in hand he moved slowly and stealthily towards the front door. He got to the door, kept his gun inside his belt and entered with his spare key, shutting the door behind him noiselessly. He checked the countdown timer on his left wrist. He had four minutes and fifteen seconds more.

He was already behind schedule. He opened his bag in the sitting room and pulled out one of the huge papers. There was a small white earpiece hanging in his ear. Max was watching him from the bungalow and directing him.

He was done in 90 seconds, hanging the two papers in the sitting room. The tricky part was the bedroom where Ahmed was lying down, asleep. Max had watched him for close to an hour. He decided that they could enter. Gerrar tip toed into the bedroom and opened the door slightly, just enough for him to squeeze through. As he was about to go in, Max spoke into his ears

“Hold on. Don’t go in yet. He is stirring.”

Ahmed turned in his bed and changed his position. He was now sleeping with his back to the door. After 26 seconds, Max said,

“Go in now. And please, hurry!”

He entered the room and pasted the white paper with the inscription on the door. He was done in less than 20 seconds. He didn’t bother to lock the bedroom door behind him. He checked his wrist. 1min 59ecs left. He picked his knapsack and zipped it as he walked out of the sitting room.

He closed the door shut and was locking the door when he heard the wicked snarls of two huge Rottweilers. He was taken aback. He left the door and backed up on it as the biggest of the two dogs came towards it. They were angry and snarling, saliva dripping from their mouths.

“I have a situation here Max. Two dogs. What do I do?” he said through clenched teeth. His hand was going to his gun.

“I can see. Take them out. Use your silencer…” Max was saying but did not finish.

Gerrar was trying to locate his silencer from the knapsack when the huge dog came at him. He turned just in time and shot the dog squarely in the face. There was a loud bang. It fell to the ground.

The other dog began to bark as loud as it could. He had gotten his silencer now. He shot the second dog. There was no sound.

“Shiiiittt! He is awake. Get out of there, now!!!!” Max said.

Gerrar ran to the gate and escaped just in time. He took a back entrance to the bungalow and sat on the bed panting. His hands were bleeding. He went to the bathroom, washed off the blood and came to sit with Max. He looked at him and nodded. Gerrar nodded back.

They both sat down to watch as Ahmed paced, sat beside his dogs and after a long time went to his room. They saw him get some items from his drawer and go to his electric meter. A few seconds later, they could not see anything anymore. The screen went blank.

Max was pissed.

“Shiitt!!!” He cursed.

He buried his heads in his hands. Suddenly an idea occurred to him.

He brought out a small device, turned it on and adjusted a knob by the side. After a while he got the correct frequency and smiled. Voices came on from the device. One of the voices was Ahmed’s. He was making a call.

He quickly called Tawo.

“Hello” Tawo answered with a very alert voice. Music was playing softly in the background.

“Trace Ahmed’s call. It’s a code 11” Max said.

They listened to Ahmed’s conversation with the Colonel till the very end. When Ahmed dropped the call. Max asked,

“Did you get the location?”

“Positive. Well done, Max, I’ll take it from here.” Tawo said.

Tawo called Shina.

“The Colonel has finally come out of hiding. Dispatch some of your guys at Berger and I’ll be at the other entry point to Kumasi. Ready some of your best buggers. The Colonel is coming to town.”

To be continued after 100 share